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With the advancements in the commercial market, lighting also has found a special place in several establishments. Be it a supermarket or a retail store, innovative lighting options illuminate every space and help them to become more productive. Supermarkets are just like other retail outlets in the sense that these markets have to offer a pleasant, nice shopping experience. If you use conventional lighting like fluorescent, they can buzz, flicker, or offer low quality light, which causes consumers to leave early or complain, with no intentions to come back. Using LEDs for grocery stores, light quality can be enhanced. Also, you get to enjoy huge energy savings.

Grocery stores and supermarkets go through a tough time when it comes to increasing produce and food sales. Lighting could be a primary contributory factor to this effort. It is quite a known fact that the interior and designing of a supermarket can tremendously influence the purchase decision of a customer. Lighting has a significant impact on the overall customer experience and workplace functionality. In grocery stores, proper lighting will offer adequate illumination, extra lighting on a strategic product, high color contrast for making things stand out. While doing all this, saving energy is something actually great. Our lighting solutions for grocery stores provide all of these things and much more. From higher quality light to energy savings, LED lighting options are perfect for all grocers out there.

Additionally, our range of LED display & walk-in cooler lights can function in very cold temperatures and produce less heat. Thus, these LEDs keep cooling expenses down while keeping proper illumination at the back and even in the display freezers and coolers.

Lighting employed in supermarkets does not need to be expensive. Using LED grocery store lights, proprietors can even reduce lighting energy expenses by about 75%. Not just that but they can even maintain long lifespans and receive rebates.

High Bays

LED High Bay

Low Bays

LED Low Bay

Vapor Tight

LED Vapor TIght

Wrap Around

LED Wrap Around

LED Panels

LED Panels

LED Troffers

LED Troffers

Super Market Free Lighting Plans

It is paramount to create a perfect shopper experience to keep your consumers happy. The Lighting Center can make a free lighting plan for your grocery store or supermarket. This lighting plan helps you decide what lighting options will work great for you. Thus, you successfully take out the risk of purchasing LEDs.

Super Market Lighting Plan

LED Lights For Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

Reduced costs

It is a fact that supermarkets need constant lighting for keeping up with sales. With our LED supermarket lighting solutions, reducing lighting expenses for your grocery store turns out to be practical and sustainable. With these options, your energy savings can go up to 75%., which is a tremendous energy consumption rate as compared to your current supermarket lighting mechanism. Plus, savings occur from reduced maintenance costs, longer lifespans, and rebates, when you opt for our supermarket LED lighting solutions.  


Better customer experience

Removing buzzing and flickering lights, improving visibility, and providing the ideal color temperature all help to offer a better experience to your consumers. Create a unique experience with our supermarket LED lights! With our LED grocery store lighting, it is possible to create an enjoyable, sustainable, and professional environment for all the visitors coming to your store. 


More directed light

The quality of your lighting fixtures in a grocery store plays a significant role in your light’s direction. Not only that, but technology also matters. By nature, LED lighting options are directional. In this way, less light is wasted while more light is directed to the point where you need it, such as the shelves. Opting for directional lighting for your grocery stores allows items to stand out and pop from the rest.

LED Grocery and Supermarket Lighting

Enjoy the Right Grocery Store Lighting Design, Levels, and Standards

Getting the right lighting formula for all stores can vary to some extent. Just think of different supermarkets and different grocery stores offering a different vibe when you enter them. Usually, this is achieved partially through the color temperatures and different lighting levels. So, whatever goals you want to achieve, we will assist you in getting the perfect lighting design for your supermarket with our innovative LED supermarket lighting fixtures.

So, give us a call now by referring to the contact details below. You are just a call away to contact our lighting professionals who know everything about supermarket LED lighting solutions. They will help you at every step from redesigning and planning to install the retrofit or new LED lighting system for your grocery store. Now, do not let lighting stop you from achieving market gains and better productivity. We are here to help you out!

Shop for 5+ year warranty-backed and professionally engineered LED supermarket & grocery store lights help improve retail sales while reducing energy usage by 75%.
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