LED Troffers

Commercial Lighting for offices, schools, hospital and general spaces

Our Commercial LED Troffers Lights are designed to replace existing fluorescent tube fixtures. DLC Qualified for rebate eligibility, our LED Troffers are edge lit for uniform light distribution without seeing any of the LEDs.







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What are LED Troffers? 

LED Troffers

LED troffers are specially designed to replace old fluorescent troffers with more efficient and durable lighting. The troffers are usually recessed into the ceiling and offer more lumens with less wattage consumption, ensuring you save money without having to compromise on light output. LED troffers come in different configurations and include lensed units, volumetric style units, and architectural grade fixtures that feature indirect distribution. LED troffers with traditional configurations have even lenses, louvers, or open alternatives to make perfect replacements for the fluorescent troffers that are already installed. For every fluorescent troffer that is currently in use, there is an LED troffer equivalent on the market.

Get the Best LED Troffer for Your Application

When looking for LED troffer lights that will be perfect for your property, there are many ways to go about it.

The most important thing you need to do is narrow down your search. You can do this by choosing the light fixtures that best suit your space – in regards to sizing and mount. Once you have narrowed down your search and have identified the right models for your application, the next step is to choose LED troffers with a style that matches the overall style of your application.

Since voltages range between 120 and 480 volts, you should find the right hardware for your lighting system. Troffer lights normally have varying quantities of lamps, which means you can get the right amount of lighting for any application – whether you want to light up a large warehouse floor or a small office hallway. LED troffers provide even, powerful lighting in any amount of space and are a popular choice for many industrial and commercial applications. The powerful light they provide does not cause eye fatigue or eye strain and ensures every inch of space is illuminated without glare.

LED Troffers

Designed to perform better than fluorescent fixtures.
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