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LED Lighting Solutions for Recreation Areas and Public Parks

Find out how our Public Park LEDs can improve visibility, reduce costs, and enhance public safety.

Public areas, like parks, require to maintain bright and good illumination at night for preventing crime and increasing safety. Additionally, LED parking or public light systems enhance the aesthetics and usability of that area.

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Public Area LED Lighting

From waterfronts to parks, public areas are important to an urban lifestyle. The perfect lighting can convert these areas into incredible visual experiences. Recreation areas and public parks should be welcoming, inspiring, and fun. LED lighting options can make such spaces more inviting and safer.

It is crucial to lighten up a public park at night properly. This is because it creates an enjoyable and safe environment for every park-goer. The most common design modification requests out of all that park officials receive from patrons is illuminating the spaces adequately.

It is quite simple to get why patrons ask for better lighting. If there is bad lighting, they can fall, slip, and easily injure themselves. Also, they would not be able to discover suspicious characters from a distance and get clear of any dangerous situations. Bad park lighting might even encourage vandalism acts, such as graffiti.

When a public park is well lit, individuals do not hesitate to take a stroll or jog even if it is dark outside. Pet owners can walk their dogs on paths and parents can play with their kids on the playground. Within the public park, activities are extended due to the bright illumination generated by tactically located light fixtures. There will no shades or dark spaces where individuals can hide and all feel safe.

When more people accumulate in a public space to participate in recreation activities, criminal activates are discouraged and the safety’s perception is increased. Plus, when people believe that a particular park is secure at night, they will definitely visit it, improving the safety’s positive perception. Many experts believe that better illumination in recreational areas and parks is essential to the entire community and environment as it averts crime and enhances after-dark communal activities.


Why choose LED Technology?

Brightening up recreational areas and public parks can adequately be an expensive venture. That’s why most public parks convert to LED technology these days. Not only they lower energy expenses, but LEDs also lower maintenance expenses. Huge parks, such as New York’s Central Park and Australia’s The Bicentennial Park have converted successfully to LED technology and are continuing to reap the benefits.

As compared to traditional lighting systems like metal halide bulbs, high-pressure sodium lamps, fluorescents, LEDs are perfect. These conventional lighting options were used for illuminated recreation areas and parks for a very long time. LED lighting options can offer illumination for longer hours and do not get affected by higher temperatures.

Due to their low energy consumption, LEDs help cut energy costs. Also, their longer lifespan ensures you do not need to think about lamp replacement costs or light maintenance charges. Thus, you can concentrate park funds on other park maintenance aspects like cleanliness and beautification.

LED lighting solutions could highlight the public parks’ layout by accentuating focal points like building entrances, gathering spaces, and walkways. So, here are different sectors of recreation areas and parks that are better illuminated by LEDs.


Biking Trails and Walkways

Biking trails and walkways should be well lit always for improving security and safety. Not just they make people feel secure while taking evening strolls or riding their bicycles, but LEDs also enhances the park aesthetics by changing the overall look of that space. LED lighting can accentuate focal points, such as incredible ancient trees and water fountains. Ramps, steps, and areas with height variances need to be well-lit so that people can clearly see them.

If LEDs are installed in trails and pathways, they offer the best comfort, enjoyment, and safety to people coming to the park.


Playground/Play Area

Human development professionals believe that unstructured play is essential to the development of a child. This kind of play endorses creativity, conflict management skills, interpersonal skills, and physical activity. So, a place where kids can go for unstructured play is undoubtedly the play area.

In several cases, the play area in a local park is the spot that families can access easily. In summer, it is quite common to see kids with their family members playing on the ground until after dark.

Brightly illuminated public playgrounds offer extended playtime throughout the day and even year, even during winter and fall. Hazards are abundant in play areas and adequate light lowers the possibility of kids getting hurt.

As we know, all play areas are different. Thus, we offer custom LED lighting solutions for boosting visibility and safety around and in play areas or grounds.


Sports Ground

Athletes and players enjoy playing games under powerful, bright lights. Every sporting activity typically has a primary central area. It is crucial to have good light there for players or athletes to concentrate better on their game. Premium-quality lights having low glare are also essential for spectators who watch the game the entire time.

Each sport that players play at night comes with its own lighting requirements. For instance, the lighting needed in tennis courts is quite different from the one needed in basketball courts. Also, sporting items differ in size. So, players must see the ball clearly all the time, despite its location or speed.

Lighting options installed on sports grounds need a high level of flexibility and robustness because competition and training require perfect lighting conditions. When you use proper lighting fixtures, they ensure perfect visual conditions and minimize the possibilities of injury. The employed lights should provide uniformity, visual comfort, and avert obtrusive light.

Usually, floodlights are employed in a sports ground as these lights offer sufficient illumination for different sporting activities due to their high brightness levels. One can install these lights on a lower tower for expanding the light range. Using the ideal configurations, sports playgrounds may just require some floodlights for enough illumination and reduce expenses in the procedure.


Parking Lot

Keeping their parking area safe is quite important for all establishments, including recreational areas and public parks. If a parking lot does not feature adequate illumination, the chances are that personal safety can be threatened and accidents can occur.

Generally, parking lots are well lit by natural light throughout the day. However, when darkness takes over, proper lighting determines whether that parking space is safe or if there is clear visibility.

Usually, people avoid badly-lit parking spaces at night just because they do not feel secure. The primary cause of crimes in parking lots is low security. Additionally, if the illuminations are not bright enough, security cameras would not be able to capture all that happens in a parking area. Accidents may occur as drivers cannot see clearly.

