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LED Parking Lot Lights

We have a wide selection of high quality lighting solutions for LED parking lot lights. Made to withstand the elements, they are the perfect companion to streets, parking lots and more. We provide direct to contractor pricing and all products are DLC Listed. USA Stock for same day shipment!

If you are looking for high power, high quality lighting solutions for your outdoor space, check out our wide selection of LED lighting. They provide high volume of LED roadway lighting which will provide the illumination you need in any environment. Made specifically to withstand the rigors of outdoor lighting, they will remain durable and reliable through any weather, withstanding moisture, debris, and other hazards to continue to provide great visibility for you and your customers and clients every day. Get lights you can rely on for years with our great selection of LED Parking Lot Light Offerings.

LED Shoebox Light / LED Flood Lights - up to 21,000 lumens!

Part NumberWattsLumensReplaces

Base Price: 80W 100W 120W 150W

$224.86 Call $252.97 Call
Arm Mount: N/C | Slip Fitter: N/C | 4000K: Call | 347-480V: Call

Slim LED Shoe Box Fixture - Replaces up to 400W+ Metal Halide

Part NumberWattsLumens

Base Price: 140W

Arm Mount: N/C | Slip Fitter: N/C

LED Shoebox - 1000W Metal Halide LED Parking Lot Light.

Part NumberWattsLumensReplacesNet Weight
MLLG-AL-LED-SB2-150-[Color]15022,950400W24.3 lb
MLLG-AL-LED-SB2-200-[Color]20030,600750W26.5 lb
MLLG-AL-LED-SB2-300-[Color]30045,9001000W28.7 lb

Base Price: 150W 200W 300W

Call Call $455.55
Arm Mount: N/C | Slip Fitter: N/C | 4000K: Call | 347-480V: Call

LED Barn Light 35W - 45W replaces up to 175 Watt Metal Halide

Part NumberWattsLumensReplaces

Base Price: 35W 45W

$78.97 $90.99

LED Parking Lot Lights – In Stock – Ready to Ship

TheLightingCenter has ETL and UL Listed LED shoebox light fixtures that replace Metal Halide, HPS and Induction bulbs ranging from 250 watts to 1000 watts. Our commercial products can be integrated as a LED shoebox retrofit kit into the existing luminaire or replacement of the old luminaire with an entirely new pole mounted outdoor shoebox.

LED shoeboxes light up parking lots, entrances, car dealerships, university campuses, roadways walkways, general area lights and parks. They illuminate public spaces and sites, ensuring visitors safety and security while discouraging vandalism.

The rugged cast aluminum housing and weather tight gasket seal enables the fixture’s use under harsh conditions and wet environments. The LED light source is not sensitive to shock or vibration. The LED outdoor shoebox light fixtures come with a choice of 6“ or 10“ arms. Optionally, trunnion and slip fitter mounts convert these fixtures into floodlights. Controls can be added, such as motion sensors or photocells, to make your conversion to LED Shoebox Lights even more wallet friendly. Savings of 75% or more is not uncommon when you convert from Metal Halide or HPS to LED. The Lighting Center has options available in 100-277V or 277-480V.


Top 5 Reasons to Convert to a LED Shoebox Fixture

  1. Save Money on your Utility Bill
    LED uses far less energy than Metal Halide or HPS. Savings of 75% or more are achievable. With the addition of controls, even 90% energy savings can be achieved. Be careful when determining which product to buy to ensure what you are buying is the most efficient product. LED lighting technology that is even a few years old will not be as efficient as today’s technology.
  2. Lower your Maintenance Costs
    Shoebox LED fixtures last at least 5 times longer than the Metal Halide bulbs they replace. This means less time hiring electricians to maintain your lights equaling more money in the bank.
  3. Improve your Lighting
    LED is a high quality light source. It is measured as CRI and because the LED lumens are such high quality in comparison to HPS lumens, you will need less lumens than will traditional lighting to provide the same visual experience.
  4. Improve Safety
    Higher quality whiter light makes everything much more illuminated which increases safety for both customers and employees.
  5. Adaptable
    LED Shoebox lights can have sensors added to them after installation. Need a photocell? No problem. Want to add a motion sensor? Easy. Make them work together? Yes, all this can be done. LED is instant on-instant off, so using them with controls is the perfect pairing to save even more money.


Shoebox Light Options – Optics and Color Temperature

We offer a great selection of outdoor commercial LED shoebox options that we can install on a LED shoe box light, including:

  • Mounting Options: trunnion, slip fitter and straight pole arm
  • Optics: 120, 80 and 40 degrees, Type I, II, III, IV and V
  • Color Temperature: 4000K and 5000K
  • Lumen Output: designed to replace a 250W, 400W or 1000W Metal Halide or HPS fixture


Consider a Shoebox LED Retrofit Kit

Are your shoe box lights in good condition? Then consider one of our shoebox LED retrofit kits. These kits can replace anything from
100 watt Metal Halide to 1000 watt Metal Halide shoebox with an easy to install shoebox LED retrofit kit. It’s really as easy as a bulb and ballast replacement.

The LED kits are all DLC Premium Listed, which translate into larger rebates and savings.

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