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Which are the best outdoor lights for terminal and bulk handling?

At The Lighting Center, you will find the best intermodal high power lighting that is a perfect fit for yards and transportation facilities. With our LED lights, you will be able to decrease energy usage by 75% and they are quite safe as well.

Typically, container and intermodal yard facilities are always looking for high-powered LED lights to provide even lighting throughout the area. Normally, these lightings utilize large amounts of power to operate. However, LED Intermodal Lighting Options provided by The Lighting Center will significantly reduce power usage by 75%, thanks to dedicated controls. Alternatively, our lighting can also be used for railway station lighting.

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How do you get the right Raid Yard Lighting Plans?

Photometric are very important; you will be able to light up an area. However, you also need to know how they will look. We provide a wide range of options when it comes to lighting and will provide you with everything that you need to know. Our LED will help you save money. However, it is just as important to get the right lighting.

Why should you go for The Lighting Center Intermodal lights?

1. Three different styles of Intermodal high mast lights

Traditional DOT Style
Low Profile Slip Fitter
Low Profile Trunnion

At The Lighting Center, we will provide you with a choice of three high-quality mast lights that can be used for any type of application:

  1. The Traditional DOT-styled lights for storage areas, interchanges, and highways
  2. Low Profile slip fitter mount
  3. Low Profile Trunnion Mount

2. We have replaced the 1000W metal halide to 2000W

Replace 1000W HID
Replace 1500W HID
Replace 2000W HID

Thanks to our innovative approach, our transportation-ready high masts can easily produce anywhere between 44,800 lumens and 124,740 lumens. Thanks to these factors, you will be able to replace the traditional metal halide and HPS models with our LED lighting. We also provide the lighting with several optic choices so that you get powerful and even lighting to meet your required foot candle.

If you wish, we can also provide a free photometric evaluation of your outdoor space to show you how well our products work. You will also understand which model and optics suit your needs for your outdoor space.

3. Optics for your Intermodal freight lights

Type 2,3,4,5
15° to 150°

Since LED lights are directional, they usually make use of optics to focus the light on the intended area. Additionally, the diodes are fitted with separate optics to discharge the light evenly on a plain surface. Optics delivers beam patterns and angles to control the overall illumination pattern.

However, how do you know which optic is the right one for you? We will do a free photometric with one of our lighting products to provide you with the required insight. You can also contact us if you want proper light distribution and levels from high poles to large areas.

4. High voltage lights ranging from 100V to 480V


Our range of voltage lights is extensive – you will find the standard (100V-277V) as well as the high voltage (277V-480V) options. Alternatively, we also have a Canadian high voltage standard (374V).

Our 10kVA and 20kVA LED transportation lights will surge suppression options and keep them safe, even during the roughest temperatures and weather conditions

5. Color temperatures ranging from 4000K to 5000K


We provide our customers with different color temperatures between 4000K and 5000K. If you are looking for a perfect replacement for metal halide, you can opt for the 5000K option. For a slightly warmer light, you can go for the 4000K. We also provide other temperatures if you request it.

Both the above-mentioned temperatures are significant improvements than over standard high-pressure sodium lights that are rated at 2200K.

6. Best impact rating of IK08


The rating of our LED lights is between IK01 and IK10; the IK rating is the protection against physical wear-and-tear, which is a measurement for withstanding impact.

Most light fixtures have a very high IK rating (between IK07 and IK10), which is considered optimal for high impacts and perfect for high-impact risk environment. For low-impact risk areas, the IK rating can be between IK01 and IK07.

If you are looking for a lighting system for dangerous and dynamic intermodal environments, then you need to have our reliable and strong light system.

7. Ease of control

Motion Sensor
Smart Controls

You cannot use high-intensity discharge lamps with a majority lighting controls, since they take some time to warm up. If you have a power outage, you may also have to give them time to cool down before you need to switch them on again. Our LED lights work extremely well with timer switches, photo-sensors, and dimmers. Additionally, you can also pair our LED Power Lighting with controls to dim or switch them on/off according to your convenience.

Our LED Freight and Transportation Lights can work easily with 3- and 7-pin Nema socket for smart control networks.

8. 100,000 hours L70 Light Maintenance

50,000 hours
100,000 hours 

One of the most major disappointments of HID lights is that you will have to work very hard to maintain them. Mostly, these lights can last anywhere between 12,000 and 25,000 hours. This means that you will have to replace them frequently, which is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Additionally, when you are replacing HID lights, you will also have to replace the ballasts, which only adds to the maintenance.

All our LED light products have an L70 rating, which means that they will last for 100,000 hours. Additionally, they will not shift colors as well. This means that you do not have to worry about the maintenance of the lights; the only maintenance here is washing the fixtures.

9. High CRI value, anywhere between 70+ and 80+

70 CRI
80 CRI

When you are looking for LED lighting systems, you will have to pay a lot of attention to the color rendering index (CRI). With the help of this measurement, you will be able to understand the quality of the light that the fixture is capable of producing. Measured on a scale of 0 and 100, 100 is the brightness of the sun. If you are looking for quality, you will need less quantity of light.. 

We would like to caution you that a high CRI number is not needed for the outdoor environment; in most cases, the average CRI can be 90+. If you are looking for color representation, you need to choose this type of LED lighting. It is not recommended to get a high CRI solution for outdoor applications and not worth the cost.

10. Saving up to 80% of energy costs

50-80% savings

Thanks to technological advancements today, you get higher lumens per watts. Overall, this will reduce energy consumption by at least 70%. Thanks to motion sensors and using controls like daylight, you can even achieve 80% energy savings.

* You should never purchase any LED fixtures based on the amount of Watts consumed. Instead, we should take a look at the lumens. This means that if you have a choice between 100-lumens/watt and 140-lumens/watt, you need to choose the latter. At The Lighting Center, we will provide you with higher lumens per watt. You can look more at the product’s specifications.

* You should always take a look at the number of LEDs the fixture makes use of to produce the lumens. Fewer LEDs means that the lighting fixture will be driven more than one with more LEDs. Additionally, LEDs with more lumens tend to last for a long time.

11. Less Paybacks

Save Money with LED


It is true you will have shorter paybacks. However, this factor will depend on the 1+1+1 rule. This means that the payback of an LED is the sum of Rebates + Reduced electricity usage + hours of use.

In short, it means:

LED Payback = Rebates + Reduced electricity usage + hours of use

Out of these three, rebates are the least important and will be dwarfed by the cost of electricity and hours of use. Yes, most of us like rebates and we have managed to create several proposals under a single year, even without them. If you are looking for more assistance, you can get in touch with us.

12. Lighting that is IP-rated


The IP rating is an international rating standard. It means Ingress Protection and represents the effectiveness of the product’s resistance against water, dirt, and dust. The ‘I’ stands for the level of protection and the ‘P’ denotes the number of protection against moisture.

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