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The Lighting Center offers quality LED Food Processing Lights which will immediately improve the lighting quality in your facility. In addition, the energy saving and reduced maintenance cannot be beat! We provide direct to contractor pricing and all products are DLC Listed. USA Stock for same day shipment!

Our food processing NSF certified LED High Bays are tested to ensure they are safe to use in areas where consumable food is processed. Products that have been NSF certified are manufactured in a factory that maintain NSF standards.

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LED Food Processing Lights

Food processing and beverages industry are highly maintained and managed environments under strict guidelines. It belongs to the food category and so it needs to be hygienic. The LED lights that we offer are NSF certified for this industry. The design of the lights is built according to the NSF guidelines. Another plus is that they are DLC Qualified. This makes them eligible for a rebate at the time of purchase.

What are LED food processing lights?

An LED light a food processing light must be designed and built so that food, dust or dirt cannot collect and gather on its surface, and it must be capable of withstanding cleaning using high pressure hot water. They must be able to withstand high-pressure wash downs to freezing temperatures, corrosives, greasy/ oily surfaces and steam. The lights that work best in such conditions are known as the LED food processing lights.

How do they work?

TheLightingCenter builds upon its reputation by providing the best luminaries in the market. The LEDs for the food industry that we offer models for different applications. There are different types of lights with 4 power levels and lumen output. The 70+ CRI of the LED lights offers high-quality light. You can take a pick from the ones that suit your application place the best. The food processing lights that we offer replace 250W, 400W and 750W metal halide. These LED lights are configured for 100-277V and are self-switching.

What are the applications of LED food processing lights? 

The industrial LED lighting is a challenging domain to deal with. The ceiling, room space, outdoor/ indoor location; everything influences the decision of picking the right light. The LED food processing lights that we sell can be placed in the following areas:

  • Freezers and dry storage areas
  • Poultry processing areas
  • Cold storage
  • Production floor
  • Non-food zone area application
  • Sanitary areas

The mounting options for the lights include a hook, eye mount, and pendant mount (3/4 NPT) facility.

How is the LED food processing lights special?

The instant-on performance of the LED lights is specially designed using the innovative skills and techniques in an IP rating certified style for long-lasting usage. Our light solutions generate 14,000 to 28,000 lumens. The aluminum housing of the lights with epoxy coating comes with an IP66 rating. The warranty period of the product is 5 years. The beam angles available for the lights are 50, 90 and 120 degree with an operating temperature of -30° to +50°. What makes them special are their robust features to deal with dust, water, grease, oil and other food processing industry harsh conditions. The lights come with water-tight and dust-tight junctions. These are important to face the cleaning protocols and wash down areas. Also, owing to this no dust, contaminants or chemicals can enter the lights.

What kind of designs and fixtures suit the food processing environment?

The LED food processing lights fulfill most of the sanitary, photometric, safety and environmental requirements. The desired recommendations for the design of the lights and light fixtures are as follows:

  • The lights must be made of lightweight material. It should be non-toxic.
  • Make sure that painted or coated surfaces that are at a risk of flaking are avoided
  • The wattages and light chip must be of high-quality
  • The electronics of the light must be capable of working in diverse temperature conditions
  • Luminaries with UL wet and damp location ratings must be used

5 Advantages of LED food and beverage lighting:

A food processing facility is a clean environment where the food items are processed for consumption. The LED lights in these places help in the following ways:

1. Higher Quality of Light

Commercial food grade LED lighting fixtures are a better source of light for effective and safe food industry lighting. The quality of light, measured on the Color Rendering Index (CRI) is typically higher than other light sources such as Metal Halide, HPS or fluorescent food grade lighting. LED CRI starts at 70 on a scale of 0-100.  The proper food safe lighting for food processing is paramount when it comes to quality assurance and consistency in a demanding food processing plant environment. With high quality of light produced from LED, you can ensure quality and consistency on your production line.


2. Meet all the Standards

TheLightingCenter’s industrial food processing NSF lights are UL listed, NSF certified and eligible for rebates. We have 4 solutions that produce between 13,000 and 26,000 lumens, the perfect replacement for 250W – 400W Metal Halide / HID all while still having the required NSF rated light fixtures. If you have Metal Halide or fluorescent fixtures, converting to TheLightingCenter Food Grade LED fixture is simple and easy. We also have retrofit kits to convert your existing food processing lights over to LED.


3. Safer and Better Work Environment

Being able to see and inspect food is important, particularly when working around dangerous equipment. Having a high quality light aids in that process of creating a safer work environment. Food safe LED lights create a better, brighter work environment while protecting the integrity of your food products. Food processing industries greatly benefit utilizing high performance, efficient LED NSF Certified Luminaires in their facilities. If you are concerned about safety – but want to save money – demand the best – and switch to TheLightingCenter ’s NSF Certified Food Processing Light.


4. Save Energy + Less Maintenance = Money in your pocket

A typical 400W Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium fixture uses approximately 75% more power than if you used a LED Light product. This is real $s that you are overspending, month after month. The majority of our LED lighting for food industry buildings and areas are DLC Qualified and eligible for rebates. All our food grade light fixtures & solutions are UL or ETL listed for safety. All our DLC lights come with a 5 year warranty. Many utility companies offer rebates for DLC Qualified products, saving even more money at time of purchase.


5. IP66 Rated Waterproof Fixtures

In an industrial food processing environment, it is important to be able to wash down the environment including the lights. This means that the lights must be able to withstand jets of high pressure hot water. The standard for this is called IP and is a series of 2 digits. The first digit represents the fixtures ability to keep dust from entering the fixture, the second digit represents the fixtures ability to keep water out of the fixture. An IP rating of 65 or greater is recommended and often times will be acceptable for your food processing lighting requirements (whether it be for commercial kitchen lighting requirements or production line luminaire requirements) within your facility, making our industrial food processing LED lighting solutions a perfect fit. All these advantages and features make the food processing LED lights the best option for your food processing industry. The fact that their design and quality is certified is a win-win situation for this industrial application.

Shop for Food Grade LEDs are the perfect food process lighting fixture. They are water tight for easy cleaning and sterilization. DLC Qualified, NSF certified.
Last Updated: 10/22/2020

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