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Our industrial-grade LED aircraft and airport hangar lights are specially designed for airport hangar infrastructure. They are ideal for substituting 400-watt and 1000-watt metal halide (MH) lamps owing to their high luminosity and cost-effective prices. LED Airport Hangar Lights from The Lighting Center are known for being industrial grade and perfect for installing outdoors and indoors at airbases and airports. These lights are safe, of high-quality, and require low maintenance as compared to high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps.


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How to Choose Aircraft Hangar Lighting

Airport Lighting

angars are closed infrastructures that are specially made to keep spacecrafts and planes. They are also known as airplane garages. These building structures are examined, repaired, and safeguarded from the elements. Plus, they are constructed in various ways, ranging from simple buildings to environment-friendly maintenance facilities.

In both small and big airport hangars, high bay lights are the best to install. These structures have high ceilings from 35 feet to 75 feet, which is why such lights are ideal for hangars. These light fixtures can cover big spaces since they are known for providing a sufficient amount of light in large areas. 

Earlier, a majority of the aircraft hangers were equipped with inefficient light fixtures, such as MW and high-pressure sodium (HPS) lamps. This made it hard for aircraft mechanics to detect different colors and contrast. Airport hangars require a lighting system that has a high color rendering index or CRI and color temperature in order to augment the workers’ productivity. When you replace the regular aircraft hangar lights with LED lights, you would also get low electricity bills.

Lighting Standards for Hangars

As per the FAA, aircraft hangars should have the following light levels:


Recommended Light Levels

Pre or post inspection and maintenance

30-75 fc


50 fc


75-100 fc


100 fc

Very difficult

200 fc

Check the aircraft hangar for lighting details

Different airport hangars are different in their individual ways. Therefore, before you purchase LED lights for the hangar, you must check it properly so that you don’t end up with very dull or bright lights.

The LED hangar lights you buy must be clear and bright with a large coverage. The workers and technicians who work in hangars should be able to easily and conveniently work in the daytime and nighttime under the lights. Research says that when the lighting system is good in hangars, it can increase the energy and productivity levels of the technicians who work there.

The lights you choose should not be very bright since they can diminish the productivity of the workers. This is because they would not be able to see clearly the work they are doing.

Moreover, the aircraft hangar’s size will inform you about the number of lights you will need to install and how much wattage they should have.

Airforce Base Hangar Before LED Conversion

Old hangar before LED lighting

Airforce Base Hangar After LED Conversion

LED Hangar Conversion

Hangar Lighting Design

In order to be exactly right about the lighting of the hangar, you must get a photometric plan for it. This report takes into account the dimensions of the building, including its height, length, and width, along with some other factors. The report is a software representation that has your current light locations. According to this, the new lighting options are added to the design.

Why are lighting plans important?

A photometric plan lets you seen how the hangar will look in LED lights, which minimizes the purchasing risk. We can provide you with various lighting options and the right information. With our lighting design and LED lights, you can get the right lighting for the hangar and save heaps of money.

Last Updated: 03/02/2021

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