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If you own an outdoor or indoor ice rink, then The Lighting Center will help you in converting over to LED lighting. Our lighting experts can replace both fluorescent and HID fixtures. Plus, LEDs are in love with the cold!

Transforming ice and hockey rinks to LEDs make complete sense. It provides high quality, bright light while using just a fraction of what HID lights consume. Create a brighter rink surface area and preserve money on the operating expenses up to 75%. 

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Outdoor Ice Rink LED Lights

Stadium Lights

LED Stadium Lights for Hockey and Ice Rinks

Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights for Hockey and Ice Rinks


Ice Rink Foot candles and Photometrics

Why is it important to perform photometrics? They enable people to check their areas and how they would look under specific LED Lighting. This takes out the risk of purchasing. We can simply run various options with our LED lighting options and offer you the right guidance and correct information. Here, we are to save your hard-earned money with LEDs. However, it is as significant for getting the right lighting.


Hockey Rink Lighting Plan


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LED Lighting Options for Ice Skating and Hockey Rinks

One challenge that you can face with hockey rinks is to keep them open without having maintenance charges and high utility. It is paramount that hockey rinks offer glare free, high quality lighting.

In sports venues, lighting plays a significant role as it shows how fans and athletes feel in there. If your venue features great lighting, it improves the overall experience for both the spectators and athletes.

By their nature, hockey and ice rinks are huge energy consumers. And, lighting belongs to this consumption. By bringing down the lighting charges by 50-75% will go far to help ice rink budgets.

Hockey Rink Image

Why select The Lighting Center Hockey Rink LED Lights?

130 lm/w
150 lm/w
180 lm/w

1. Luminous Efficacy (Lumens Per Watt)

  Luminous efficacy designates the measure of the efficiency of a lamp. It denotes the lumens generated for each watt of energy consumed. LED lighting options are efficient as compared to conventional lamps with a high luminous efficacy. Premium quality LEDs feature incredible efficacy ratings. The average luminous efficacy goes over 130 lumens each watt.

We offer gym lighting fixtures that feature ratings between 130 to 180 lumens/watt. Also, we can assist you in choosing the perfect efficiency.


* How to trade off amid actual price and long-term investments?


High efficiency LED lighting solutions cost more as compared to low efficiency products. The investments over the product’s life is usually more than the original investment required for upgrading. Thus, if you are in search of something to improve savings while converting to LEDs, select the one with high efficiency.


2. Evade Glare

Glare created by the lighting fixtures should be controlled. There is a single glare rating system used all across the globe, which is Unified Glare Rating (or UGR).

In various sports activities, the viewing direction is upwards usually. So, this may need extra measures other than UGR rating in several sports venues. With the help of frosted lenses and diffusers, glare produced by light could be minimized. So, this enables hockey players to view the puck clearly.

Usually, the glaring amount produced by lighting fixtures depends on the four factors:

  • The light distribution patterns
  • The mounting height
  • The number of lighting fixtures
  • The environmental luminance

The following table provides glare ratings and evaluation:

Glare Rating







roughly acceptable





100V - 277V
277V - 480V

3. Higher Voltage up to 480V

If you want to replace your high-voltage fixtures featuring 277V-480V, we offer various options that can cover such high voltage installation. We provide continual current drivers equipped for handling everything up to 480 V, whereas the standard drivers in our kits just handle 100V-277V. Also, we could handle 3-phase or single phase power too. Contact our sales experts and then, we can take care of your lighting state effectively.

* Lighting Options With 480V High Voltage

Our high voltage lighting solutions can handle both 3 phase and single phase 480V installations. When your voltage goes over 277V, then tell so to our sales experts. So, we could recommend the right driver.


4. Color Temperature Options

For hockey and ice rinks, it is significant to employ lighting solutions with the correct color temperature. A color temperature about 5000K features the same energizing effects as natural light as this temperature is closer to daylight. If you are using fluorescents, HPS, or metal halide lights, then you should go for LED ice hockey lights now.

