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Go for over 5-year warranty-backed pickleball court LED lights. Save around 75% of energy savings along with perfect illumination for the games of pickleball. Now, photometrics are available for free!

The lighting in pickleball courts requires optimization in the two primary areas: usability and energy savings. Without these things, you will have to pay extra energy bills and get a bad playing experience. We have worked with several pickleball court owners for optimizing their court lighting. LED lighting solutions are the best energy efficient lighting option for pickleball courts. Nothing gets closer to LEDs when it comes to reducing energy consumption by around 75%. This allows the transformation to LED lighting solutions to pay for itself actually.

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Resolve Pickleball LED Lighting using Optics

So, one problem with lighting up a pickleball court is the poles’ location relative to the pickleball court. Usually, the poles are far away from the court’s edges as not to cause any harm to the pickleball players and any disruption. However, this goes against lighting as the closer they are to the lighting area, the better it usually is.

To resolve this problem, we offer a number of outdoor lighting fixtures that come with “Forward Throw Optics.” These fixtures distribute most of the light far from the pole’s base. This enables the distribution of the lights to go where it is required while lighting up the pickleball courts. So, you do not have to deal with this issue by opting for lighting fixtures with the forward throw optics.

Layout of Pickleball Court Lighting

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