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 LED gym lighting can offer savings of up to 80% on your energy bill verses traditional gym lighting. Maintainence will also be significantly reduced thanks to the longer lifespan afford by LED. You can also expect AC bill savings because LEDs operate at a lower temperature than traditional metal halide bulbs. This means your space will stay cooler for those looking to enjoy some physical activity.

The lighting requirements for gyms is unique to this type of space. Uniformity of light is very important. Without it, the safety of the users can be at risk. In gyms filled with equipments, well laid out lighting can help light up spaces that are typically dark due to large equipment. You can easily improve the quality of light by upgrading existing fixutres with LED retrofit kits or new LED gym lighting.

Dreaded in gyms in the endless buzzing sounds that many traditional lights make. This combined with the flickering of old fixtures will send your visitors running for the door. LED lights do not have either of these pitfalls. They also do not require any warm up time so gym users can get right to it when the lights turn on without any wait.

It may make sense to have us complete a lighting study of your facility when making the switch to LED. A light study allows you to have confidence that you have selected the right fixture to upgrade you facility with. 



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3 Reasons to Choose TheLightingCenter LED Gymnasium Lights

1. Gym Lights designed for every application

TheLightingCenter has many options, styles, power options and voltage options to replace your existing Metal Halide or Fluorescent light gym fixtures. Replacing 400W Metal Halide? No problem. 1000W Metal Halide? 6 tube or 8 tube fluorescent fixtures? High Voltage? High Ceiling? Need High Impact rated fixtures? 

Our fixtures are designed to replace all existing gymnasium fixtures, whether you are lighting up a school gym, a recreation facility, a multi-sport activity center or fitness center, we have years of experience so your conversion to LED lighting is successful.

2. Free Gymnasium Lighting Plans takes all the risk out of purchasing LED Lights

We have done 1000's of lighting plans for our customers? Why is this important? A lighting plan will allow us to model your gymnasium with our lights and switch out different models until we get the correct average lumens you need. And more importantly, get the light distribution so that its even. That's the problem with buying off the shelf lights from big ecommerce sites. You have no idea how these lights will perform until you install them. 

3. We have done 100's of Gym Lighting Conversions

We have done 100's of gyms, warehouses and large indoor area light conversion projects. The premise is always the same. Save the customer money, lower their lighting bill, lower their maintenance costs, and get the light levels right! Let us prove to you we know what we're doing. Contact us, and at the very least, let us build you your free lighting plan. There is no obligation, and take advantage of our low pressure, educational sales engineers. All we want to do is help you.


Gym Before LED Conversion

Gym After LED Conversion

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