* LED Color Choice

For replacing Metal Halide, it is best to go with 5000K. If you are looking for a warmer light, then select 4000K. HPS high bays are about 2300K. Going upwards to 4000K or 5000K will highly improve the light quality indoors.

70 CRI
80 CRI
90 CRI

5. Color Rendering Index: Light Quality

The color rendering index signifies the color of light. This index tells how well lighting sources reveal the colors of things in comparison with sunlight (i.e. the ideal lighting source). When talking about HID bulbs, consumers generally complain about bad light colors. So, light color plays a significant role in a high bay application. It highly impacts the contrast and clarity.

Most LED lighting fixtures that we offer feature CRI between 70 and 85. The best part is that we take special orders of almost any CRI that you may require.

*The CRI of LEDs

Anything that goes over 70 is perfect. In applications like assembly work, choose CRI between 80 and 90 as you want to focus on fine details.


6. Beam Angles: Right Light Distribution

So, what do you actually require for illuminating outdoor or indoor rinks? If you have no clue about this, there is nothing to worry about. We will provide an answer to this.

Transforming conventional lighting with LEDs will always enhance the quantity and quality of light. Not only it is important to get the bright light, but also it should be distributed evenly for avoiding shadowing and dark areas on the ice.

* How to Select the Right Beam Angle

Ask our lighting experts to perform a lighting photometric for determining the perfect beam angle and light for your ice rink. You should look at the max/min ratios as well as the foot candle measurements for ensuring that the space is uniform and bright.

Ask us to perform a lighting photometric for determining the right illumination and beam angles for a rink. Glance at the foot candle dimensions as well as the max/min ratios for ensuring that your area always stay even and bright.

Motion Sensors
Daylight Harvesters
Smart Controls

7. Lighting Controls

Lighting controls, such as motion sensors, can reduce lighting charges dramatically by dimming or switching off the lights when there are no people around the area.

One can add microwave and PIR motion sensors for switching the lights on if a motion is detected and switching them off if there is no activity happening in that area. for dimming, the LED lighting fixtures require 0-10V dimmable drivers. Unlike conventional lighting, dimmable LED lighting fixtures are relatively simple and do not affect the bay fixture’s life.

Also, if you are looking for a way to save extra money, then nothing could save more money than 10% lit or off.



8. Rugged Impact Resistance Lighting Fixtures

IK rating refers to an international code. This rating measures the protection level of a lighting fixture against mechanical wear and tear. Also, this measures the impact it could take. IK rating is also a measure of the robustness and durability of a lighting fixture.

With lighting fixtures in high impact areas (like rinks), it is significant to get lighting fixtures with the right IK rating. That’s because if your lighting fixture gets damaged, its efficiency might decrease. Thus, you should go for lighting fixtures, which offer resistance to the impact.

So, you have to look for the risk of impact before making a decision about whether you need lighting fixtures with a higher IK rating.
The Lighting Center supplies rink lighting fixtures with high impact ratings.

Indoor Ice Rink LED Lighting


Indoor hockey rinks comprise of flood lights and high bays for lighting up the arena and ice surface. Lighting levels need to be enough high so that the players could see the hockey puck on the ice. In countries like Canada, ice rinks open all round the year.

Some ice rinks are open for just 18 hours a day. This needs a lot of energy usage to switch on the lights for such a long time. The payback period shortens when you convert to LED hockey area lighting.

Hockey Rink Lighting


Outdoor LED Ice Rink Lighting


Usually, outdoor rinks employ pole mounted lights. For an outdoor rink, flood lights work fine. With photometrics, one can visualize light distribution and levels before buying one light.

As LED lighting options are instant on and off, so you do not have to deal with long light warm up periods.


 Hockey Rink Lighting

Whether you have an indoor or outdoor ice rink, the experts at MyLEDLightingGuide can help convert your lighting over to LED, whether its new fixtures or retrofitting your existing fixtures. We can easily replace both HID and fluorescent fixtures. And - LEDs love the cold!
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