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Our LED Vapor Tight Fixtures are designed to replace 100 Watt to 400 Watt Metal Halide vapor tight fixtures. Many of our vapor tight LED lighting fixture options are DLC Qualified for rebate eligibility.


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What are LED Vapor Tight Lights?

A wet environment poses very unique lighting challenges during lighting design and installation. Areas that are continually exposed to high humidity, dust, extreme cold, and water need more than your everyday light fixture; they require vapor tight lights.

Vapor tight lights are specially designed to provide lighting in harsh environments where ordinary light bulbs just won’t do. LED vapor tight lights are the best waterproof lighting there is. They provide protection, reliability, and save energy while delivering high-quality lighting for these harsh environments.

These lights are perfect for kitchen food prep areas, car washes, parking garages, industrial refrigeration spaces, or areas that are cleaned with hoses. The terms waterproof and tri-proof are used interchangeably to describe all lights with an IP67 or higher rating. Vapor proof LEDs are not bulbs though, they are full fixtures made for harsh environments.

These LED lights are robust and durable and require very little maintenance even though they are used in wet areas. They can be mounted vertically and used as ceiling lights as well. They are designed with a full metal fixture liner that is placed inside a reinforced PU or fiberglass casing with a high impact diffuser. This ensures that no vapor or moisture outside the bulb enters inside it.

LED Vapor Tight Lights for wet and dusty environments

There are three main designs of vapor tight lights whose installation is dependent on lighting requirements and the location.  Low bays and linear lights are perfect for large indoor spaces. Magnetic strips make converting simple.

Low bay vapor tight lights are for large indoor spaces like food processing facilities or cold rooms. They replace older lighting technologies and provide safe, powerful light. These sturdy lights usually feature IP66 or IP67 rating. They can either be suspended or mounted on ceilings.

LED low bays that are vapor proof will not be damaged by dirt, dust, or water jets and can easily be rinsed out with water when dirty. They are made with high-quality aluminum alloy that makes them corrosion resistant. They also have poly-carbonate lenses that can withstand scorching temperatures and corrosive chemicals.

Low bay vapor tight lights are perfect for spaces that have ceiling heights of at least 12-20 feet.  They offer high-quality illumination and an excellent working atmosphere to the users. LED lights are very energy efficient and can have dimmable features integrated to increase their energy efficiency.


LED linear vapor proof lights for food manufacturing facilities are NSF splash zone rated for use in food service areas.

Linear fixtures are perfect for long spaces such as large rooms or hallways. They come in 2 ft, 4 ft, and 8 ft-long fixtures.  They are waterproof and ideal for use in wet, dusty, and damp commercial spaces. 

These lights can also have high impact, frosted or clear lenses to enhance their lumen output. LEDs mounted on linear strip fixtures are very ideal for overhead task lighting and can be used in canopies, hospitals, cold rooms, car wash tunnels, and the outdoors where water and dust pose a challenge to traditional lighting modes.

All the performance of LED while using your existing fixtures!

Magnetic Strip Retrofit Kits convert existing vapor proof and vapor tight fixtures from fluorescent tubes to magnetic LED strips. Installation is simple and quick. Remove the old ballast and bulbs. Next, wire the led driver to the input wires and snap in the led strips. Connect them to the driver with the provided quick connects.


Lock out dust, moisture & humidity with the rugged 5+ year warranty-backed LED vapor tight lights from The Lighting Center. Reduce energy consumption up to 75%. Factory Direct Pricing with models that can ship today.
Last Updated: 04/16/2021

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