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Cold Storage Lighting Plans


Knowing your requirements

When we start working with you, we begin by collecting all the current requirements of your indoor cold storage facility. To curate the perfect solution for the building, this step is a pre-requisite where we understand your current situation correctly.

Make a plan about lighting set-up

A lighting plan includes the data about the expected lighting levels as well as a representation of how the lights will look after they get installed. The cost of getting this plan is zero and yet you will get the advantage of seeing how well lit the gym would be before you spend actual money.

Review the light plan and get a quote from TheLightingCenter

You can see that the brightness levels in the cold storage are perfect and without any tunneling or shadows. This happened due to the zero-risk process of the Lighting Center that works great for everyone.

LED Lighting for Walk in Coolers and Cold Storage

Now, you can shop for the best LED lights for coolers, freezers, and cold storage.  Know about their usefulness in reducing operating costs and improving visibility.

It takes huge investments to run a cold storage business and a large share of these operational expenses is taken up by the lighting system. Many light sources generate heat and this increases the cooling costs for the facility. Cool temperatures also affect the performance of traditional bulbs, which thereby increases your maintenance costs.

The total electricity used by the retail building sector of the U.S. includes a 7% share of commercial refrigeration, in which half the cooling facilities’ energy costs are of refrigeration. Cold storage rooms are maintained at a temperature range of 0-15 degrees and temperatures are close to -40 degrees Celsius for freezing rooms.

Heat is generated by both fluorescents as well as high-intensity discharge lamps during operation. The HID bulbs consume high electricity and produce high heat. They start up late and even their light fluctuates. Moreover, they don’t work well in colder environments and the freezing temperatures reduce their life.

The ballast in fluorescent lamps converts a minimum of 10% of its input power into infrared energy. It releases around 10 watts of heat for 100 fluorescent lamps. This means that these bulbs can heat the temperature of an area of 13 sq. ft. by a maximum of 39 degrees Fahrenheit within an hour.

Due to this, the lighting system goes into overdrive in order to balance the heat, which further increases your operating costs. And, as the energy costs are augmenting, it becomes important for cold storage businesses to cut their overhead costs.

It is here that system optimization or building insulation improvement projects can help. The easy solution to this light inefficiency is to use LED walk-in cooler lights.

LEDs are highly energy-efficient and produce the least infrared energy. They also use lesser voltages and wattages as compared to other bulbs and yet last longer. Energy saver LEDs are up to 60% more efficient than conventional lighting sources. Certain LEDs like LED Low Bay Lights are not ordinary as they work well even in cold and wet environments.

Such extreme environments can be served well by vapor-tight lights that have an upper IP code rating or IP67. LED vapor-tight lights are waterproof and sturdy. These lights also contain a metal fixture liner cased in a PU cover or reinforced fiberglass and a high collision diffuser.

This design is done so to keep any water from entering the electrical components. These include ceiling lights and vertically mounted lights. Low temperatures and the right lighting ensure comfort and safety at work.

Benefits of LED Waterproof Lights for Cold Facilities

Refrigeration facilities and cold storage warehouses have lesser windows in order to maintain room temperatures. Thus, high-quality lighting becomes important for safety and efficiency in such environments.

Efficiency and high quality must be the prime factors while choosing any lighting source. Such lights will reduce the maintenance costs and energy budgets of your cold room facility. Keeping these facilities into consideration, LED vapor-tight lights are manufactured. Some of the benefits of these lights are as follows:

1. Low heat generation

LED vapor-tight lights produce maximum light and least infrared energy, which saves your bills. Unlike traditional lights, LED lights don’t produce light by burning electrodes, gas, or filaments. They don’t generate a lot of heat due to the lack of evaporation or oxidation processes. Moreover, they keep cold rooms cooler, which makes them ideal for such facilities.

Other bulbs generate high heat, due to which the cooling units have to work even harder for lowering down the room temperatures. As a result, they increase your energy costs. Further, the high heat emitted by conventional light sources impacts the facility’s functioning.

The little heat produced by LEDs is extracted by LED heat sinks and they also cool it down. They prevent the heat from impacting the regulated environment of walk-in cooler facilities. LED vapor-tight lights also reduce energy costs by around 20% as opposed to regular LED light fixtures.

