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Buy natatorium rated LED lighting fixtures! Enhance the light quality, reduce overhead, and decrease operating costs. Photometrics are available for free to reduce any risk of purchasing LED. Natatoriums require the right lighting for maintaining better safety standards. Using natatorium LED lighting, your facility offers a nice experience. It features fewer operating costs that are linked to common lighting systems. Plus, keep out humidity for maintaining a longer lifespan.

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Lighting Plan for a Natatorium

When the lighting is done right in a natatorium, the area feels and looks different. As you know, swimming pools are designed in different ways. However, the basic lighting principles remain the same for all. So, when these fundamentals of the lighting design are followed properly, you can create the ideal lighting plan for indoor swimming pools.

Beam Spread

Beam spread is also known as the spread of light or the beam angle. This spread is the amount of area covered by a lighting source. So, it’s the angle at which light is distributed. When light moves away and spreads out from a lighting source, the light turns less intense. Every lighting source features a beam spread, from a LED bulb to a halogen bulb. This angle could be narrower like 4 degrees or wider like 120 degrees.

It is quite significant to get this beam spread right as this will affect the illumination of your natatorium. The interior color of your swimming pool also plays a key role when it comes to illumination. If your pool’s inside color is a bit dark, you might need to get LED lighting solutions with narrow beam angles for ensuring that your swimming pool remains well lit.

That’s because dark colors absorb light. Also, you may require to employ more lights. However, if your pool’s inside color is light, then you can go for wider beam angles as they distribute even light.

Olympic Size Swimming Pool:  50+ fc average with glare shield and 30 ft mounting height

Shop for LED natatorium lighting can reduce overhead, improve visibility, and reduce costs. Years of experience lighting up pool areas.....
Last Updated: 04/16/2021

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