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LED Food Processing Lights

LED Food Processing Light Fixture - replace up to 400+ Watt Metal Halide

Part NumberMLLG-LED-FD-100-[Color]-[Lens]MLLG-LED-FD-120-[Color]-[Lens]MLLG-LED-FD-150-[Color]-[Lens]MLLG-LED-FD-200200-[Color]-[Lens]
Replaces250W Metal Halide | 400W Metal Halide | 750W Metal Halide
Lumens Per Watt140

Reasons to Switch to Food Grade LED Lights

Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, parking lots, government entities, and many other operations are converting to our best LED food processing luminaires for their extensive benefits when compared head to head with other food grade lighting technologies like metal halide, HPS, or fluorescent. The three most common reason companies convert to LED are: lower energy usage, longer lifespans, and higher quality of light.

Learn more about the 3 main reasons people convert to LED food processing lights

Lower Energy Usage

LEDs number-one benefit (and most known one) is their ability to output at a very high lumen per watt output. This allows our LED food grade lights for sale to output more light with less energy consumption. In fact, when compared to metal halide or HPS food grade light fixtures, our equivalent food processing LED lighting fixtures run at 75% less energy consumption.

Longer Lifespan

A two to three time increase in your food processing lighting systems longevity is very useful. By converting your ceiling food processing facility lights to our wholesale priced LED food grade facility lights you can avoid frequent bulb replacements – which are not only pricey to buy themselves – but also pricey to pay someone to replace them.

Higher Quality of Light

It would be one thing if these other lighting technologies offered some sort of benefit, like high quality of light. But food grade LED lighting fixtures have virtually every other lighting technology beat by far in this aspect too. When you convert food gradey lights to LED, you will have the ability to output adequate lumens to meat proper lux levels, meet your desired color temperature, and offer a good CRI.

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