Industrial LED Lighting Fixtures to Consider for Your Warehouse

LED Lights in a hallwayIndustrial offices typically are huge in size. As a result, these structures are costly to maintain. Keeping the lights on, sometimes 24/7, is critical to the success of your facility. Unfortunately, you might devour and be paying for a significant amount of energy because you’re using traditional lighting. Luckily, there has never been a superior time to buy energy efficient LEDs thanks to recent technology advancements and available rebates. LEDs have changed the game. They are the ideal lighting solution with options for every lighting category available.


Why do you need Industrial and Commercial LED Fixtures?

LED light fixtures have made traditional lighting akin to a box TV. There are three main factors that contribute LEDs being a great option including reduced maintenance expenditures, increased energy and superior quality lighting.

Energy Efficiency

Rows of LED FixturesRetrofitting your current industrial lighting with a vitality effective LED arrangement can save up to 75% in your electricity expense. This level of savings allows you to reinvest in your facility or give pay raises to your employees. LEDs are so efficient because in part to how they point light. A traditional HID light shining out will produce 360 degrees of light. Do you have an interest in lighting the night sky? If not, some of the light can be reflected but 25%+ is still lost. This means expending extra electricity, needlessly.

LEDs on the other hand produce 180 degrees of light focusing the beam on the intended target. Right away you are saving valuable dollars by not lighting up the night sky. Importantly, you are also providing more high quality light on your intended target, be it a parking lot or loading zone. One of the great benefits of this directional light is that it has a much higher lumens count. LEDs will outperform the proficiency of a similarly fit traditional light because they are directional. This makes them extraordinary fixtures for industrial lighting.

Reduced Maintenance Expenditures

Cracked Light Bulbindustrial LED lighting fixtures decrease upkeep costs for maintenance teams. Industrial and commercial offices are large in scale so having lighting which substantially long life is very important.  The initial cost of LED fixtures and retrofits have a tendency to be higher than traditional fixtures. The good news is that there are many utilities that offer significant rebates you can qualify for to offset the product cost. Additionally, the long life expectancy compensates for the initial investment many times over. One of the things to watch out for are products that do not come with warrantees. These manufacturers will leave you high and dry if something goes wrong!


Superior Quality Lighting

Light produced from LEDs is substantially higher quality than conventional lighting for two important reasons.

  1. LED lighting has a substantially higher Color Rendering Index (CRI). For example, grass will seem green around evening time under LEDs, however dreary or yellowish under HPS lights.
  2. The measure of light that hits the objective zone is probably going to be considerably higher for a given power rating than it will be with traditional light sources. At the end of the day, the region you think about will get the greater part of the light!

LED Warehouse Lighting: What is the best LED for my Application?

High Bay Fixtures

High bays are utilized in warehouses which have roofs of more than 25 feet. They are used for both level and vertical working areas. Due to the benefits, conversions from HID and Metal Halide are very common. While older technology may be cheaper, the long term benefits of LEDs are not outweighed.

Low Bay Fixtures

Warehouses and offices typically have areas where the ceiling height is far lower than the rest of the structure. Low bays an ideal solution because they will direct the light in the needed way. With low bay lighting, it may seem easier to just replace traditional lighting with more of the same. Fortunately, rebate opportunities and the energy savings to be recognized, make low bay fixtures the ideal choice.

Tube Lights

LED Tubes a great fit for retail chains and supermarkets. Their advantage stems from being easily hidden with a cleaner look. When considering LED strip lights for commercial spaces, the reduction of maintenance requirements can be truly remarkable . Lastly, for industrial needs, T8 and T12 tube light fixtures have been utilized. Inquire with us you have a tube light need.Mall Lighting

Recessed Troffer Lights

Traditional Troffer fixtures regularly incorporate T12 and additionally T8 Fluorescent lights which equates to 2-4 lights for every apparatus. They can be hung using a chain, pendant or surface mounted. Troffers come as both new LED fixtures and LED retrofits, with the best choice being dependent on your budget and needs. Troffer applications include offices, warehouses and other industrial structures.

Vapor Tight Fixtures

If you are in the food industry, your commercial space likely is quite sticky and messy. Alternatively, it may be regularly exposure to the elements, specifically dampness. If not appropriately maintained, rust can develop, severely damaging the fixture. Vapor tight fixtures are a great solution because of this. They are NSF certified, to ensure regulatory adherence and rebate eligible.

Retrofit Kits

If you are looking for a lower price alternative to new LED fixtures then retrofit kits are the solution for you. We have a wide range of retrofit kits available so no mater what your need is, we can assist by providing the best option possible.

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