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Arena Lighting Calculator - How many lumens required for correctly lighting a riding arena?

Why is it important to make arena lighting plans? These plans enable people to check out their areas and how they would appear under arena LED lighting without even risking their money. We run various kinds of LED lighting options and offer you the perfect guidance and proper information. Here, we save your hard-earned money by offering LED lighting solutions. Plus, it is more important to experience the right lighting.

Horse Arena: If the height is 200 ft and the width is 100 ft and there are four poles, then there should be eight fixtures mounted at 35 ft high with two lights on each pole. 

Fixture Used

450W LED Stadium Fixture
(8 fixtures)

Horse Arena LED Lighting

If you own a horse arena or manage one, when you like to ride in ideal conditions, then you should need premium quality lighting. This is true for both outdoor and indoor horse arena lighting systems, which we have even covered below.

Our perfect roping arena and horse arena LED lights provide you with the right light amount for illuminating the area to enhance the quality and safety of the experience for both the spectators and riders. Apart from the enhancements in the light quality for riding, you get chief cost saving benefits that come along with horse arena LED lights, which make selecting LED lighting solutions easier.

Such advantages of horse area LED lighting also include things, such as energy savings by around 75%, enhanced lifespans up to 2-3 times longer, enhanced light quality, decreased maintenance charges, and enhanced experiences for the property and visitors too.

Enhanced experience

Lighting up your horse arena with LEDs allow you to gain the cost saving profits. Not just that, but you also enjoy the improved experience benefits. Using LED lighting options, you can provide a professional and quality experience to everyone. For getting out the most of our roping arena LED lights, we work directly with our customers for ensuring our riding area lighting system will meet all of their horse arena LED lighting requirements.

Instant On/Off

Based on your usage, instantly switching on and off your roping area LED lights comes as a huge benefit. This applies to both outdoor and indoor horse arena LED lights. Plus, this gives you the entire control over the horse arena LED lighting system all the time. With our roping arena LED lighting options, you do not have to wait any longer for the lights for warming up.

Decreased Operating Costs

It has become practical and sustainable to reduce equine area lighting charges with our equestrian arena LED lights. By energy savings up to 75%, consumers can reduce a significant amount of energy usage. Plus, reduce your riding area lighting charges with reduced maintenance costs, rebates, and longer lifespans.

Indoor Horse Arena LED Lighting

If you deal with an enclosed and full on horse arena, there are various aspects that you need to consider. Usually, you rely completely on lighting. Thus, it is an important aspect regarding your horse area that you should not overlook.

For a common guideline, the color temperature of about 5500k falls closest to that of sunlight. This color temperature offers the highest contrast on a color. This could be ideal if this kind of lighting you desire. However, you can also customize the color temperature so as to find out what works great for your requirements and preferred horse arena LED lighting design.

Another problem that you face with other lighting technologies like fluorescent, HPS, or metal halide is that they are vulnerable to buzz or/and flicker. This could cause low quality experiences, irritation, spectating, and can even drive everyone away. Using LED lighting options in your horse arena lighting system indoors, this problem can be entirely removed and would never happen again. Now, enjoy amazing LED lighting with no flicker or buzz with our horse arena LEDs.

Outdoor Horse Arena LED Lighting

If you own an outdoor roping and horse arena, the outdoor lighting plays an important role when the sun sets. As LED technology is designed so as to be directional, it eliminated extra light pollution in comparison with other light technologies employed in outdoor rodeo arena lighting systems.

Typically, outdoor lights comprise of HPS or metal halide horse area lighting options. Also, these lights provide less than ideal color temperatures and use more energy than LEDs by 75%. Not to mention, you end up with high replacement costs. For such reasons, that’s exactly why you come across so many horse arenas that convert and select LED technology, outside and in.

Our outdoor horse arena LED lighting packages allow you to eradicate such pitfalls of other lighting technologies. That’s the reason you should go for a better lighting technology that perfectly matches your requirements and preferences. Plus, go with the one that saves you some money and most importantly, improves the riding experience and show of yours and others too.

Also, we got a hold of various solar solutions. Using these solar solutions, you can think of having a horse arena with a solar lighting system. This sounds quite exciting and interesting, right? Contact our professional experts and ask them any query you have regarding it. We are here to offer you the best lighting service as well as the guidance that you need for setting up your horse arena LED lighting system!


Shop for LED horse arena lighting options can reduce overhead, improve visibility, and provide better experiences.
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