LED Wall Pack Lighting Fixtures

Among the wide assortment of LED solutions available, our LED wall packs are one of our bestselling. LED wall packs are a wise investment to illuminate outdoor locations, providing extra safety and security. We provide direct to contractor pricing and all products are DLC Listed. USA Stock for same day shipment!

Wall pack lighting fixtures are designed primarily for security purposes. Their high quality light output makes them an ideal choice for illuminating difficult to observe areas that demand constant supervision. They can be triggered by a built-in photo control switch, if customized accordingly. Built to sustain and last under harsh and humid weather conditions, they are the perfect choice for the toughest environments, providing great reliability every day. They also provide a low glare and are impact resistant, making them a great choice for just about any application.

Wall pack lighting fixtures are typically used for illuminating landscapes, parking lots, office complexes, warehouses and convenience stores. They work great as building security because they can be used with a photo control switchboard that enables timed control of the light switch to go off during daylight hours and automatically start up during night time. This saves energy and will ensure you only have lighting when you need it, allowing you to put your light fixtures out of mind.

LED Outdoor Wall Packs

LED Wall Pack Lights

Among the wide assortment of LED solutions available, our wall pack lighting is one of our bestselling. LED wall packs are a wise investment for those looking to illuminate their outdoor locations. While brightening locations which were originally dark, safety and usability are both increased.

What are LED wall pack lights?

The LED wall pack lights are mounted on the inner or outer facing walls of buildings. As they are visible, they are designed to offer a classic look that is appealing to the eyes. Both indoor and outdoor wall packs offer great visibility and cutting-edge optics offer vastly increased light output. These features along others make it the best choice for the large open spaces.

We offer three types of wall packs:

  • LED wall pack flood
  • LED wall pack lights – full cut off
  • LED mini wall pack

All our light options are DLC qualified and are utility rebate eligible. The LED wall pack lights come in a variety of shapes and styles. They are designed to replace 100W and 400W metal halide. It offers 1,500 to 10,000 lumens and a beam angle of 120 degrees. The lights are configured for 100-277 V and 347- 480 V depending on your need.

The housing of the product is done with heavy-duty die-cast aluminum with a dark bronze polyester powder finish. The clear glass reflector used in it is thermal/shock resistant. The importance of the light’s multiple designs lies in the fact that it improves functionality and offers versatility.

Where can you use the lights?

Our high quality LED wall packs are built to mount on the walls of porches, house, hospitals, industries, parking garage, entrances, public areas and in outdoor walkways. You can install them on the walls you to enjoy excellent vertical light distribution and all their benefits.

How are they different from other traditional light sources?

Traditional lighting sources such as metal halide and fluorescent have historically maintained the lion share of the market. With the advent of LED technology, there is now a lighting solution which provides multiple benefits not to be found in these older technologies. Further, new cutting edge LEDs are far superior to their older counterparts. Be sure to only buy products using the latest technology for optimal performance.

Small investment!

Customers we speak with tend to be focused on products that help them save money in the long run while being a relatively small investment in the short run. Given the significant energy savings of 70%+ attained with LEDs and the additional savings from utility rebates, the investment cost will pale in comparison to the long term benefits.

Go green with our lights!

Another appealing reason to use LEDs such as Wall pack lights are that they are environment-friendly. This means that they do not produce any hazardous chemicals or gases, unlike fluorescent lights that emit mercury among other chemicals. All of our lights are RoHS compliant so you can rest assured that they are safe for your workers, customers and the overall environment.

Is it the right decision to choose LED wall packs?

While looking for the appropriate light source there are a number of major points to consider. They include technology type, power consumption, efficient light output and the type of lights that you are replacing. Once you these data points, it is easy to move ahead and pick the correct LED light.

 LED wall pack fixtures are the best option available with multiple benefits:

1. Energy saving quality:

LED wall pack lights consume about 75% less energy in comparison to metal halide and about 50% less in comparison to fluorescent canopy lights. The reduction is immediately noticeable in your electricity bill. Further, by adding smart control options, savings can increase to nearly 90% verse that of traditional lighting.


2. Save maintenance and replacement cost: 

LED lamps and tubes are far superior to traditional lighting in terms of maintenance and replacement costs. This means you can expect a lifespan of 50,000 to 100,000 hours, a significant jump over the life of older technology. With the lights needing replacement less frequently, maintenance costs are significantly reduced.


3. Good color specs: 

With traditional lights, one of the main issues we always hear about is poor color temperature that tends to change over the life of the bulb. If you compare these to LED wall pack lights, you’ll find the latter maintain stable color rendering index (CRI) of 70 to 80+ throughout their life, appropriate foot candles and the expected correlated color temperature (CCT).


4. Good IP rating of the wall lights: 

One of the consequences of many wall lighting options on the market is that they are not able to handle the elements. Wind, rain, dust and pests can present poor conditions in a real life application. Fortunately, our fixtures are rated IP65 or IP75 to ensure they can withstand these suboptimal, but to be expected conditions in the environment.

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