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TheLightingCenter's LED Pole Lights are designed for parking lots, street lights and pole-mounted solutions. Fixtures and retrofit kits are available and designed to save up to 75% on your energy bill.  Available to ship today!

Pole lights are found in a variety of places such as parking lots, parking garages, service stations, and many more. Our outdoor LED pole lights offer quality illumination in these types of applications along with major savings in energy consumption and more. We offer lights to replace 250W to 2000W HID, new and retrofit solutions.

LED Pole Top Lights

Outdoor lighting is essential for safety. At the end of the day, once the sun goes down, outdoor lights start working to keep life moving. However, it takes massive amounts of energy to run the 100+ million outdoor lights in the U.S. Currently, outdoor lighting consumes over $10 billion in electricity costs annually. To put it in perspective, this massive amount of electricity can power at least 6 million U.S. homes each year.

By the World Bank’s estimates, over 5 billion people will dwell in cities by the year 2050. This is at least 60% of the world's population. The International Energy Agency also estimates that by 2030, the demand placed on lighting will be 80% higher than in 2005.

The Need for Energy-Efficient Pole Top Lights

Outdoor lights, which include pole top lights, support the growth of world economies. They are responsible for increased economic activity at night as they illuminate areas of business – such as entertainment spots and restaurants. Some industrial activities are also carried out at night. It would be difficult for employees to move from the safety of their homes to these workplaces at night without adequate outdoor lighting. 

Studies show that adequate outdoor lighting can cut down crime by 20%. The lights can also reduce traffic accidents by at least 35%. The challenge you have, if you own a facility with a number of pole top lights outdoors, is the provision of adequate lighting, affordably. 

The planet is under a lot of duress from massive amounts of carbon dioxide that trap heat and are adversely affecting the climate. Since a lot of the electricity powering pole top lights is sourced from coal-burning power plants, it is an environmental pollutant.

While your facility cannot do without these lights, you can use more environmentally-friendly sources of light instead. Advances in lighting technology have brought about the LED pole top light that gives better light than traditional HID pole top lights. A LED light will also light up an outdoor space for 75% less energy than older bulbs.

The Shift to the Energy-Efficient Pole Top Light

Most facility owners are shifting from old and inefficient metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps to LED lights. Why have LEDs become so popular? They cut down the lighting's carbon footprint and lighting costs as well.

The U.S. Department of Energy has done a lot of studies and work to validate the effectiveness of LED lights. Thanks to these efforts, the Presidential Challenge for Advanced Outdoor Lighting has assisted in the upgrading of over 1.5 million pole top lights to LED pole top lights.

Through the resultant Better Buildings Initiative program, 1.4 quadrillion BTUs of energy have been saved since its inception. This amounts to $8.5 billion in savings and a reduction of 80 million tons in carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere. The 360 partners in the Better Buildings Challenge have reported savings of 470 trillion BTUs as per the initiatives' 2019 progress report.

LED Pole Top Light Adoption

According to a Solid-State Lighting Program study – by the U.S. Department of Energy – the adoption of LED lighting technology increased by 12.6% from 2014 to 2016. The number of solid-state lights in use in that period quadrupled to 874 million units. The study also showed that LED lights in outdoor locations had increased by 29.7% in that time span compared to the 12.3% increase witnessed in indoor applications. 

This uptake of LED lights saved the users an approximate 469 trillion BTUs annually, which is equivalent to $4.7 billion. The U.S. DOE estimates that if the penetration of LED lights top tier products approaches the 100% mark, 2,454 trillion BTUs of energy will be saved each year.

Additionally, if these lighting fixtures have integrated light controls, they will further save another 1,974 trillion BTUs of energy, rounding the total figure to 4,428 trillion BTUs.  This would save at least $44 billion each year in lighting costs.

Therefore, there is no valid reason to wait any longer to adopt LED pole top lights for your facility. While their initial costs may be steep, their return on investment is high. You will have lower bills to deal with, and your lighting maintenance costs will be cut down drastically due to the lights’ prolonged lifespan.

What’s more, you will be playing a huge role in environmental conservation. These directional light sources are so well designed that they only send their light where it is required the most. Because of this, they inhibit the light pollution issue that is so common with outdoor lights.

LED pole top light retrofit kits will save you at least 30% as they are lower priced than new lights. They are perfect if your older fixtures are functional and require no significant fixes.

Shop for LED Pole top lights to replace 250W - 1000W HID. Free photometric studies takes the risk out of purchasing....
Last Updated: 04/16/2021

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