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Tennis Court LED Lights –Advantages

More than 5-year warranty-backedtennis court LED lights
Enjoy 75% energy savings and finished illumination for tennis games
Photometrics/Tennis Court LED Lighting Calculations Available for free
Distinct Optic Packages designed especially for Tennis Courts

Tennis Court Photometrics / Lighting Plans

Resolving Tennis Court Lighting through Optics

The only problem with illuminating an outdoor tennis court is the poles’ location relative to the tennis court. Usually, the poles are kept away from the court’s edges. This is not to cause any harm or disruption to the game players. However, this goes against illumination as the closer the poles are to the playing area, the better they light up the place.

To resolve this issue, we have come with a range of outdoor lighting fixtures having “Forward Throw Optics”. These fixtures distribute most of the light far from the pole’s base. This enables the light distribution to go where it is required. Thus, lighting up the tennis courts.


Optimal Lighting Levels for a Tennis Court

Tennis Level Lighting

Recommended Foot Candle Range

Recreation Lighting Level

20 fc - 35 fc

Club Tennis Lighting Level

30 fc - 60 fc

Competition Tennis Lighting Level

50 fc - 80 fc

College/NCAA Tennis Lighting Level (televised)

90 fc - 120 fc


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Retrofitting Luxurious Indoor Tennis Up Lights Using LED

In case, your indoor tennis courts employ up-lighting for reflecting illumination off reflective ceilings, then you know already how expensive these lights are. Transforming these lights into a fresh LED fixture is quite a costly undertaking.

Do you have an idea that you can transform the metal halide lamps to LED? No, then you will be happy to know that it is possible. It is as simple as replacing a bulb or ballast. This costs just a fraction of the price of a new lighting fixture.

The Lighting Center has retrofitted various existing up-lighting projects, such as indoor tennis lights, international airports, and natatoriums.

We are capable of converting your indoor tennis courts up-lights simply with lighting products. These lighting options can easily replace metal halide bulbs featuring 150 Watt-1000 Watt.

HID Retrofit Kit

LED HID Retrofit Kits

Indoor Tennis Court LED Lights

Tennis Court Finish Conversion To Led Lights
Another successful LED Lighting Supply LED Conversion - Indoor Tennis Lights

Typically, for indoor tennis court lighting systems, you can look for high bay lighting fixtures. Several fixtures point upwards for lighting up reflective ceilings. Others point downwards. However, it’s imperative is to cut down glare. Here, frosted lenses can be of real help.

Also, it is quite significant to ensure the distribution of light is uniform and even. We suggest high beam angles for accomplishing this task, where you can look for something like 120 degrees to 150 degrees.

Are you not sure about which indoor tennis court LED lighting options are perfect for you?

If no, then contact us. Our lighting professionals will help you in determining which indoor lighting solution will be best.

Outdoor Tennis Court LED Lights

LED Flood Lights for Tennis Courts

Usually, outdoor tennis court lighting systemscomprise of shoebox lights or area lights.

Such types of lighting options provide sufficient light for a large outdoor space. This allows tennis courts to stay illuminated for meeting the standards of outdoor lighting.

Using lighting options that output much light, these lights need lots of energy to function. With outdoor tennis court LED lighting solutions from our company, you can maintain higher lighting output at lesser energy consumption. Common energy savings are over 75%. However, with long strike times and ancient HID technology, switching off lights wasn’t a choice. These lights can take around 30 minutes for re-lighting to their full power. Using LED, it is possible to switch on and off instantly. Opting for LED lights is a large cost saving option. Other insubstantial benefits of switching off lights protect even more.

Are you still not sure what LED lighting options you should select for your outdoor tennis court?

Contact us now and let lighting professionals help you in determining which lighting options may work perfectly for you.

The 5+ year warranty-backed LED tennis court lights from Shop LED Tennis Court Lights - up to 75% energy savings and perfected illumination for games of tennis. Free Photometrics Available
Last Updated: 04/16/2021

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