Officials for recreational areas and public parks should look forward to installing bright and cost-effective lighting solutions in car parking areas. For instance, officials can install flood lights. When these lights are shielded and aimed properly, they will focus the illumination exactly where it’s required. In a covered parking lot, they can use a canopy light in place of a flood light.


Different Ways LED Options Benefit Recreational Areas and Public Parks


1.    LEDs Boost Security After It Becomes Dark Outside

The biggest advantage of opting for LEDs is enhancing security. People who go to public parks do not only look at their safety ratings, but they also consider the lighting fixtures employed. LED lighting solutions can assist in enhancing safety’s perception and boosting park usage.

In several neighborhoods, public parks witness lots of gang activities and other gang-related crimes, specifically during summer. Due to this, local parks and community leaders implement programs like Los Angeles’s Summer Night Lights for making sure that kids and families are secure from violence happening around their neighborhoods and homes.

This Summer Night Lights initiative prolongs the nighttime operating hours for public parks in a troubled neighborhood. In summer, the lighting options are switched on until midnight and this program even sponsors nighttime movies and family-oriented activities four days in a week.

Due to this program, crime rates in parks have gone down drastically during the summer months. The Summer Night Lights program has even become a countrywide model to lower crime rates by just keeping the lighting on for longer hours.

Well-lit recreational areas and parks offer people that an indispensable sense of safety and security. Also, people feel confident about stepping out after it goes dark outside. Good illumination even improves visibility for all and lessens the chances of accidents.


2.    LEDs Reduce Energy Consumption and Assist Parks in Saving Money: Case Studies Show

LED lighting options consume very little electricity. They also help public parks in implementing cost-saving tactics and maximizing their resources.

Central Park Case Study

The Department of Transportation, New York City, is responsible for the largest municipal lighting organization in the US. This lighting system comprises 12,000 lights placed in public parks. In 2009, this department began a pilot program for testing whether LED lighting options were ideal substitutes for a conventional 100 W metal halide lamp in Central Park.

The revelations of this program showed that LED lighting options lasted around 3 times more than metal halide bulbs. Also, they created better visibility, although they had low light intensity. Embracing LED technology saved this city approx. $95,000 in a year.

Plus, LEDs have various other benefits pertaining to energy efficiency. This is because these lights only employ a fraction of the electricity used by traditional lighting technologies. Also, they can be powered using solar panels. Meaning that these lights can function well without being linked to the main power grid.


3.    LEDs illuminate a Public Park Longer Due To Longer Lifespan

LED parking lot lighting fixtures are remarkably the perfect choice when it comes to illuminating a park. The technology these fixtures employ is superior to all other lighting technologies in existence. The life expectancy of LEDs is around 75% extended than that of conventional lighting fixtures, which makes these lights cost-effective.

Parking lot light fixtures are extremely durable and the ones designed especially for outdoor usage are generally vandal-resistant. LED lighting options do not burn out, such as compact fluorescents, high-pressure sodium bulbs, or metal halides. Individual diodes might stop functioning as the bulb’s lifespan reaches its end.

One can fit LED lighting fixtures with photocells or motion sensors, which can even be solar-powered. While some individuals might complain about the light pollution problem regarding outdoor lighting, this is certainly not an issue with LEDs as many park lighting systems could be arranged in a way that light trespass and light pollution are kept to a minimum and the desired brightness level is maintained.


4.    LEDs Accentuate Focal Points or Embellish the Park

The design of public park lighting options can beautify the public park. Also, make it look inviting and peaceful at night. Lighting experts can make customized lighting design plans and employ innovative outdoor lighting techniques and effects for achieving constant brightness through a well-planned placement of discrete outdoor lighting fixtures. 

Plus, well-designed lighting could enhance the landmark’s aesthetics like sea fronts, lake fronts, promenades, and boardwalks. The lighting options can create an incredible ambiance and put in charm to space’s nighttime look.

Also, LED lighting can be used for illuminating walkways and high-activity areas so that they turn out to be the focus of pedestrian activities once the sun sets. The fame of LEDs gives landscape architects an opportunity to be more creative. That’s why many have transformed a public park situated in a city center into an incredible work of art. They have established these parks for becoming protruding civic landmarks, which attract many tourists.

For instance, the Phoenix Civic Space Park features an amazing 145-foot sculpture full of columns at the center, which LEDs lighten up at night. The Simon and Helen Director Park, Portland, Oregon, features a glass canopy, which becomes alive due to multi-color LEDs at night. This turn this park into a central area throughout the night.


Recreation Areas And Public ParksShould Convert To LED

The capability to enjoy great outdoors, get together, and make wonderful memories with friends or family plays a crucial role in everyone’s day-to-day life. As people get tired of staying indoors, the requirement for extra outdoor public areas grows. LEDs can assist in making public parks energy-efficient and safe. Also, they give these areas a unique look.

If you have a public park and still employ traditional lighting systems for lighting up the space at night, it is high time you convert to LED lighting technology. With their low energy consumption, eco-friendly, higher lumen output features, perfect lighting does not get improved than LED. If you install LED lighting options, you will not just decrease energy expenses, but you will even reduce replacement and maintenance costs. Also, LEDs will transform your public parks into hubs for relaxation and fun, even when darkness takes over outside.

The Lighting Center provides LED products and lighting services that are specially designed for giving customers the perfect value for money. If you want to brighten up recreation areas or public parks, contact us and get in touch with our lighting experts. Our lighting products collaborate environmental-friendly LED lighting technology with unmatched innovation for providing the illumination that your outdoor area requires.


Discover how our Public Park Lighting can reduce costs, improve visibility, and increase public safety...
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