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LED Basketball Court Lighting

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Commercial LED Basketball Court Lighting

Discover how our Basketball Court Lights can reduce overhead, improve visibility, and reduce costs.

Basketball courts are illuminated professionally and more sustainable with our LED basketball court lighting solutions. They create a properly illuminated court that both players and fans can enjoy.

LED Basketball Court Lights

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LED Commercial Flood Lights

Commercial LED Basketball Court Lighting


LEDs at basketball courts make for the perfect mix of great illumination by providing enough light and the perfect color temperature for viewing and filming. If your games are recorded, we can certainly work with you to achieve the best lighting environment for the highest quality recordings.

In addition to the great experience and recording environment our basketball stadium lights offer, they also offer other benefits for both indoor and outdoor basketball court lighting systems.

Reduced costs

Switching over to basketball LED light fixtures can bring substantial savings.
The #1 reason court are converting to LED is for the (up to) 75% reducing in energy consumption associated with the lighting system.
Also major saving come along with longer lifespans, reduced maintenance costs, and rebates.

Better experience

Basketball games are loud, fun, and intense. And the lighting can make all the difference.
A sustainable and practical lighting system at a basketball court starts and ends with LED. Bring LED to your court and allow customer to feel safe and excited being able to see everything, from on the court to the parking lot.

High quality TV broadcasts

Is your basketball games on the court being recorded?
Work with us to ensure your color temperature and lumen output are prefect for high quality recordings for the web or TV.
Since basketball LED lighting products are controllable, any desired output is achievable.

Indoor Basketball Court Lighting

Indoor basketball arena facilities are common for a lot of the pro teams, big colleges, and NCAA. This is where a lot of fans and visitors come, and the lighting needs to be done right.

We've gotten down the perfect lighting levels for any environment, including indoor basketball court lighting systems. From the court to the stands and hallways, we can ensure the perfect lighting levels are in your stadium for the most desired indoor basketball court lighting design possible.

Outdoor Basketball Court Lighting

Lighting for outdoor basketball courts can range from light on the actual court, to bleachers, to the parking lot. All of the same lighting rules apply, and common issues with other typical outdoor lights (metal halide, HPS, etc) are solved with LED.

Light pollution is directly solved with efficient outdoor basketball court LEDs by their direction design. They allow less light loss and more light directed onto what matters. Additionally, a quality outdoor basketball court LED lighting can withstand the elements and last just as long as they would inside, whether it is cold or hot outside.

Besides just the outdoor court lighting for the game area, outdoor lights are also important to consider in the parking lots as well. Since a dark parking lot can be a potential hazard, proper illumination is a must there too. And since parking lots can require a lot of energy consumption too, it is just another opportunity to save money in power consumption and maintenance by converting to LED.

Discover how our Basketball Court Lights can reduce overhead, improve visibility, and reduce costs. Shop for both indoor and outdoor solutions
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