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Your warehouse or distribution center is the heart of your entire operation, the place where you complete projects and fulfill contracts. Efficiency and productivity are crucial in a warehouse. And for your employees to be efficient and productive, the environment they work in must be conducive.

Having LED lighting in your warehouse is the starting point to enhancing safety and boosting employee productivity. While LED technology is known for the savings it offers, one of its lesser-known benefits is boosting safety. Today, we’ll be looking at 5 ways LED lighting can enhance warehouse safety.

1. It Improves Visibility, Resulting in Fewer Accidents

One of the less discussed benefits of LED lighting is the significant decrease in fire hazard risk realized when fluorescents or high intensity discharge lights are replaced with LEDs. Since LEDs pull very little electricity and produce very little heat, they are less likely to cause any type of fire.

Traditional lights waste a lot of energy as they emit 95% of the electricity they draw as heat. On the other hand, LEDs only emit 5% electricity as heat and convert 95% into light. Because traditional lights waste so much energy, they tend to get very hot. Try putting your hand close to any conventional light bulb and it can easily be burnt.

If traditional lights are installed incorrectly, recessed into a wall’s plaster without adequate ventilation, or left touching other materials, the heat they produce can easily cause fires. LED lights consume about one-tenth of the electricity conventional lights consume and produce the same amount of lumens (or even more). They produce very little heat and do not pose a fire hazard.

2. Decreased Work Errors

Bad lighting can cause headaches, eye strain, and poor posture. When employees are not comfortable, their concentration decreases, which affects their productivity. They are less alert and energetic and can easily make mistakes that will have a negative impact on your business or jeopardize their safety.

A light’s color temperature determines how people see objects and also impacts their mood and productivity. LED lights for a warehouse must have a color temperature between 4000K and 5000K. These lights produce bright white light that is very similar to natural light.

Get such lights for your warehouse and create a happier, productive work environment for your employees. They will find it easy to read high shelving labels and stack products properly. Shipping mistakes will also be reduced as workers will be able to read small package labels.

3. Cools Down a Warehouse

The high heat produced by traditional fixtures can cause a warehouse’s temperature to fluctuate. For instance, a warehouse may be very cool in the morning and very warm and stuffy in the afternoon. These drastic temperature changes can have a very negative impact on employee productivity.

In addition, conventional lights make the air conditioning to work extra hard to decrease the heat they produce, which means your energy bill will go through the roof. LEDs are designed to operate at lower temperatures and do not cause drastic temperature changes in spaces.

4. Reduces Damage to Property and Loss of Products

The products you store in your warehouse can make or break your business. If products get damaged or lost, your business’ bottom line will be negatively impacted. If your warehouse functions as a distribution center, you can be held liable if your customers’ products get lost or damaged. The last thing you want is your business to suffer because of bad lighting.

Since LED lights are bright and powerful, they illuminate dim corners, high shelves, and back aisles. This means your workers will easily locate products (you may have thought were lost) in the dark corners of your warehouse. LED Lighting will also ensure that your employees do not waste a lot of time searching for items that are close by.

With LED lighting, your workers will be able to organize products properly (which will ensure they don’t get damaged) and those packing them for shipping will be able to find them easily (as no product will be lost).

5. Lower Chances of Forklifts Causing Accidents

Modern warehouses are hectic places filled with a lot of activity. Most hold very many products in order to make the most revenue, which means workers are always in a hurry to do their jobs.

Forklift drivers are some of the busiest people in a warehouse as they are always organizing and rearranging products. They are always moving around in tight warehouse aisles and quickly loading and offloading products. Even the best forklift drivers hurry up to get the job done, exceeding the set speed limits in the process.

If a warehouse is poorly lit, forklift drivers can easily hit other workers or crash into products and damage them. LED lights make sure that forklift drivers see everything clearly, be it their fellow workers or objects. They can easily steer clear of them and avert disaster.

Switch to LED Technology Today

If you’re still using conventional lighting systems in your warehouse, we hope we’ve convinced you to make the switch. Create a safe work environment for your employees and take your business to the next level. LED lighting creates a win-win situation: it saves you money and protects your employees and products. That’s why upgrading to LED needs no contemplation.

Last Updated: 10/01/2020

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