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LED post top lights

The Lighting Center manufactures and offers a variety of high qualify LED light products. They are versatile in their use, offer great light, security, are maintenance free and work for a very long time. The same advantages are obtained with nearly every LED light product. The LED post top lights that we make are the finest in quality and use. What makes our lights the best is the investment that we make in their design, color variation, and shapes.

What are LED post top lights?

The post top lights are the commercial lights used for decorative as well as illumination purposes. There is a wide range of architectural styles for the post tops. The light bulb attached to the post top light fixtures is an LED.

The post top lights are available in traditional as well as modern styles. They add beauty to the outdoor landscape or to the street scape and this is why they are widely used in the open areas. The solutions that we offer have 18W to 120W which is enough to replace 400W metal halide. As they are UL listed (for safety) and DLC qualified, they are eligible for rebates. If you are using the HID ballast, you’ll have to bypass or remove them. Next, the LED driver will automatically convert the 100-277V for use.

Applications for LED Post Top Bulbs

The post top light solutions are installed in the streets, parking areas, outside the house, in a residential area, colleges, in historical places to enhance the beauty and on commercial strips. As they offer a great view due to the light radiations that they emit, they are the best option for lighting up a place in a beautiful way. This is why many people use them outside their restaurants, cafes, shops, and offices to impart a cozy warm yet welcoming feeling.

The most common use of lights is in the outdoor space where the beam angle of the light spreads brightness perfectly all around in a beautiful manner.

How well does it handle the heat?

The post top light fixture must be capable of handling the heat in a way that it does not accumulate it to an extent which would result in the damage of the LED light. Heat is technically the damaging source of an LED. This is why, when a post top light is manufactured, the bulbs are installed in it and the light is turned and left on for a very long time. This test is the only way that helps in deciding about the heat handling power of the post top light. The lights that we manufacture are able to resist heat for a very long time. This is what allows that to operate with LED light chips/ bulbs.

Types of LED light color

Not every place requires the super bright illumination of an LED light. Some places look for a warm cozy light. The lighting center keeps this request of its customers in mind and offers different light colors. The variety depends on the different color temperature (the standard unit being Kelvin- K). To replace metal halide, you can use the following guide:

  • For warm light – use 2700- 3000 K LED light
  • Natural white – use 4000 to 4500 K light
  • Day white – use 5000 to 5500 K light
  • For cool white/ bluish light – use 5000 to 7000K color temperature lights

The other light and color properties of our post-top lights with the LED light source are also great. The luminous flux is sufficient and the luminaire efficacy is high. The correlated color temperature and the color rendering index of the lights are also good.

Why use LED post top lights?

The mere reason for using the LED light source in the post top lights is to save energy, power, and money. If you use an HID lamp or a fluorescent bulb in the post top lights and run the lights for a long time, it will only double your equipment supplying cost, the cost of electricity usage, and maintenance costs. In this situation, the only option that helps the users make a profitable investment is the LED lights. The lights that we offer are reliable for long-lasting usage and come with a 5-years warranty period.  Using these lights will help you in the following ways:

Once in a lifetime investment!

The power consumption by the LED light bulbs or tubes is minimal. It saves up to 80 to 90 percent of energy and helps in reducing the cost of the bills. Other than this, the equipment cost though it is expensive if you are buying it for the first time, it gets covered owing to the longevity of the product. The manufacturers ensure that the LED post top lights will work for an extended period of time and the warranty card votes for this time frame as well.

These reasons along the low maintenance cost of the lights make the product a lifetime investment!

Impressive and improved illumination solutions

There is no doubt in the excellent performance of the luminaries. They are built by keeping the finest specifications in mind and promise to fulfill their purposes without any hindrance. They handle both bright light and warm light efficiently. Put it out in the street way or use them to light up the outdoor landscape, you wouldn’t change your mind! Instead, the view you’ll be looking at will change completely reflecting an enhanced scenic beauty owing to the flawless light performance of the post top lights.

4 Easy Steps To Follow When Updating Lighting Solutions

Whether you plan on replacing the traditional lights with these products or are installing new LED post top lights, take care of the basic things. Always check the parts of the lights and order the right number of lights. Installing a fewer number of lights than the required number would only make you question your judgment. The right number of post top lights will illuminate the room and leave you and the audience satisfied.


  1. Turn off the power and remove/ disconnect the ballast
  2. Remove the Acorn lamp lens and unscrew HID bulbs
  3. The LED post top bulb is screwed in next and the lamp lens is returned to its place
  4. Switch on the power
Shop a wide range of LED Post Top retrofit bulbs that replace HID and HPS Post Top lights. All bulbs backed by a 5 year warranty.
Last Updated: 04/16/2021

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