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Commercial LED Warehouse Lighting

The largest energy savings option for a warehouse to switch over to is LED. High-pressure Sodium and Metal Halide warehouse lights employ 4-5 times more electricity and need more maintenance. They do not function properly with motion sensors. Also, they are very hard to dim.

So, there are various benefits of LED Warehouse Fixtures vs Metal Halide, Fluorescent, or HPS lights. These comprise energy savings of about 75%, 4-5 times increased lifespans, enhanced light quality, and decreased maintenance costs.

Get your Free Lighting Plan for Warehouses

The Lighting Center can create a lighting plan for any commercial warehouse for free. So, you do not need to risk purchasing the ineffective LED fixture. With numerous optic and lumens packages available, the probability of purchasing the shelf product from big eCommerce sites and having effective lighting is huge.

LEDs in Warehouse

A lighting plan offers a report that lets you check the distribution levels and light levels before buying LEDs. Our software even accommodates high-ceiling spaces.  

Our selection covers all of your lighting requirements for every imaginable space. We offer a diverse range of high-powered solutions for your warehouse lighting needs. From fixtures designed for harsh environments to vapor tight lighting options for added protection, we have a diverse selection to meet your exact requirement with affordability and ease. With a free lighting plan, you can check different lighting options and how they would look in your warehouse.

Warehouse Lighting Plan
Our LED Warehouse Lights are a great solution for your 400W and 1000W Metal Halide and fluorescent replacements. Free Photometric Evaluations are available. Ready to ship today with factory direct pricing.
Last Updated: 04/16/2021

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