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Gym Light Design

What is Gym Light Design Plan?

A Gym Light Design Plan is a way to show proposed lighting solutions for a gymnasium.

Using photometric / lighting plan software, you can model a gymnasium space accurately (length, width, height). The lighting plan software can also import existing layouts and CAD designs.

Lighting engineers can input fixtures at specific locations, angles, orientation and height. They can use existing light locations or provide new light positions to provide the best lumens and light distribution.

The software calculates light levels and provides a comprehensive visual layout report. The report displays calculation points representing the foot candle reading at that location.

What does a Gym Light Design Plan  Do?

 It takes the risk of getting LED and ending up with the wrong results. When we create lighting design plans for our customers, we run multiple scenarios with different fixtures to get the light levels right. Its not just about the foot candles! We look to make sure the distribution levels are even throughout the gym floor. The last thing you want for your sports is dark spots with uneven light distribution.

Indoor Basketball Court Lighting Calculation

Fixture Used

150W LED UFO High Bay

(24 fixtures)

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Gym Light Design Plan Results

This school gym was in desperate need for an update and came to us for ideas. We began with the light design plan. In this case, the existing light positions was not going to give the proper distribution. The school moved forward with the project, and were ecstatic with the results.

Gym Before Converting To Led

Dark Gym Using Inefficient Fluorescent Lighting

Gym After Converting To Led

Bright Gym After LED Lighting Conversion

Gym Lighting Calculator

What is a gym lighting calculator? Its usually an online tool for you to enter your dimensions, lumens per fixture, and foot candle requirements. It calculates the number of fixtures you should purchase for your project. It’s a basic calculation and the only problem is it does not take into account even light distribution. Light distribution is calculated and visibly shown in a lighting plan. In a lighting calculator, you get back only the number of fixtures you should buy. It doesn’t tell you where to install or the optimal layout.

To use this calculator, enter the following:

  1. Length, Width and Height of room in feet
  2. Lumen output of the fixture you want to test
  3. The desired foot candles of the fixture

What it will return:

The approximate number of fixture you will need to get the required foot candle levels. 

Please note: this is a lighting layout approximation tool. It should never be used in place of a lighting plan or photometric design. The basic tool we provide will not visually show how good the distribution is, light placement, what optic you may have to use or the avg/min foot candle ratios.

The Lighting Center offers FREE, NO OBLIGATION indoor and outdoor lighting plans. We want your lighting project to be a success!

What is a Gym Lighting Plan? This multi-page write-up shows the value of a photometric plan, examples and a way to get your own Free Gym Lighting Plan
Last Updated: 09/30/2020

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