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If you want LED Lighting fixtures for your paint booth with more than a five-year warranty, you can head over to The Lighting Center. With the help of our lighting fixtures, you can reduce approximately 75% of your total energy consumption, all while meeting all hazardous lighting standards with our range of paint booth lighting fixtures.

Special lighting is a major requirement in a spray paint booth and will keep out fumes and dust to maintain a safe environment. Our paint booth lighting fixtures meet all the safety requirements. Meeting this safety requirement will allow you to gain many cost-effective benefits of LED lighting.

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Design of our Paint Booth Lighting

Photometrics is quite an important factor when it comes to choosing the right lighting fixture – it will allow you to check how a particular paint would look under LED lighting. We will provide you with many different lighting options and will provide you with the proper guidance and information. With the help of our LED lights, you will be able to save money; however, it is equally important that you end up with the right lighting.

When we are planning out the light setup, we will provide you with different options. We use our software to determine the overall light distribution and levels since not all lights are the same. In fact, you would be surprised to know LED lighting has different light distribution and brightness levels. Our plans will remove all the redundant guesswork.

LED lighting for your Spray Booth

Fitting lighting fixtures in spray booth lighting is very important. In an automotive body shop, you need to install operating lighting that is safe and cannot be affected by paint fumes or dust.

Fixtures are UL-listed, explosion-proof, and designed to meet all the requirements for paint booths. Apart from maintaining a safe environment, our lighting fixtures will also maintain proper brightness. With us, you will find both Class 1 Div 1 and Class 1 and Div 2 lighting, depending on what you are looking for.

We discovered that LED technology works best with matching explosion-proof qualifications. You will be able to maintain a safe working environment, even in an industrial area with ignitable fumes. You will reduce your total energy cost by 75% and the overall maintenance cost of your spray booth.

Retrofit paint booth fixture with a magnetic strip 

If your spray booth is fitted with fluorescent fixtures, you will not have to replace the whole fixture. You can make use of our magnetic strip retrofit kits. Each strip measures about four-feet and shines as brightly as 2100-lumens. Additionally, these strips are available as 2, 3, and 4 strip kits, with each kit equipped with a single LED driver.

The installation process is quite easy. You first need to remove all the tubes and ballast. Once done, you need to install the driver where the ballast was first located. You need to connect the two wires, which were previously used to power the ballast, to the LED driver. After connecting the strips to the driver, clean the glass and you are done.

For a magnetic base driver, the installation process could not have been simpler. Additionally, a four-strip kit can produce about 8400-lumens, which is a lot of light.

Additionally, the color accuracy is also great – 80+CRI.

Our LED lighting will provide increased usability

Paint booths require a good lighting system that is functional as well as provides a safe working environment. The LED technologies that we use on our paint booth lighting fixtures are explosion-proof and also provide a great amount of brightness level. In turn, this will allow the perfect illumination and contrast that will give you a good paint job. Additionally, LED spray booth lights also turn off/on immediately and do not require any warm-up time. This will make your work more safe and productive.

Paint Spray Booth Image

Paint Spray Booth Image

Shop for 5+ year warranty-backed LED Paint Booth Lighting fixtures from The Lighting Center reduce energy consumption up to 75% and meet all hazardous lighting standards.
Last Updated: 04/16/2021

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