LED Canopy Lights

We offer a wide selection of canopy light fixtures to meet the needs of your application. Constructed with a focus on durability, our lights are built for indoor and outdoor use. We offer canopy lights in a variety of styles, wattages and voltages with direct to contractor pricing. Available to ship today!

They can be found at parking garages, gas stations, stairwells, underpasses, and loading docks. The type of lighting and size of your fixtures will largely be determined by the application and size of your space. Our technicians are able to assist you in determining the correct fit.









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Our LED canopy lights offer great versatility and functionality, like other LED products we have in stock such as parking lot lights and high bay lighting. They are built in a variety of designs that suit the needs of a variety of applications. The canopy lights function best when they have been installed for lightning a huge area. With many options to light up open spaces, you need to determine which suits your purpose best.

What are LED canopy lights?

The LED canopy lights are designed to illuminate the open spaces. The low profile design is perfect to fit in the canopy or any other horizontal elements.

The different types of canopy lights that we sell are:

  • Dimmable LED canopy lights (0-10 V)
  • Photocell operated lights
  • Motion sensor attached lights


Our DLC qualified LED canopy lighting replaces 175W and 250W metal halide. They are rated at 105 lumens per Watt and can generate 3,200 to 5,500 of lumens providing more than ample light. The fixtures are configured for 110-277 V with an operating temperature of -35° to +55°. One of the best advantages of our low profile surface mount canopy lights is that they are available for rebates, significantly reducing your purchase price.


Applications of the LED canopy lights

You can use canopy lights in multiple ways. Some of the light units can be mounted below or above the canopy deck. Such lights are better for use in restaurants and banks. The other option is surface mounted units. Commercial applications include sports centers, warehouses, gas stations and parking lots. Our high quality fixtures are extremely energy efficient, lowering energy consumption cost, makes them ideal for industrial style indoor and outdoor lighting.


Parts of canopy light

The canopy light is made with a robust housing bronze die-cast aluminum casing. The electrostatic housing casing offers protection from corrosion, and is heat and shock resistant, to ensure the longevity of the product. Moisture and contaminants are avoided with the help of one-piece silicone gasket that tightens the perimeter. The lens of the product is clear prismatic polycarbonate and UV stabilized.

Our LED canopy lights are available in different styles, wattages and voltage capacities. Most of them are suitable for three different mounting systems like the direct mount, pendant and hook-cord mount to give you flexibility when determining the best use case.


How well does it perform in adverse weather conditions?

When choosing the lights for a desired application, the question ability to withstand adverse weather conditions commonly comes up. The LED canopy lights that we sell are made to resist the adverse conditions such as blowing rain, dusty wind or bugs. The credit of this feature goes to the IP rating of the lights which is usually IP65. The IP rating gives the detail about how well the product can resist dusty and moist conditions. Also, the UL 1598 is listed for use in wet locations making it an ideal LED solution for many damp locations.

Why use canopy lights with LED fixtures?

Light emitting diode lamps and tubes are considered the wonder light of the twenty-first century. The idea of reducing the energy consumption and increasing the life of the light is an ideal alternative to less efficient HID lighting.

The reasons why metal halide or fluorescent light are not chosen over LED canopy lights are as follows:

1.   Energy saving

LED lights consume about 75% less energy in comparison to metal halide and about 50% less in comparison to fluorescent canopy lights. The reduction is immediately noticeable in your electricity bill. Further, by adding smart control options, savings can increase to nearly 90% vs traditional lighting.

2.   Long lifespan of the lights

Canopy lights with LED lamps typically last for more than 50,000 hours. The lengthy lifespan of these lamps makes them ideal for use in hard to access areas and reduces maintenance costs makes them a cost-effective choice.

3.   Environment friendly

The environmentally friendly nature of LED canopy lights is assured as they do not emit dangerous PCBs, contain mercury or any other harmful chemical like some traditional lighting solutions. The Lighting Center’s LEDs are RoHS compliant so you can rest easy knowing the environment is safe.

4.   Cuts down expenditure

We already know that the LED lights help in reducing the electricity bill but they also reduce the overall lighting cost in two ways. First, the replacement cost of the lamps is extended out over a much longer life than traditional lights. Second, the maintenance cost of maintaining the lights is reduced due the long life.

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