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Jails, prisons, and other sorts of correctional units are usually met with high risk, high stress environments. Prison LED lights assist in improving security and safety throughout correctional facilities while reducing the energy costs of your lights.

The Lighting Center provides you with numerous retrofit options for your vandal proof interior fixtures and with high-power security lighting outdoor fixtures. Therefore, you do not need to replace your fixtures. It saves you a great deal of money!

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LED Prison Lights – Correctional Lights

In the United States, the incarceration costs hit a 500% growing mark over a few decades. This has put up a lot of strain on the resources of correctional institutions, which is going up by each passing day. Thus, there’s a constant want for cost reduction in such facilities, which directly puts their efficiency in the limelight.

Recently, the allocation of budget to run correctional institutions went up by $80 billion. Here, the fed government just pays a trifling 10% of this amount. While the local governments pay 33% of the amount, more than 57% of it is paid by the state governments.
Correctional institutions feature a joint utility bill of more than $1.7 billion, which is quite an amount!

Energy is the most prominent contributor to the high utility bill. The charges of lighting, heating, and cooling off facilities that they employ 24//7 are massive.

Thus, the costs and pressure of maintaining and operating prisons are tremendous. However, there lies a chance to save considerably on expenditure. The massive scale of these operations can offer incredible opportunities to look for solutions that cut down expenses.

A small step taken toward sustainability could help local and state governments to save lots of money. Also, practices that boost sustainability will protect and cushion the setting surrounding such correctional centers.

Exclusive Lighting Challenges Faced By Correctional Facilities

Earlier, the archaic jails or prisons were known for their horrible living standards and brutality. That’s not the case now. Today, civil liberties of prisoners need to be indorsed. Today’s correctional institutions are not just focused on protection, but also on repatriation and deterrence.

Unlike other buildings or facilities, where safety measures are taken for keeping people out, correctional facilities’ security measures are designed especially for keeping people in. In these facilities, people are kept against their own will. Also, the thing is that these institutions do not shut down on weekends, in winter, or for holidays. Thus, you need a high-maintenance setting.

Incarcerating so many people in one place and defending them from one another is quite a challenge while preventing them from escaping at the same time. The overcrowding and budgetary constraints make it a bit difficult to ensure effectiveness. Well-designed infrastructure and proper surveillance can assist in overcoming such challenges.


Great Lighting Practices Help to Attain Energy Efficiency

Premium-quality lighting lets you run surveillance effectively, where it acts as the foundation. Great lighting fixtures help in ensuring the safety and operational efficiency of correctional facilities. As the United States Energy Information Administration states, lighting alone makes up for 33% of electricity spent in penitentiaries, reformatories, and jails.

This accounts for a massive expenditure for such non-profit making units. Many correctional institutions are tremendously energy-intensive. Plus, they were designed with no to little regard for efficient lighting, cooling, and heating. Now, many states are passing laws for reducing this adverse impact on the environment and also, for helping prisons to slash operational expenses.

Correctional facilities must balance intelligent design and balance for keeping up with the Energy Independence and Security Act 2007 (EISA). This act discourages incompetent lighting systems and suggests energy-efficient, greener, and lifelong lighting solutions.

Prison lights function for more than 18 hours every single day. On average, the lights may be turned off just for six hours per day in that high-abuse setting. When you choose to employ energy-efficient bulbs in smaller sections of correctional facilities solely, the whole utility bill can be reduced by over 10%. Your savings could be tremendous if you go for energy-efficient LED lights in the entire facility.

Look for the Solution – Prison LED Lights 

Our LED lighting experts suggest you go with prison LED lights for a correctional facility. These lights are capable of fostering a more energy-saving and safe environment for both the inmates and the guards.

LED diodes are semiconductor diodes with two electrodes: a cathode and an anode. This diode is manufactured from semi-conductive silicon or selenium. LED bulbs emit light if an electric current passes through a semi-conductive material.

As compared to high-pressure sodium and metal halide lights, LED lighting solutions of premium quality. These lights last up to 50,000-100,000 hours. Therefore, they are called workhorses of this lighting industry. On comparing their lifespan to that of HID bulbs (24,000 hours for an HPS light and 6,000-15,000 hours for an MH light), you will find that LEDs are the best option. Our prison-grade, high mast light fixtures will last for years to come.

Apart from their longer lifespan, LEDs are also energy efficient as compared to other lighting technology developed so far. These lights are directional and also, radiate lesser infrared energy. Meaning that LEDs can direct light precisely to where it’s required. So, there is no light loss!

In a correctional unit, the capability to reflect and direct light to a particular area plays a crucial role in security. The light must not be mislaid to the nearby setting or the sky. Unnecessary light could be a massive source of irritation to the correctional unit’s occupants as well as to the neighborhood.

In fact, excess light has been reported as a disturbance to the inmates’ sleep. Also, it elevates their stress and anxiety levels. One can control LEDs without the requirement for any electrical component.

Unlike HID lighting solutions, LEDs feature no warm-up times as well. Consumers do not have to turn them on beforehand. Plus, they do not have cool-down periods. These innovative lights are always ready to brighten up the space on demand. Therefore, these lights are great for a high-security facility.




Another benefit of LED lights for prisons is their intrinsic ability for generating the whole light spectrum, including the visible light to the human eye. These lighting options do not require color filters like conventional lighting technologies used to have.

