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Advantages of LED Volleyball Court Lighting

Over 5 years warranty on outdoor and indoor volleyball court LED lighting options

Enjoy energy savings of around 75% and well-lit courts for volleyball games

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Fixing Volleyball Court Lighting through Optics

So, there is one thing that bothers everyone when lighting up an outdoor volleyball court. The problem is the site of the lighting poles in relation to the volleyball court. Generally, these lighting poles are kept far from the volleyball court’s edges. This is done to not causing any kind of disruption or damage to the volleyball players. However, this scenariois in contradiction with the lighting plan. Because when the pole is near to the place you want to light up, it works better.

To resolve the issue, we provide a wide range of outdoor LED lighting fixtures featuring “Forward Throw Optics”. The fixtures can distribute most light from the lighting pole’s base. So, this enables the light distribution to reach the places where it’s needed, while illuminating the volleyball court.

Photometrics and Lighting Calculations for Volleyball Courts

Indoor Volleyball Court LED Lighting Plan

Outdoor Volleyball Court LED Lighting Plan

Indoor Volleyball Court Lighting
Outdoor Volleyball Court Lighting

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