2. Better energy efficiency

LED lights consume lesser energy by producing more light for every watt. This makes your cold room facilities more economic and productive for you. 


3. Long lifespan

LED lights live approximately 20 times more than conventional light sources. This means there would be lesser replacements and reliable and more efficient lighting with LED lights. 


4. Robust

Sturdy light sources are great for cold storage facilities. Pallets, trolleys, and forklifts highly damage the lights in these places and they can easily break glass bulbs. Therefore, such traditional bulbs and lighting fixtures are not suitable for these places. The hard plastic diodes of LED vapor-tight lights are highly damage-resistant and make them perfect for such busy environments. 


5. Flexible

The adaptability and wide variety of options of LED lighting allow it to be customized into any setting. It can be easily used with various lighting control systems and enhances user safety, comfort, and efficiency. When LED vapor-tight lights are used with intelligent systems, they serve cold storage facilities smartly.

Additionally, LED lights make a great pair with network sensors and power monitoring units. This makes it easy to communicate about light maintenance and power usage plans to the facility managers.  


6. Perfect lighting solutions for low-temperature spaces

Unlike long re-strike and warm-up periods of HID lamps, LEDs can quickly turn on and off as per the user’s preferences. They are efficient with high performance in cooler temperatures.

LEDs serve walk-in freezers and coolers best as they survive such cooler environments. Interestingly, LEDs get a longer life in cooler areas as they never turn too hot. Our LED light fixtures for cold storages and walk-in freezers give the best output in lower temperatures, along with providing lighting for more than 50,000 hours. These LED light fixtures can withstand all types of cold temperatures, be it a walk-in freezer or cooler.


7. Safe

Fluorescents and HIDs have harmful glass casings and mercury and they release UV light. On the other hand, LEDs are solid and shock- and vibration-resistant as opposed to traditional bulbs with fragile glass tubes and thin filament wires. 

8. Lower overhead costs

LED lights make cost reduction sustainable and practical for walk-in coolers. They reduce energy consumption drastically with energy savings as high as 75%. Therefore, an LED lighting system for cold rooms lets you save money with lower maintenance costs, rebates, and longer lifespan.


9. More lumen output

Lumens or lm is the measurement of the total quantity of visible light that can be seen by the human eye generated by a light source. LED lights have lower energy consumption rates as they produce more light with less power usage. For instance, a 6.5W LED lamp will produce light equivalent to a 50W halogen bulb.

This indicates that the energy consumption of LED is 87% less with the same light quality as compared to a halogen bulb. The maximum amount of electricity consumed by LEDs is converted into light and not heat. And, with the advancement of technology, more lumens will be produced from fewer watts.

10. High color rendering index

The color rendering index is the rating of the revelation of an object’s colors to the human eye from any light source. Color-critical areas, like food grading centers, need higher CRI levels. 100 is the maximum CRI value and LEDs have great color rendering abilities of a maximum of 98.

11. Different IP ratings

This is a standard rating of the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) that determines the resistance of light sources against water, dust, or dirt. The right IP ratings are very important for LED lights meant for cold spaces in order to ensure safety in such wet conditions.

It’s a two-figure rating where the first digit is a measurement of the protection level against the intrusion of solid objects and the second number is a rating for the protection level against liquids. The rating for liquids begins at protection level 1 for slow drips and goes till 8 for fully submerging watery conditions.

Vapor proof light fixtures have strong die-cast outer casings, which protect their socket and wiring. They also safeguard them against vapors, moisture, corrosive fumes, flame-resistant dust, and non-explosion gases. The most common light fixtures for walk-in coolers and cold storage facilities are:

Fixtures with IP65 rating

These fixtures remain safe against small water jets when hose downs occur. They are fully dust-proof.

Fixtures with IP66 rating

These remain safe against strong half-inch nozzles while cleaning. They are fully dust-proof.

Fixtures with IP67-68 rating

These lights are great for installation underwater. They are fully dust-proof.

LED walk-in cooler lights have many advantages over traditional cooler lights. They are waterproof, have no clunky, energy-wasting ballasts – and use less energy. They emit negligible heat. Something that makes them the perfect lighting solutions for cold storage facilities.

Shop for LED walk in cooler lights and cold storage lighting fixtures and discover how they can reduce overhead, improve visibility, and reduce costs.
Last Updated: 04/11/2021

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