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Oil refinery LED lighting solutions from The Lighting Center provide explosion-proof lighting and reduce energy usage up to 75% simultaneously.

Oil refineries are dangerous settings, where safety needs to be paramount. We often drive through a refinery at night and come across the radiance of high pressure sodium lights. High Pressure Sodium comprises a light having a lower CRI, which runs about 2700K. These lighting options make terrible lighting sources for a setting where safety is quite significant. If there was a bid for a safer, better lighting source, then LEDs are the ideal choice!

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Advantages LED Lighting Provides to the Gas and Oil Industry

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LED lighting technology comes among the fastest-growing light technologies across the globe. Currently, light accounts for around 20% of the electricity consumption of the United States as reported by the United States Energy Information Administration (EIA) in 2017 statistics alone. U. S. residential and commercial employed 273 billion kW-hours of electricity for illumination. This made approximately 7% of the entire electricity consumption for that specific year in the United States.

Commercial sectors, including gas and oil production facilities, utilized 143 billion kW-hours. Lighting options installed in gas and oil refinery and other processing units operate for about 12 hours every day on a minimum. This makes these units good applicants for an energy-saving alternative.

Here are some benefits that LEDs provide to the gas and oil sector. OSHA Safety Standard Compliance Work regions are not equally created. The lighting fixtures best for one workplace might not be suitable for the other one. The unit dictates the sort of lighting that needs to be used. This happens because of the diverse kinds of hazardous materials present in the setting. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration states hazardous settings by divisions, groups, and classes. As stated by the National Electric Code (NEC), all the lighting options employed in hazardous settings should be entirely explosion-proof.

For dangerous lighting locations, classifications are usually based on the combustibles’ properties. Fibers, liquids, glass, vapors, or dust could be there in the setting. Also, there is a chance that flammable concentrations can be present there too. LED lighting fixtures for dangerous settings come with tempered glass and feature stronger casings and frames.

Every electrical component that can trigger sparks is contained in a lighting fixture. This keeps sparks away from the flammable liquids, gases, fibers, dust, and vapors. It could be challenging to understand and stay updated on the regular lighting changes.That’s why you need to have a reliable LED partner to whom you can go to whenever you need support.

1. LED Lighting Turns a Dangerous Setting Less Dangerous

Operating in oil refineries comes with a variety of safety problems. The best part about LEDs can boost confidence and enhance worker safety along with energy savings. One factor that drives LEDs is that offshore platforms need the recurrent maintenance of conventional lighting. Offshore rigs are typically subjected to corrosive atmospheres, vibrations, fire risk, and shocks.

The best lighting solution for poor operational conditions is LED technology. LED lighting options comprise no moving parts, withstand corrosion, long-lasting, and shock better as compared to other lighting solutions. Also, they brighten up spark-free, which provides them a benefit in a combustible setting.

2. LED Lights Decrease Maintenance Costs and Operating Costs

With our oil rig LED lighting options, lessening refinery costs has become sustainable. Our lighting solutions offer energy savings of up to 75%. Thus, they reduce a great deal of energy consumption. One can reduce both maintenance costs and operating costs dramatically by converting to our LED lighting solutions. Plus, rebates to decrease purchase charges may be present at the sale period.

Replacing a lighting fixture in dangerous settings is labor-intensive, costly, and features a safety risk. The amazing thing about LED lights is that they have lower maintenance charges and longer lifespans. Industrial LED lamps feature a rated lifespan of about 60,000 hours at 55 degrees Celsius. Meaning that at 25 degrees Celsius, the lifespan can be around 170,000 hours at maximum. Thus, consumers get to enjoy maintenance-free lighting operation for 20 years.

Many LED products feature the L70 rating. This means that they upkeep 70% of their lumens for a lifetime. Most advanced LEDs even boast ratings of around 100,000 hours. Also, the performance enhances in cold weather conditions. HID and fluorescent lighting fixtures have a maximum lifespan of about 25,000 hours. LED lighting options are less vulnerable to premature or unplanned failure and feature sturdy construction. Thus, they make a perfect lighting solution for abusive applications and high vibration.

Why Select The Lighting Center Oil Rig LED Lighting?

