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Yoga Studio LED Lighting Fixtures

Yoga Studio Lighting

Whenever you step into yoga studios, the aim is to take you far away from the worries of this world into sanctuaries of mental and physical separation.

So, what makes a place an ideal yoga studio? There are various factors involved in making a yoga studio ideal. These factors are focused in one way or the other around one’s senses. Somewhat warm temperature, oil diffusers, and perfect lighting mark the difference.

However, it is so simple to choose an amazing scent and rise up the temperature a bit. It is quite difficult to determine the perfect lighting for your yoga studio. Gladly, we are here to help you out in selecting the perfect LED lighting for your yoga studio.

Go With A Dimmer Switch

A dimmer switch is something that you must go with when choosing lights for a yoga studio. Our most LED lighting systems feature this option. In this way, yoga instructors are able to lower or raise the lighting as they find the best for creating an amazing ambiance. 

Select the Perfect Color Temperature

For a yoga studio, the perfect color temperature is 4000K. So, this color temperature offers a light, which is both crisp and slightly warm. 

Choose the Natural Light

While determining the lighting plan for a yoga studio, you need to ensure that you consider natural light. The lumens needed and the count of lights needed for a premium quality consumer experience are based on the natural light that your yoga studio receives. Also, it is important to design your plan for the night and early morning classes. Finally, shades might be an amazing idea in case your yoga studio receives direct sunlight throughout the day. Thus, the light does not fall into your yogis’ eyes.


Last Updated: 04/11/2021

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