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Portable UV Light Sterilizers

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59S UVC Sterilization Products

are used in over 1150 Hospitals world-wide.

And growing.

UV refers to ultraviolet light produced by the Sun.

UVC refers to UV light with the wavelength between 200-290 nanometers (nm). It is almost entirely filtered out by the atmosphere before reaching the Earth’s surface.

UVC LED reproduces the UVC light by taking a special wavelength between 260–280 nm.

Proven Technology
UVC eliminates up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria by destroying their DNA & RNA, reduces unpleasant smells by decomposing molecular structure of odor. It is a non-chemical disinfection method being used by hospitals and aerospace applications for decades.

Sun Uvc

Chemical Free

Ozone Free

Mercury Free


1. 99%+ sterilization in 3min.
2. No need for harmful chemicals like bleach and alcohol or boiling water.

Simple to Use

1. Place your objects inside.
2. Close the lid.
3. Hit the start button.
4. Wait three minutes
5. Your items are sterilized

Safely Operate

1. No exposure to UVC light. Lid must be closed in order to operate.
2. Product turns off if lid is opened during operation.


1. Ideal for items such as cellphones, keys, glasses, books and household items.
2. The only limitation is the size of your item.


  • FDA approved
  • EPA certified
  • SGS Tested

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Does LED UVC LED sterilization work?


UVC sterilization has been around for 60 years.

UVC has been widely used as a sterilizing device in hospitals for over 60 years. UVC LED light destroys molds and germs and bacteria. In viruses, it destroys the virus's DNA & RNA so it loses its ability to replicate. Viruses are deadly because of their ability to replicate inside its host. A virus treated with UVC light cannot replicate.


Can you observe UVC Sterilization?

Yes, but the UVC LED sterilizing process needs to be viewed under a microscope.


Can UVC Sterilization change the bad odor of items?

UVC LED light can reduce odor by decomposing the molecular structure of odor. This includes the milky smell of baby bottles, residues of medicines, and the sour smell of glassware.



P55 Before And After


59S UVC LED sterilizers vs Other UV sterilizers / other forms of sterilization


1. UV Sterilization - Both use the same sterilization principle. Both intend to kill pathogens by exposure to UVC light. Our 59S UVC LED is designed to emit UVC light at wavelength of 260~280 nm. This wavelength is the most efficient in destroying pathogens. Its at least 50% more efficient than standard UV fluorescent tube products that are not capable of producing this spectrum. Most UVC tubes produce a 253 nm wavelength.

2. Our 59S is designed not to damage products. Our 59S UVC Sterilizer have a built in timer for 3 minutes of sterilization process. It does not expose your items to long doses of UV light. Lab data shows material won't age until 500 hours of  continuous exposure. Intermittent sterilization is OK.

3. Steam sterilizers,  or boiling water sterilization for 1 minute, is an alternative option. But some pathogens have become immune to heat and steam. Not once pathogen has become immune to UVC light.

4. Our UVC sterilizers are FDA approved, EPA approved and SGS tested. SGS is a pathogen testing lab that tests our lights to make sure they work.


Is UVC Light dangerous?

It can be. The sun produces UV light. In more detail, it produces UVA, UVC and UVC. UVA and UVC do make its way to the earths surface. The ozone layer surrounding the earth protects us from UVC exposure. So direct exposure to UVC light is not good. That is why we sell these models as closed containers. The can only activate when the lid is closed or the top is zipped up. If box or bad is opened any time during a sterilization cycle, they turn off.


How can UVC sterilization make you healthier?

By regularly sterilizing the products we touch every day, it eliminates the probability that we will touch a pathogen that can make us sick. Sterilizing our cell phones, keys, glasses and things our children touch, removes the pathogens that can harm us. Mothers love UVC light to make the things baby uses clean, safe and sanitized.



Can UV LED lights kill bacteria?

The wavelength of 264 nm is very effective at killing germs, viruses and bacteria. UVC radiation can pass through air without creating ozone. UVC lamps can be used in air to disinfect surfaces. UVC LEDs can play a useful role in preventing infectious disease.

Is UVC light harmful?

Some forms of UV light can penetrate the skin and cause issues like cancer. UVA and UVB occur naturally in nature and is produced by the sun, Its was causes sunburn when we are over-exposed to it. It can lead to skin cancer. Studies show that UVC light is blocked by dead skin cells from penetrating the skin. However, prolonged and intense exposure to UVC lights, such as using them in tanning beds, should be avoided.

Do LED UV lights work?

Hospitals and laboratories use ultraviolet (UV) light to kill microbes, and bacteria. It is also found in what purification systems, like hot tubs and water treatment plants, to kill bacteria in the water.  Researchers found that far UVC eliminated bacteria on surfaces but was not harmful to humans when exposed to the lab animals.

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