1. Explosion-Proof Ratings, up to C1D1


UL 844

UL 1598
Class III
Class II, Division 1 & 2, Group E, F, G

Class I, Division 2, Groups A,B,C,D

2. Various Choices for Explosion Rated LED Fixtures


Shoebox Lights

Street Lights

Jelly Jars

Wall Mounted
Linear Fixtures
Flood Lights
High Bays

3. Efficacy (Lumens Per Watt)

130 lm/w
150 lm/w
180 lm/w

The efficiency of a bulb is truly measured through luminous efficacy. Luminous efficacy denotes the lumens created for each watt of electricity used. As compared to conventional bulbs, LED lighting options are more efficient with high luminous efficacy. Premium quality LED lights have incredible efficacy ratings. The average luminous efficacy goes over 130 lumens each watt.

We offer lighting fixtures that feature ratings between 130 lumens/watt and 180 lumens/watt. Also, we help you select the correct efficiency.

* Are you thinking of trading off between primary costs and long-term savings?

Higher efficiency LEDs cost more than the low-efficiency ones. The savings over the product’s life is usually more than the primary investment required to upgrade. Thus, if you are in search of maximizing savings while opting for LEDs, select the high-efficiency unit.

4. Wet Location LED Fixtures


IP ratings signify the ability of a fixture to keep both water and dust out. The first number of the IP rating score denotes dust protection and the second number labels water protection. The water protection score needs to be 5 or above for protecting the fixtures from water invasion.

The Lighting Center provides fixtures with IP ratings like IPx7, IPx6, and IPx5. This enables you to mount the fixtures outdoors, exposed them to such elements, if needed.

* Which IP Rating do consumers need?

For most of the applications, IP65 works best. Extreme environments like high-pressure washes may require IP67 or even higher.

5. High Voltage, about 480V

100V - 277V
277V - 480V

If you try to substitute lighting fixtures that are high voltages, 277V-480V, we offer options that cover the high voltage installations. Our continual current drivers are armed for handling everything from 100V to 480V. Our standard driver kits feature 100V to 277V. Also, we can manage 3-phase or single power. Contact our sales experts who are going to take care of your lighting condition.

* 480V High Voltage Lighting Options

Our high voltage solutions manage both 3 phase and single phase 480V fittings. If you feature voltage over 277V, contact our sales engineers so that we can stipulate the right driver.

6. Beam Angles: The Right Light Distribution


The beam angle determines the light distribution. A wider beam angle creates softer light and allocates the same to different room areas.

Narrow beam angles produce concentrated light, which is perfect for accent lighting. Thus, they make the illumination more focused and intense.

Our rig LED lights are present in a variety of beam angles from 120 degrees (wide) to 15 degrees (narrow).

* Beam Angle Selection

Our experts can run a lighting test for determining the right beam angle and light for your area. Have a look at the max/min ratios and footcandle measurements for making sure the area is uniform and bright.

7. Lessen Costs Dramatically


Decrease energy costs by 75%

LED lights are sustainable and practical. Our energy-efficient LED lights cut commercial costs. With energy savings around 75%, consumers can decrease a significant amount of energy consumption. Plus, LED lights have a long lifespan. We incorporate motion sensors for dimming and turning off the lighting source, if no activity is detected.

Reduce maintenance costs

Our effectual rig LED lights feature L70 ratings, which last over 100,000+ hours. Fewer bulb replacement will save costs in warehouses and factories. This feature is often overlooked, however saves a great deal of money.

8. Rugged lighting fixtures last for years!


Our industrial rig LED fixtures can withstand tough hot and cold temperatures without lessening lifespan. That’s possible through our big heat sinks, which are designed for keeping the light options cool. We have vibration-resistance LED lighting fixtures. This enables them to preserve a longer lifespan in dangerous settings.

* Impact Rating for UFO High Bay Lighting Fixtures

Our UFO LED Lighting Fixtures feature IK ratings of IK08 on a scale from IK01 to IK10. Thus, this ensures consistency in settings, where impacts might occur.

LED Refinery Lighting



Shop for LED oil refinery lighting options from The Lighting Center offer explosion proof lighting while reducing energy usage by 75%.
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