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Our Commercial LED Panels and Troffers Lights are designed to replace existing fluorescent tube fixtures. DLC Qualified for rebate eligibility, our LED Troffers are edge lit for uniform light distribution without seeing any of the LEDs.

Types of LED Troffers 

Edge Lit LED Panels

Edge lit panels typically have LEDs fitted around their perimeters. These light fixtures produce light in such a way that it is aimed at the center of the panel and then downwards to the even surface at the diffuser or the lens. Because of the way the panels are designed, they produce extremely even illumination across. Generally, edge lit panels are incredibly thin – as thin is 0.5 inches. However, they draw a little bit more electricity than direct lit panels for the same light (lumen) output. They are usually more costly.

LED Troffers

LED troffers are specially designed to replace old fluorescent troffers with more efficient and durable lighting. The troffers are usually recessed into the ceiling and offer more lumens with less wattage consumption, ensuring you save money without having to compromise on light output. LED troffers come in different configurations and include lensed units, volumetric style units, and architectural grade fixtures that feature indirect distribution. LED troffers with traditional configurations have even lenses, louvers, or open alternatives to make perfect replacements for the fluorescent troffers that are already installed. For every fluorescent troffer that is currently in use, there is an LED troffer equivalent on the market.

LED Flat Panels

These light fixtures have a unique, sleek thin profile and do not look like lensed recessed troffers. They are designed to offer comparable light distribution as traditional troffers when they are fitted in the grids of drop ceilings. The lumen output of LED troffer flat panels is much better than that of standard fluorescent troffers. There are two types of LED flat panels that directly replace fluorescent troffers.

Direct Lit LED Panels

These panels usually have the LEDs fixed on their backs. The light produced by the LEDs is sent down to a diffusing feature on the panel’s surface, generating a little more directional light than the light produced by edge lit panels. Direct lit LED panels are usually thinner than fluorescent troffers but are much thicker than edge lit panels. Their biggest advantage is that they have a low cost and are much more efficient than edge lit panels. Both direct lit and edge lit flat panels can be installed on the same drop ceiling grid as fluorescent troffers. However, edge-lit panels have one big advantage over direct lit panels, they can be surface mounted on both walls and ceilings.

LED Troffer Retrofit Kits

1. LED Flat Panel Retrofit

LED flat panel retrofit kits offer an economical solution to upgrade existing lighting fixtures to LED technology. These retrofit kits can be retrofitted into many of the existing troffers in not more than 15 minutes. Retrofit flat panel kits allow you to easily upgrade your old fluorescent light fixtures to energy-efficient LED lighting that offers glare-free, even illumination across the surface of a lamp. The LED retrofit flat panel is usually installed in an existing fluorescent fixture as it can fit below the existing tube and ballast.


2. LED Troffer Retrofit Kit

LED troffer retrofit kits are designed to offer maximum improvement with minimum effort. These units can be installed in less than 10 minutes and upgrade outdated fluorescent lights to premium LED lighting in record time. For lighting applications where removing old troffers or opening the ceiling plenum is not an option, these light fixtures provide unparalleled ease of installation. They quickly replace the outdated optics and appearance of existing fluorescent troffers with the unmatched energy savings, higher-quality light, and natural-looking light for which LED lights are known.

LED troffer retrofit kits offer a modern look and have a high color rendering index. They provide balanced illumination in a host of lumen and color temperature packages. For projects that require a blend of new fixtures and retrofits, our LED troffer retrofit kits are perfect. They look almost indistinguishable from the new LED troffer units. They offer a seamless visual experience across an entire facility. LED troffer retrofit kits provide the right solution and meet the needs of a variety of applications – whether it's high-efficiency, affordability, color quality, or upgrades flexibility options.

Some of the LED troffer retrofit kits sold by My LED Lighting Guide are dimmable and allow you to control the light output whenever you want. The units are usually rated for a very long lamp life and you will go for many years without needing to replace or maintain them once they are in place.


3. LED Tube to Replace Fluorescent Tube in Existing Fixture

Selecting the proper LED replacements for fluorescent troffers can be quite hard because there are many products and installation options available on the market. But due to the increasing consumer demand for energy-efficient, high-quality LED retrofit units, which is driven by recent industry changes and the Energy Independence and Security Act (which was passed by congress in the year 2007 and instituted strict energy standards on the consumption of energy).

For business owners and facility managers looking for energy efficient lighting solutions to replace problematic fluorescent lamps, LED fluorescent replacements tubes offer a good solution. These tubes can efficiently replace T8, T10, and T12 fluorescent tubes in existing lighting fixtures. They have the same bi-pin configuration of fluorescent lamps so what electricians usually do is remove or bypass the existing fluorescent ballasts and send the electricity directly to the LED drivers or LED tubes to power the LED lamps.

There are three types of LED fluorescent replacement tubes: the first type usually replaces the existing fluorescent tube. The second type calls for wiring to the main voltage and bypassing the existing fluorescent ballast. The third LED fluorescent replacement tube requires removing the current ballast and replacing it. While it is more labor-intensive to replace fluorescent tubes with the first and the second LED replacement tubes, the light fixtures considerably lower energy consumption. The third option is the most energy-efficient as the existing fluorescent tube and ballast are gotten rid of.

LED fluorescent replacement tubes can be used in a myriad of environments which call for troffer lighting: offices, hospitals, interior spaces, educational institutions, and much more. These light sources have a minimum lamp life of 50,000 hours. In addition, they do not flicker or hum like fluorescent lamps and their light output can be dimmed up to 100%.

Get the Best LED Troffers for Your Application

When looking for LED troffer lights that will be perfect for your property, there are many ways to go about it.

The most important thing you need to do is narrow down your search. You can do this by choosing the light fixtures that best suit your space – in regards to sizing and mount. Once you have narrowed down your search and have identified the right models for your application, the next step is to choose LED troffers with a style that matches the overall style of your application.

Since voltages range between 120 and 480 volts, you should find the right hardware for your lighting system. Troffer lights normally have varying quantities of lamps, which means you can get the right amount of lighting for any application – whether you want to light up a large warehouse floor or a small office hallway. LED troffers provide even, powerful lighting in any amount of space and are a popular choice for many industrial and commercial applications. The powerful light they provide does not cause eye fatigue or eye strain and ensures every inch of space is illuminated without glare.

LED Troffers / LED Panels

Designed to perform better than fluorescent fixtures.
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