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LED Canopy Lights

Low Profile LED Surface Mount Canopy Light

Replaces175W Metal Halide | 250W Metal Halide
Lumens Per Watt105

Base Price: 30W 40W 58W
  $73.11 $81.43 $95.88

LED Canopy Lights

The LED canopy lights, like the other LED products we have including the parking lot lights, LED high bay lights, offer great versatility and functionality. They are built in a variety of designs that suit the needs of all the users. The canopy lights function best when they have been installed for lightning a huge area. It spreads light all around and impresses the people. As there are many options to light up open spaces, you need to see which type of light suits your purpose best.

What are the LED canopy lights?

The LED canopy lights are designed to illuminate the open places. The low profile design is perfect to fit in the canopy or to any other horizontal elements. They are usually hanged through the public exterior spaces. The different types of canopy lights that we sell are:

  • Dimmable LED canopy lights (0-10 V)
  • Photocell operated lights
  • Motion sensor attached lights

Best Features:

Our DLC qualified LED canopy lights are capable of replacing 175W and 250W metal halide lights. It is rated at 105 lumens per Watt and can generate 3,200 to 5,500 of lumens. It is configured for 110-277 V with an operating temperature of -35° to +55°. One of the best plus points about our lights is that they are available for rebates.

Applications of the LED canopy lights

You can use the canopy lights in multiple ways. Some of the light units can be mounted below or above the canopy deck. Such lights are better for use in restaurants and banks. The other option is the surface mounted units. This is widely used in sports centers, warehouses and the parking lots. Moreover, these LED lights are used in gas stations and for low ceiling commercial applications as well. Their quality to use energy efficiently and lower down the energy consumption cost makes them ideal for industrial style indoor and outdoor lighting.

Parts of canopy light

The canopy light is made with the robust housing bronze die-cast aluminum casing. The electrostatic housing casing offers protection from corrosion, is heat/ shock resistant and ensures the longevity of the product. Entry of moisture and contaminants are avoided with the help of one-piece silicone gasket that tightens the perimeter. The lens of the product is clear prismatic polycarbonate and UV stabilized.

The LED light lamp provides the best service. The LED canopy lights are available in different styles, wattages and voltage capacities. Most of them are suitable for three different mounting systems like the direct mount, pendant and hook-cord mount.

How well does it perform in adverse weather conditions?

While choosing the lights for the desired application, the users routinely ask the question of their usability in adverse weather conditions. The LED canopy lights that we sell are made to resist the adverse conditions. The credit of this feature goes to the IP rating of the lights which is usually IP65. The IP rating gives the detail about how well the product can resist dusty and moist conditions. The lights that we sell offer their best even in the presence of blowing rain, dusty wind or bugs. Also, the UL 1598 is listed for use in wet locations.

Why use canopy lights with LED fixtures?

The light emitting diode lamps and tubes are considered the wonder light of the twenty-first century. The idea of reducing the energy consumption and increasing the life of the light simply impressed a large number of populations which is why their use is increasing day by day.

The reasons why the metal halide or fluorescent light are not chosen over the LED canopy lights are as follows:

1. Energy saving:

Like mentioned above, the LED lights help in cutting down the energy consumption up to 75% as compared to metal halide and about 50% as compared to fluorescent canopy lights. This favors everyone as it results in a decrease in the cost of the electricity bills. The amazing smart control options also help in saving energy/ money.

2. Long lifespan of the lights:

You can use the canopy lights with LED lamps for more than 50,000 hours. The lifespan of these lamps is quite lengthy which makes them ideal for use and makes them a cost-effective choice.

3. Environment-friendly:

The plus point of using the LED canopy lights in the outdoor and indoor setting is that they do not emit dangerous PCBs or contain mercury. They do not contain any other harmful chemical and are healthy for the environment. They are RoHS compliant. With these lights, the goal is to limit the air and light pollution to support living in a green environment.

4. Cuts down expenditure:

We know that the LED lights help in reducing the electricity bill cost. They also help in reducing the overall lightning cost spent. The replacement cost of the lamps is next to none for a long time and the maintenance cost of these lights is minimal.

Tips for installation and maintenance

Many customers purchase the product online or from the stores and are confused about what to do next. Well, you can hire a professional to mount the light on the canopy or any other place you want or do it yourself if you have experience of hanging the lights. Either way, here are some tips for you to on how to handle the canopy LED lights:

  • Make sure you have purchased the right type of light and possess the warranty card. You wouldn’t want to miss on this opportunity! A warranty card protects your investment for a short period of time giving you a great edge. By buying our canopy lights, you get a warranty of 6 years.
  • Next, before installation, arrange all the parts of the canopy lights and tools needed within the reach of the application area.
  • Make sure the power supply is off during the installation process
  • Corrosive areas hinder the longevity of the product. Try and keep your light away from such areas.
  • Also, use the same amount of voltage mentioned on the pack to light up the lamp properly.

If you are wondering how to ensure the brilliant working of the LED canopy light, here are a few things that you can do to maintain its quality. You can wipe the lamp at regular intervals to ensure better lighting and avoid using chemical solvent while maintenance is done.

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