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Go for high power Overhead Crane and Tower Crane LED Lights! Get photometrics for free to profile our flood crane LED lights in your locality.

Overhead crane LED lights are high lumen, high wattage LED Fixtures. These fixtures are designed especially for replacing 2000W, 1500W, and 1000W HID (HPS and Metal Halide) fixtures. These LED lighting options are bigger as compared to the conventional Commercial Flood LED lights. These lights are designed with a range of optics for placing the illumination where it is required the most.


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LED Overhead Crane Lights

135 lm/w
  1. Luminous Efficacy

Luminous efficacy measures the efficiency of a bulb. It indicates lumens generated for every watt of electricity disbursed. LED lighting solutions are efficient as compared to conventional bulbs featuring a high luminous efficacy.

Premium quality LED lights feature incredible efficacy ratings. However, the standard efficacy is around 130 lumens/watt. Our Crane LED lights give luminous efficacy of around 135 lumens per watt.

Tradeoff between preliminary cost and long-standing savings?

Higher efficiency LED units cost more than low efficiency products. The long-term savings over the product’s life is more than the investment made initially to upgrade. Thus, if you are thinking of maximizing savings while opting for LEDs, go for the higher efficiency unit.


2. Wet Location Crane Lights with IP66 Ratings

IP ratings label the ability of a fixture for keeping out both water and dust. In the IP score, the first digit entitles dust protection and the next one entitles water protection. The score of water protection above 5 or 5 helps in protecting the lighting fixtures from water invasion.

The Lighting Center provides IP ratings of IPx7, IPx6, and IPx5. This enables customers to install these lighting fixtures outdoors.

* Which IP Rating should you go for?

IP66 is a perfect all weather-rated lighting fixture for every outdoor operation.

100V - 277V
277V - 480V

3. High Voltage up to 480V

So, are you considering replacing lighting fixtures that are high voltages, up to 480V? We offer lighting solutions that feature these high-voltage installations. Our persistent current drivers are well-equipped for handling everything 100V to 480V. In our LED kits, the standard driver is 100V-277V. Also, we can manage 3-phase or single power.

Contact our professional sales engineers who will take care of your lighting condition properly.

* 480V High-Voltage Lighting Options

Our high-voltage lighting solutions can handle both 3-phase and single phase 480V installation. For instance, if your voltage goes over 277V, contact our sales experts and they will specify the right driver for you.

70 CRI


4. Rugged Fixtures that will last for years

Our rugged fixtures are going to last longer. Crane lighting fixtures can withstand extreme hold and cold temperatures without diminishing lifespan. This could be possible through big heat sinks of ours, which keep these lighting options cool all the time.

Our crane LED fixtures feature heavy-duty heat sinks. These sinks are excellent for power zones. These amazing crane lighting fixtures are also vibrant-resistant. Thus, this enables them to enjoy a longer lifespan even in harsh weather conditions.

* Impact Rating for Crane Lighting Fixtures

Our Crane LED Lighting Fixtures feature a rating of IK08 out of IK10. So, this ensures consistency in surroundings where impacts might happen.

5. Light Quality: Color Rendering Index

The color rendering index designates the light’s color. This index tells people how well a lighting source will reveal the items’ colors in comparison with natural sunlight, which is the ideal lighting source. When we talk about HID lamps, one thing that people complain about is poor light colors. In terms of crane applications, it is quite significant to have quality bright illumination. It highly impacts contrast and clarity.

Our Crane LED Lighting fixtures feature CRI 70+. These light fixtures will produce a more accurate color rendering of the items around them. They make surroundings bright and clear.

* CRI of LED

Anything that goes over 70 is perfect for most outdoor commercial and industrial applications.

6. Beam Angles: Proper Light Distribution

A beam angle determines the light’s distribution. It is the angle at which the light is emitted or distributed.

Lamps, like LEDs, come in a variety of beam angles. Wider beam angles produce a softer light. Plus, they distribute light better to diverse sections in a room.

On contrary, narrow beam angles produce concentrated light, which is ideal for accent lighting. This angle makes the illumination more focused and intense.

Our Overhead Crane LED lights come in different beam angles, ranging from narrow (30°) to wide(120°), creating a wide floodlight beam spread.

* How to Select the Perfect Beam Angle

Contact us for running a free lighting photometric. This will help you in determining the ideal light and perfect beam angle for any outdoor or indoor spaces. Also, look at the max/min ratios and foot candle measurements to ensure that your room is uniform and bright.

Last Updated: 04/16/2021

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