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LED flood lights are designed to provide a high-intensity bright flooding illumination. Engineered for super light quality, these lights immediately increase safety and security. We offer direct to contractor pricing and all products are DLC Listed. USA Stock for easy same day shipment! From parking lot flood lights to stadiums and more, this is a lighting option that is trusted by professionals every day.

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LED Flood Lights

The Lighting Center is proud to deal with the latest state-of-art illumination technology. The replacement of metal halide and fluorescent lights and bulbs with LED lights is becoming an old story now as the LED manufacturers keep on launching new innovative styles of lights. These new lights are the focus of attention and keep the user’s interest intact owing to their versatile benefits. The LED flood lights are such an example of the various types of luminaries supported by LED lights.

What is a flood light and where is it used?

As LED light system extends its journey of discovery, it introduces different styles and designs of lights for specific purposes. The floodlights are such similar lights that are used to brightly illuminate the outdoor landscape and buildings. The floodlights are most commonly associated with the sports playing fields. The dramatic yet fascinating super brightness offered by the LED chip in the floodlight lights up the playing ground making it all appealing to the players and the audience. The floodlights seem to provide a shadow-free lighting and this makes them the finest option for open spaces like the grounds, parking areas, large buildings, stadiums, warehouses, and theaters. The spectacular feeling that the light imparts simply elevates the mood of the audience. Also, it makes the area secure for use. Having the LED flood lights brightly lighting up the outdoor space make the place safe for use. The mounting options include These lights can also be used for indoor lighting. The spotlight type of floodlights stresses upon the importance of one place or lime lights a person on the stage.


Parts of the floodlights: 

The aluminum and tempered glass housing of the lights are made from high-quality material. The UL listed housings are for wet locations. These instant on-off lights have a stainless-steel external hardware and are finished with baked polyester powder coating.

Types of floodlights with a LED bulb

The two wide divisions of the LED floodlights are the outdoor lights and the indoor lights. The different styles of lights that we have at our stores include:

  • LED shoebox floodlights
  • LED bullet floodlights

In total, we offer five floodlight solutions. Each one of them is available in different wattages and lumen intensity. The range of voltage configuration is either 100-277V or 347-480V. They are perfect to replace your older 70W, 175W, 400W and 1500W metal halide fixtures. The vibrant colors of these lights create a different ambiance for the users and improve the visibility of the area. Once you have purchased them, the lights would be available for a rebate as well. All our light solutions are DLC qualified.

How bright should the LED flood light be?

The answer to this question depends on few other factors. They are as follows:


  • Location of the place: 
    You need to know about the area that you want to lit up. Also, make sure it is not disturbing your neighbor’s territory. Another important thing that you should consider is the oncoming driver’s vision distortion. Set the right angle to avoid this error.

  • Check the lumen intensity: 
    This is what tells you about the brightness of the light. The floodlights in our store generate lumens in the range of 1235 to 45,900.

  • The number of floodlights that you’ll need: 
    The number of lights is another amazing factor that influences the amount of bright light that you’ll get. Decide the spot where you want to mount or place the floodlights.

How much does it cost to have LED flood lights?

The sole reason why people are shifting to the use of LED lights is that of the money they save with this investment. When you mount a light, you have to pay for the equipment, electricity usage, maintenance as well as replacement of the lights.


  • With LED flood lights, you’ll have to make a one-time investment in the equipment and then you can save up to 80 to 90% power usage with each light.
  • The total electricity bill cost is reduced.
  • The LED lights that we offer come with energy saving controls like the motion, daylight and microwave-based motion sensors, and photocells.
  • These lights come with a great feature of IP rating. This is what decides about the amazing performance of the lights in conditions like rain, dust wind and in the presence of insects. In either condition, the LED flood lights will work best and you won’t have to invest money in other special lights.
  • They last for a long (6 times longer), long time which means the replacement events would be less. The annual maintenance cost estimated by the users is also lower as compared with the use of other lights. Also, our lights come with a warranty period of 10 years.

Advantages of using LED Flood Lights

The common question that the users ask is about the benefit of using these lights. As we have covered the cost-effectiveness of these lights above, let’s take a look at other benefits:


  • Highly-engineered designs with super brightness: 
    The LED lights and the light fixture casing are made up of quality material that ensures the protection of the light and functions well. The vibrant light is shining enough to highlight the surface. The credit of this quality goes to the Color Rendering Index of 70+. The lights are available with a beam angle of 60 and 120-degrees. This allows a good distribution of light.

  • Keeps your place safe: 
    As the light illuminates the area and offers a shadow-free environment, it is easy to say that it keeps the place safe. There are no hidden spots or dark areas, and the visibility is spot on. These lights are best used for security purposes.

  • Go green with LED lights: 
    The finest advantage of using the LED lights is the healthy environment that it supports. These lights neither emit any kind of radiations nor do they produce chemicals like mercury or any toxins. Their use is safe as compared with other light sources.

  • Low warming temperature required:
    This feature makes it the instant source of bright light. With a low-temperature requirement for shining brightly, the floodlights illuminate the area in a matter of seconds. The range if operating temperature of these lights is -30° F to +130°F.
Shop for high output, high temperature, sport, harsh and hazardous environment LED Flood lights. Free photometrics to profile our outdoor led flood lights in your area.
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