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Factory lighting plays an important role in the output, security, and safety of a factory. It is recommended that you convert from metal halide and high-pressure sodium lighting to LED factory lighting to improve all these areas, while also reducing power consumption by 75%.

We have dedicated factory lights for sale – these are explosion-proof and high-heating solutions that can be used in the bay area as floodlights. You can convert your factory easily and quickly with our LED lighting solutions.


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LED High Bays for your Factory Lighting Plans

Photometrics are very important as it will allow you to see the area and how it would look after you install LED lighting before you decide to purchase them. We provide several different solutions with the help of our lighting systems. You will be provided with the proper guidance and information that will help you save money. This is because you need to get the lighting right.

Lighting levels in factories

Lux is the measurement unit that is used for high-level intensity; this means it will measure how well the surface is illuminated. A single lux unit is equal to one lumen per square meter. For direct sunlight, the lux level is measured between 10.8 (for twilight) to 120,000 (direct noon sunlight).

You will find a lot of different lux levels that are suited for various industrial needs. With the right lux levels, the illumination levels will be perfect for the workers, space, or specific tasks.

Here is a comparison that will allow you to understand the lux levels for various industrial applications:

Warehouse: 10 recommended foot candles

Work area: 15 recommended foot candles

General assembly: 50-100 recommended foot candles

Detailed assembly: 100-150 recommended foot candles

Fine inspection: 100-200 recommended foot candles

Reasons you need to choose The Lighting Center manufacturing and factory lights

1. The efficacy (lumens per watt) levels

130 lm/w
150 lm/w
180 lm/w

If you truly want to measure the efficiency of your bulb, you need to consider understanding the luminous efficacy. It is an indication of the lumens produced for every watt consumed. As most of us already know, LED lights are more efficient than traditional bulbs, because the latter have higher luminous efficacy. When you look at high-quality LED lights, they have great efficacy ratings. Our ranges of fixtures are rated between 130- and 180-lumen/watt. Additionally, we can also help you choose the correct efficiency.

*Initial- cost or long-term savings – Which is better?

A higher efficiency LED light will cost more than one with lower efficiency. However, this is just the initial investment and you will save up a lot more in the long run than replacing traditional bulbs. Hence, always opt for higher efficiency LED lighting.

2. Our lighting will replace your 250, 400, 1000W HID


At The Lighting Center, we provide you with a wide range of lighting products with various voltage, optics, wattages, and style (linear or UFO) options. These lighting products can easily produce about 5,000 to 100,000 lumens per fixture, which is more than enough for 30- to 40-feet ceilings. We also provide various optic packages so that your home remains bright with light evenly distributed.

*Which light will work best for you?

No, you cannot know what light will work for you. We can help you determine this – first, we try to understand the layout of your building. Once done, we load this blueprint in our lighting software that will let us know what optics, lumens, watts, and fixture will suit the requirement of the area.

3. Our fixture has high voltage – up to 480V

 100V - 277V
277V - 480V

Are you looking to replace the fixtures from 277V to 480V? If yes, then we will provide you with these higher voltage installations. We have current drivers that can handle anywhere between 100V to 480V. At The Lighting Center, we provide you single or 3-phase power too. You can talk with our engineers and they will take care of your lighting situation.

*Options for 480V high voltage

We offer high voltage solutions that are capable of handling both single and 3-phase 480V installations. For voltage more than 277V, you can let our engineers know and they will specify the proper driver.

4. Different high-temperature ranges

80C or 176F
90C or 194F

Most factories typically work in high-heat environments that would not be fitting for normal LED fixtures. Hence, the lighting fixtures need to be able to handle ambient temperatures up to 50-degrees-C. We provide you with two types of high-temperature flood lights and high bays like:

Option 1 rated as 80-degrees C

Option 2 rated as 90-degrees C


*Different temperature options available

Even if your fixtures have been rated to handle hot environments, you should never fix them in paths of super-hot gas and air.

5. Quality of the light – Color rendering index

70 CRI
80 CRI
90 CRI

The color of the light is defined by the color rendering index. This will help you understand how well the light source will be able to reveal the colors of different items as compared to sunlight. When it comes to HID lamps, most people tend to complain about poor light color. 

When it comes to factory applications, the light color is a very important consideration and will have a huge impact on the contrast and clarity.

Most of our products have CRI between 70 and 85. Additionally, we also provide LEDs with custom CRI ratings.

*What should be the CRI of LED?

Any rating above 70 is good enough. If you want to light for applications where fine details are necessary, you can opt for CRI higher than 80 or 90.

6. Angle of the beams for best light distribution


The distribution of the light will be determined by the beam angle. A wide beam will produce soft light that will be evenly-distributed to different areas in the room. If you are looking for accent lighting, a narrow beam will produce a concentrated beam of light, due to it being more focused and intense.

Our range of LED factory lights is capable of a wide range of beam angles ranging from 15° to 120°.

7. Control for the lighting

Motion Sensors
Daylight Harvesters
Smart Controls

Controlled lighting like motion sensors will significantly reduce the cost of lighting when the LEDs switch off automatically when there is no person in the area.

*How can lighting control save money?

If your factory area has limited traffic, you can add a motion sensor. This will switch off the lights when no one is around, and save you significant amounts of energy. Alternatively, you can also opt for a 0-10V dimmable driver to dim the lights. To know more, you can get in touch with our sales professionals.

8. Robust fixtures lasting for years

IK08 Impact Rating

Our range of flood fixtures and factory bay is capable of withstanding extremely hot and cold weather temperatures, without lowering their lifespans. The heat sinks are large, which are designed to keep the lights cool. For heavy-impact zones, you can opt for UFO fixtures with heavy-duty sinks. Even in the harshest environment, our LED lights will last for a long time.

*What is the rating of the impact for UFO factory fixtures?

Our range of UFO factory fixtures has a rating of IK08-IK10; this ensures that they will last in areas of high impacts.

What are the advantages of having good LED lighting in factories?

If you improve the lighting in your factories, you will see a 10% more productivity increase and error reduction by 30%. Some other benefits include:

  • Improved security and safety
  • Increased contentment and satisfaction of workers
  • Better supervision by managers and officers
  • Reduction of eye strain
  • Better working conditions
  • Increase in production of the labors
  • Reduction of factory accidents because factory workers are more efficient and comfortable
  • Employees will be able to read safety data, product details, work instructions, and warnings
  • Identification of hazards become easier

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    LED Lighting for Factories - high heat and explosion proof solutions plus high powered and high voltage LED High Bays and flood lights. Convert your factory over to LED quickly and easily.
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