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LED High Bay Lights

Our LED high bay lighting is perfect for warehouses, factories or gyms. They provide clean, bright light with the added money saving benefit of energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs! We provide direct to contractor pricing and all products are DLC Listed. USA Stock for same day shipment!

LED high bays are on the cutting edge for commercial and industrial lighting applications which have large spaces and high ceilings. High bay lights are designed to direct light as needed for the exact level of illumination. They are the perfect lighting solution for a manufacturing facility or as high ceiling lighting in stores, among other applications. Our team is ready to help find rebate opportunities that can further decrease the cost associated with purchasing LED high bays.

UFO LED High Bay - replace to 250W | 400W | 750W Metal Halide

Part NumberWattsLumensReplaces

Base Price: 120W 150W 200W

$185.71 $187.55 $218.76
Options: 4000K: Call | Optics: Call | Mounts: Option

UFO LED High Bay Light - White - replace up to 400+ Watt Metal Halide

Part NumberWattsLumensReplaces

Base Price: 150W 200W

$172.00 $187.50
Options: 4000K: Call | Optics: Call | 347-480V: Call

UFO LED High Bay Light - White - replace up to 400+ Watt Metal Halide

Part NumberWattsLumensReplaces

Base Price: 150W 200W

$193.33 $226.67
Options: 4000K: Call | Optics: Call | 347-480V: Call | Mounts: Call | Acrylic Reflector: $25.95

300W LED High Bay Light - replaces 1000W Metal Halide

Part NumberWattsLumens

Base Price: $360.37
Options: 4000K: Call | Optics: Call | Mounts: Call | Acrylic Reflector: $25.95

80W-310W Linear LED High Bay Lighting

Part NumberWattsLumensReplacesDimensionsNet Weight
MLLG-LED-LNHBG1-80-[Color]8010,880250W24.01"L x 13.77"W x 1.65"H8.8 lbs
MLLG-LED-LNHBG1-100-[Color]10013,600250W24.01"L x 13.77"W x 1.65"H9.9 lbs
MLLG-LED-LNHBG1-150-[Color]15020,400400W25.19"L x 17.71"W x 1.65"H11.4 lbs
MLLG-LED-LNHBG1-200-[Color]20027,200750W25.19"L x 17.71"W x 1.65"H11.4 lbs
MLLG-LED-LNHBG1-310-[Color]31042,1601000W45.66"L x 13.77"W x 1.65"H18.7 lbs

Base Price: 100W 150W 200W 310W

$91.67 $116.38 $139.58 Call

T5 Replacement LED High Bay Lighting

Part NumberWattsLumensReplaces

Replace up to 2000W Metal Halide with 450W and 600W LED

Part NumberWattsLumensReplaces

LED Warehouse Lighting - 90-180W *** Amazing Aisle Lighting ***

Part NumberWattsLumensReplaces

Base Price: 150W


100W-184W UFO LED High Bay

Part NumberWattsLumensReplacesDimensions
MLLG-LED-HBG1-60-[Color]608,680250W7.87" X 7.84"
MLLG-LED-HBG1-100-[Color]10013,384400W7.87" X 7.84"
MLLG-LED-HBG1-150-[Color]15019,707400W10.23" x 8.3"
MLLG-LED-HBG1-184-[Color]18424,000400W10.23" x 8.89"

Base Price: 60W 100W 150W 184W

$82.67 $104.77 $137.57 $145.25
Options: Acrylic Dome: Call | Aluminum Reflector Dome: Call

150W UFO LED High Bay

Part NumberWattsLumens

LED Food Processing Light Fixture - replace up to 400+ Watt Metal Halide

Part NumberWattsLumensReplaces


LED High Bays – In Stock – Ready to Ship

LED High Bays are the perfect replacement for Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, Mercury Vapor or fluorescent T5 lights. Energy savings of up to 75% or more is not unrealistic, with the added benefit of reduced maintenance costs. You’ll spend more of your time running your business instead of replacing lights.


3 Best Reasons to Convert High Bay Lighting to LED

Looking to convert your high bay lights to LED products? Our LED industrial high bays offer great performance at wholesale prices. Thinking of switching high bay metal halide, HPS, HID or fluorescent lighting fixtures over to LED high bay fixtures?


Here are the 3 best reasons why you should consider switching to efficient bright LED high bay luminaries and fixtures.

1. Reduced lighting bills

Reducing commercial high bay lighting costs becomes practical and sustainable with our energy efficient indoor LED high bay lights.
With energy savings up to 75%, you can reduce a tremendous amount of energy consumption while also reducing maintenance costs and increasing fixture lifespan. Motion sensors and dimmable high bay LED lighting options can further increasing your electrical bill savings while available rebates can significantly offset your initial conversion cost.

2. Decreased maintenance costs

Our efficient high bay LED light bulb fixtures that are L70 rated last upwards of 100,000+ hours.

This allows for less frequent replacements of your high bay fixtures, which is extremely costly in applications such as a factory or warehouse where high ceilings require special equipment for light replacements.

This cost saver of LED high bay light fixtures is often overlooked, but saves a tremendous amount of money over the long run.

3. Durable fixtures

Our industrial high bay LED light fixtures are able to withstand extreme cold and hot temperatures, without decreasing its lifespan. This is possible through large heat sinks, specially designed to keep the lights cool. Our LED high bay fixtures are also vibration resistant, allowing them to maintain a long lifespan in harsh environments. They are the perfect solution for commercial & industrial environments requiring industrial high bay LED lighting fixtures.


How to Convert High Bay Lights over to LED?

  1. Run a photometric.Determine how many lumens LED high bay lights will produce before ever having to commit to purchasing or sampling. The Lighting Center can quickly run photometrics for those searching for the perfect solution. Here is the information needed to run a photometric study:
  • Dimensions of building or outdoor area: Height: ceiling (indoor), Width, Length
  • Mounting height
  • Reflectivity of building (walls, ceilings, floors)
  • Any light distribution obstructive tall structures like machines or shelving
  • Once completed, the photometric results will give you the confidence that we have chosen the ideal LED solution for your need.
  1. Find Rebate Opportunities. Many of our commercial high bay lights are DLC Qualified. We can assist in obtaining rebates for your project.
  2. Determine if Controls Make Sense. We have options for dimming, motion sensors and bi-level light levels. This is important for buildings that need better efficiency to take advantage of even more cost savings.


Wet Location? You need IP rated LED High Bay Lighting

Many of our commercial LED high baying fixtures are designed with an Ingress Protection (IP) rating. IP is a rating system that determines how well a fixture can keep out dust and moisture. It is represented as IPXX, where the first digit is how well it keeps out dust and the second digit is how well it keeps out water.

We have a line of commercial high bay LED lighting fixtures & products that are rated IP65, IP66 and IP67. How much do you need? IP65 LED high bay lights are typically all that is required unless you have an environment where strong pressurized water is being directly sprayed on to the bay fixtures.

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