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Find out how our Football stadium LED lights can improve visibility, increase safety, and reduce overhead on a football field. A football stadium for high schools, colleges, or pro football plays a distinctive role in offering a nice experience in a field. A wonderful experience begins with the ability to view everything, no matter which seat a football fan gets. So, this can be resolved with LED. Plus, LEDs improve your football stadium.

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Football Stadium LED Lighting Design

So, why do you need photometrics? Photometrics enables you to view your space and the way it would appear LED lights without letting you take the risk of purchasing them. Our team runs various options with innovative LED lights and offers the right guidance. We are here to provide you with budget-friendly LED lighting solutions. However, it is also important to enjoy the right lighting.

Football Field Layout

Football Field Lighting Plan

Football Field Lighting Plan (50 fc - yellow, 40 fc red, 30 fc purple, 20 fc green)

Fixture Used

800 Watt LED Stadium Fixture (44 fixtures)

800 watt Industrial Led Flood Light

Football Field LED Lighting

Whether it is a small-town high school or pro field, fans and visitors enjoy an incredible experience. Not just that, football field LED lights also provide premium-quality light output. Also, they offer amazing energy savings. As LED lighting technology is very popular and powerful, the sports field industry also applies it, including a football stadium. It is tremendously popular for various reasons listed as follows: 

Stadium Lighting Charges

With LED lighting solutions, it is now possible to create more sustainable football stadiums. One can cut a significant amount of consumed energy with energy savings of around 75%. Plus, one can save with reduced maintenance costs, rebates, and longer lifespans.

LEDs offer a Great experience

Fans go to a stadium for a wonderful experience. Or else, they can watch on TV or a recording. Now, it is possible to create an incredible experience with LEDs. Football fields having quality LED lighting options can truly offer that. Also, one i.e.sustainable, enjoyable, and professional for each and every fan.

Football field LED lighting design

So, with an enhancement in the quality of lights, visibility can become better. This alone improves the lighting design of a football field. This enhanced football field LED lighting design can create improved safety for the visitors as well as players. If football players could see clearly, they avoid potentially dangerous situations. In the case of visitors, they feel secure knowing who’s around them while they head back to the vehicles.


Different Lighting Levels for a Football Field


Perfect Light Levels


80-150 foot candles

Large High School

50 foot candles

Small High School

30 foot candles

Recreational Football

20 foot candles

Enclosed/Indoor Football Stadium LED Lighting

Indoor domes can need lots of lighting, particularly when the primary aim is to imitate the light amount produced by the sun. Football field lighting options from our company comprise of LED, which outputs a significant number of lumens every fixture. For maintaining preferred efficiency, we have gotten our LED football field lighting solutions for turn, this enables people to enjoy more light as well as reduced energy consumption. So, this is important especially for large football stadiums, where you need lots of light.

From hallways to the field and concessions, consistent and good light can be achieved through LEDs. Also, LEDs function exceptionally great in indoor environments.

Outdoor Football Field LED Lighting

For an open field, high mast football field LED lights are a necessity for a nighttime play. Our football stadium LED lights function both outdoors and indoors as these lights are dirt and water resistant.Plus, they are perfect against all the rudiments.

Another great benefit of LEDs is that these lights lessen light pollution because of their directional lighting design, which is true for outdoor football arenas. This enables consumers to enjoy the light as much as they require at a particular place of their football arena floodlights. Plus, they can evade putting out lighting in other directions.

So, outdoor lighting options are not just for a football field. If not every field, most football fields receive lots of visitors. This means that there will be many cars. Large parking spaces are something that you will find near any football field. These spaces need lots of lighting in general. With LEDs, these spaces offer a quality and efficient lighting output that keeps energy charges down and people safe.

Discover how our LED football stadium lights can reduce overhead, improve visibility, increase safety on your football field.
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