Ease of Maintenance to Enhance Security and Reduce Costs

The light fixtures’ replacement and maintenance can cause enormous logistics obstacles for correctional units. Fluorescent and HID luminaires operate just for a while before they require re-lamping. While fluorescent lights can last for about four years, maintenance schedules come as often as half-yearly due to their inefficiency.

Throughout the maintenance procedure, prisoners may need to be shifted from their block to others. Other prisons need to lock up the inmates for a longer period of time, while the task continues. Not just this increases insecurity when dealing with problematic inmates, but it also puts a massive burden on the human resource of the facilities.

After re-lamping, safety protocols are a bit demanding. All pieces of equipment employed in the process need to be inventoried. Plus, the place needs to be cleaned properly once the activity is done. To resolve this hurdle, the significance of LED lighting fixtures that need minimum maintenance cannot be overlooked. Less re-lamping episodes mean less chances for inmates for breaching security.

Also, it is equally important that the inmates get no incentive for maintaining the fixtures in a facility. Badly designed lighting systems will make the units more unsafe because of the likelihood of vandalism. So, shop for LEDs for prisons and provide a secure environment for guards and inmates. Choose vandal-proof retrofit options and high-power safety lights to achieve that!

It is extremely significant to ensure safety within correctional facilities. Bright effective illumination is vital, whether it is high masts, wall-mounted bulbs, or outdoor flood lighting solutions. LEDs offer instant strike periods and thus, your lights turn back on instantaneously. Now, let’s have a look at the best prison LED lighting solutions that are perfect for correctional facilities.


The Lighting Center LED prison lights provide:

Reduced maintenance and therefore, cut down charges
Their lifetime exceeds that of traditional bulbs by 10 times. Few bulb replacements mean better cost savings
LEDs feature a good color rendering index in comparison with their HID counterparts
These lights are also good at light production as there is no conversion of energy to heat
Unlike HID lights, LEDs are directional and thus, there is better light distribution
They perfectly merge with lighting control systems for controlling the light intensity and output automatically

We provide you with high-power LED lighting solutions that can be easily replaced up to 2000W HID, HPS, or Metal Halide. Plus, you get to enjoy longer life spans, excellent light output, and long warranties. One can retrofit or replace easily:

High Mast Lighting up to 2000W Metal Halide
Flood Lighting up to 2000W Metal Halide
Area Lighting up to 2000W Metal Halide
Parking Fixtures: 1000W Metal Halide
WallPack Lighting: over 400W Metal Halide
Indoor Gym Lighting: over 1000W Metal Halide
Office Lighting with Color Adjustable Panels: 2x4 and 2x2

Reasons Why You Should Select Prison LED Lights

LEDs Are Extremely Energy-Efficient

LED lighting solutions have proven themselves over time again and again. Today, these are the most energy-efficient option in the lighting industry. Also, LEDs have a longer lifespan as they last 10 times more than their HID counterparts. Their light quality is superior. Plus, one can control the light output and intensity.

Artificial lighting sources consume a big fraction (1/5) of global energy. The European Commission promotes low energy LED solutions as a solution to the universal energy crisis.

LEDs Produce High-Quality Light

The exterior spaces of a correctional facility need high-quality light for creating a safe, welcoming environment. High-Pressure Sodium bulbs produce warm light that reduces visual comfort, while a metal halide renders colors badly and features a low color rendering index. In correctional facilities, this can pose a risk to the surveillance system. Also, dimly lit areas can make inmates feel depressed and agitated.

HID lamps even create lots of undesirable dark spaces or badly lit areas in correctional facilities. These poorly illuminated spaces can be eradicated by opting for LED lighting solutions. LEDs disperse light uniformly, getting rid of the dark spots issue that can pose safety risks. They mimic natural sunlight and enable correctional units to keep their inmates in a secure location without sacrificing comfort through bad lighting.

These Lights Sources Are Directional

HID bulbs produce light at 360 degrees. This is because the light is distributed sideways, downwards, and upwards. Reflectors need to be installed in fixtures for redirecting the light to the floor. Lots of lumens get lost in this reflection procedure. On the other hand, LED light sources are directional as their light could be directed to the spot, where it is needed.

Lower Maintenance Cost

As lights in correctional institutions are kept on from dusk to dawn, your selected lighting system needs to be energy-efficient. Here, maintenance could be a problem. Lights that require no to little maintenance eradicate the requirement of hiring an electrician for maintaining them and saving lots of money. Thus, LEDs resolve all these problems with their sturdy construction and better life expectancy.

LED Lighting Solutions Have the Most Effective Color Temperatures

LEDs feature a variety of color temperatures. The color temperatures assist you in setting the perfect lighting system for correctional facilities. For instance, people can install LEDs with a high color temperature outside and LEDs with a low color temperature inside.

LEDs Go Perfectly with Excellent Lighting Controls

These lighting solutions function perfectly with light control systems. Using these lighting controls, you can decrease or increase light output whenever required. Motion sensors that run on a wireless network can be employed for manipulating LED systems.

By using these excellent light controls, a correctional facility can save around 90% on maintenance and energy costs. Using the proper design, LEDs can even help in mitigating the issue of light trespassing. This is possible because LED lighting solutions shine the light downwards.

Shop for LED Correctional and Prison lights and produce a safer environment for inmates and guards. High Power security lights and vandal proof retrofit solutions available online
Last Updated: 04/11/2021

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