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LED Tube Retrofits for Linear T8/T10/T12 Lamps

Due to the increased demand for energy-efficient lighting solutions by facility managers, manufacturers have designed LEDs to replace problematic fluorescent tubes. Also known as Tubular LEDs (TLEDs), these tubes match the form of fluorescent tubes in length, diameter, and base so that they are easily placed in the existing fluorescent fixtures. There are 3 types:

Type A: Ballast Compatible T8 LED Tube

This type is powered by an internal driver, replaces the fluorescent tube and uses the existing ballast. This may cause a ballast compatibility problem. If the ballasts have worked for over 5 years plus, you may want to consider type A or C retrofit kits. Old fluorescent ballasts may cause flickering in Type A TLEDs.

Type B: Ballast Bypass T8 LED Tube

This type is powered by an internal driver and operates from voltage directly supplied to the fixture. The existing ballast wiring is terminated and sockets are rewired. This work must be done by a licensed electrician. Compatibility is not a problem since ballasts are bypassed. But if the existing fixtures are loose or cracked, they will require replacement.

Type C: External Driver T8 LED Tube

An external driver connects to the line voltage and powers this LED. Connections to the ballast are cut off. Type C offers more advantages than type A and B such as a longer lifespan due to replaceable drivers, higher efficacy, less weight because of external driver.

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