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LED Lights For Playgrounds

Keeping children and other visitors secure at playgrounds is a big concern for all playgrounds. Using LED-powered playground light fixtures, appropriate illumination will enable well-lit surroundings in and around the ground for ensuring everyone could see what is happening around at any time of the day.

Along with this increase in security, people can use outdoor playgrounds for longer through enhanced visibility and security that they get from LED playground light fixtures.

Not just the increase in security and safety, commercial LEDs also offer great cost savings that enable the ground lights to work at lower expenses and give a positive ROI as compared to other playground lighting technologies for outdoors. These lighting solutions work perfectly for a private park, city, or playground project.

Reduced Lighting Costs

Cutting down playground lighting expense becomes practical and sustainable with our LED solutions. One can save up to 75% on energy savings, which reduces a great deal on the energy consumption rate. Our solar lighting solutions can lower power consumption to almost zero. Plus, save with reduced maintenance costs, longer lifespans, and also rebates.  

A Better Lit, Safer Playground

Playgrounds require to have developed security and safety for optimal peace of mind. LED lighting fixtures for playgrounds provide intense illumination that is going to keep the ground equipment and other surrounding areas lit efficiently. This allows everything to be clearly seen and nothing to be left out. By far, this serves as the most critical part of all playground lighting systems. Our team of playground lighting professionals provides custom solutions for increasing safety and visibility in and around ground areas. So, here we are to help you achieve all your design goals and standards. We strive to think of how quality lighting solutions can improve the lives of people.

Extended Usage Time

If your park or playground is accessible at night or in the evening hours, then lighting is a necessity. A perfect playground lighting system will provide the perfect illumination until the ground closes or all throughout the night. Lighting public or private playgrounds can extend ply time in the winter and fall months when it usually gets dark earlier. Therefore, this right lighting will enable kids and parents to feel secure to go there even there is dark outside. So, enjoy an extended usage time gained from the private or public playground by opting for LED playground lights. These lights will keep the park well-illuminated as long as you desire.


The Lighting Center Playground Lights create a safer environment for children and parents all while saving energy. Check out our...
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