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Buy LED lighting solutions designed especially for meeting the special requirements of a military base. Whether it is perimeter or high mast security lighting, parking lot lighting options, common area lighting, large hangars, or office lighting, we have covered literally everything for you. We provide premium quality, high power LED lighting solutions that you can install on and inside military bases. Also, we feature a very strong track record functioning well with several military bases in the Caribbean and the United States.


Commercial And Government Entity (CAGE) Code: 6JP16

LED High Mast

LED High Mast Lights

LED Shoebox

LED Shoe Box Lights

Yard Lights

LED Yard Lights

LED Pole Top

LED Pole Top Lights

LED Roadway

RoadWay Light

LED Security

LED Security Lights

LED Wall Packs

LED Wall Packs

LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights

LED High Bays

LED High Bay Light

LED Explosion

LED Shop Lights

LED Shop Lights

LED Panels

LED Panels

Airforce Hangar - Before Conversion to LED

Airforce Hangar - After Conversion to LED

Military LED Area Lighting

LEDs are perfect for large spaces like parking lots, motor pools, and larger outdoor training spaces. We offer high power lighting solutions with ideal color rendering. This gives evenly distributed, uniform light that allows you to operate 24X7.

The Lighting Center offers unique LED solutions, including shoe box lights, flood lights, and high mast lights. These lighting options allow for incredible design flexibility. Also, we have various customizable options, which you can adapt to all areas.

LED Roadway Lighting

Roadway LED lighting should help residents and personnel traveling to home and work. The lighting must offer nice footcandles for highlighting obstacles and people. 

Those days are gone when lane closures were frequent from re-lamping of an HID street light. A good design takes the benefit of our bright and powerful roadway LED lights.

LED Base Perimeter and Security Lighting

Perimeter and Security Lighting is a significant aspect of illumination on military bases.

Military base perimeters require powerful flood lighting solutions for distributing even light over a large area. They are capable of illuminating walls, building facades, big open areas, and fences. LED lights with in-built occupancy sensors can control light when they detect motion and go dim if the space is vacant.

Military base security is supreme. Our high-power LED flood lighting options with wide or narrow beam optics offer the solutions for enhancing security.

LED Interior Hangar and Warehouse Lighting

Larger interior spaces require proper lighting. From service bays, indoor hangars, large warehouses to gymnasiums, LEDs play a vital role in finishing the complete light package on military bases. We provide high voltage, high temperature, high power, and perilous location LED solutions to meet any requirement.


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