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Workshop Lighting Plan

What is a Workshop Lighting Plan?

This Photometric Lighting Analysis focuses on the lighting in a specific shop or workshop space. Workshops are typically areas with a ceiling height less than 20 ft high.

Usually there is work done or performed that may be complex and detailed needing specific lighting.  Having a well lit area improves the quality of work and worker safety as well.

With photometric software, you can show an indoor shop layout. It allows you to model the shop space, ceiling height, existing light fixture locations. It even will show ideal light location.

Light engineers enter shop light fixtures at specific locations, at different angles, orientations and height.

Light levels are calculated by the software and gives a comprehensive visual layout report. The light report displays calculation points representing the foot candle reading at defined locations in the area.

How many lumens do you need for a workshop?

The number for what is needed depends on the use and type of work performed.

For general work, consider 20-30 foot candles

For work around machines, consider 50-75 foot candles

For fine detail work, consider 100+ foot candles

Want a Free Photometric Shop Lighting Plan?

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Workshop Lighting Photometric Plan

Workshop Dimensions:  100 ft X 100 ft with 20 ft high ceilings.

Goal:  75 Foot Candles

Workshop Lighting Plan: The software calculated that it would need 42 150W LED UFO High Bays to get the 75 foot candles requirement.

workshop photometric 75 fc

Fixture Used

150W LED UFO High Bay

(42 fixtures)

Workshop Lighting Calculator

The Lighting Center doesn’t offer a workshop lighting calculator for this reason… Almost all online shop lighting calculators will simply calculate the number of fixtures needed for a given space. It doesn’t show foot candles or how evenly the light is distributed.

In the above example, if we had used a narrow beam optic, the Avg/Min Ratio and Max/Min ratio would have been significantly higher. Online Lighting Calculators don’t give you this. It gives the impression that all you need to do is buy a certain number of fixtures and your lighting conversion will be successful. Most likely, wrong!

So we offer a free shop lighting plan instead. We want you to see ahead of time what it could be and then be happy with the results.

What is a Workshop Lighting Plan? We provide real examples of effective workshop lighting plans and a way to ask us to do a free shop lighting plan
Last Updated: 09/30/2020

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