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Now, you can change your old lights with our premium LED office light fixtures. Our LED lights provide more than 75% of energy savings. When you order LED office lights from us, you can get them within two-three days as we ship immediately after you place your order with us! 

LED lights form a major part of offices and workplaces. They are used to light up workstations, lobbies, storage rooms, meeting rooms, conference halls, etc. in offices. These lights can be installed on the ceilings and walls as well as at workstation units for specific task lighting. In order to augment the productivity of your workers, you must buy the top-most office lights for their eyes. Our LED lights fulfill that purpose. You can also use our LED office lights outside your office, in doorways and corridors.

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What to Do When Buying Office Lighting

You should carefully purchase office lights since they affect the productivity and attentiveness of employees. The best lights for your workplace will save you money and provide superior quality lighting. Therefore, there are some things that you must keep in mind when purchasing your office lights, which are written below.

1. Make a light plan or photometric

When you buy office lights, you should draw a light plan or photometric. You can take the help of lighting experts for this as they can design a plan suitable for your office space. This plan tells you the number of lights you require, the places where you need to install the lights, the appropriate sizes of the lights, and the types of lights you need to purchase.

Light Photometrics

IES Recommended Lighting Levels for Offices


Recommended Foot Candles

Recommended Luxes

Conference and meeting rooms



Administrative: Filing, sorting mail, and copying



Data processing, typing, reading, and writing



Shipping and receiving



Passageways, corridors, and stairs



Lunch rooms and cafeterias



Entrance halls, waiting rooms, and lobbies



2. Opt for the right bulbs

You need to choose the appropriate bulbs for your office. For many years people have utilized fluorescent bulbs in their workplaces. However, these bulbs are not good since they negatively impact the creativity, mood, and productivity of the staff. Moreover, fluorescent bulbs contain dangerous chemicals and consume loads of energy. Therefore, LED bulbs are best for offices, which can imitate sunlight. This positively affects the biological processes and behaviors of humans. It is proved that humans are more productive and work happily in an environment with natural or similar light. Therefore, LED office lights are great for workers. These lights are energy-efficient and eco-friendly as well.


3. Go for indirect lighting fixtures

Indirect lighting takes place when light fixtures throw light towards the walls or upwards, towards the ceiling. This light bounces off and lights up the whole room with even lighting. Indirect lighting removes glare, which reduces the productivity of employees. Moreover, it creates a comfortable and calm working environment. On the other hand, direct lighting can put a strain on the eyes and result in headaches. Therefore, you should install direct lighting fixtures in your office, which can be attained through office LED lights, particularly flat panel LED lights. You can install these lights on the ceilings or walls.

4. Select a suitable bulb size

When purchasing office lights, you should also consider the bulb size. For this, you have to keep the size of your office in mind. If you have a large and spacious office, then you will need big bulbs and if you have a small office, then you will need small bulbs. In order to achieve the right lighting in your office, the bulb size should be appropriate. In case you are planning to replace traditional bulbs with LED bulbs, then ensure that you purchase the right bulb size.


5. Choose natural-looking light for better productivity and health of the staff

Natural light is great for workplaces since it has a positive impact on the behavior and mood of humans. If there is not enough or no natural light in your office, you can install office LED lights since LED lights mimic natural light. 

LED lights are cool white light fixtures that create a calm environment and improve the behavior and mood of employees, which results in enhanced productivity.

6. Go for task lights with overhead lights

You should also install task lights in your office, along with overhead lights. Task lights, such as desk lamps, emit direct lighting for particular assignments, such as reading files, at workstations. These lights balance overhead lights and are great for specific duties unlike overhead lights, which are for general tasks.


7. Choose a neutral light color temperature

You should pick an appropriate light color temperature for your workplace as it affects the performance and mood of the staff. Office LED lights are offered in several color temperatures. However, the right color temperature for a workplace is neutral to cool white, which ranges from 3500K to 5000K. Color temperatures under 3500K are very yellow and not good for office settings since they cause low productivity of employees.

8. Assess color rendering index

Color rendering index (CRI) is a 0 to 100 number scale that indicates the appearance of objects caused by a light fixture in comparison to natural light. CRI of 85 or above is good for office spaces. Office LED lights come with a high CRI of 80 and more. It is important to view objects in offices in lighting that is close to the natural light, which can be achieved through LED office lights. On the other hand, fluorescent lights provide dull lighting and do not show the objects in natural light.


9. Go for lighting controls

Office light fixtures should have lighting controls. There are some areas that are not used relatively much in offices, such as restrooms, stores, break rooms, etc. This is because employees mostly work on their designated desks and workstations. Therefore, some areas don’t need constant lighting in offices. In such areas, you can install lights that can be managed using motion sensors. Plus, you can install dimmer switches to manage lighting levels in personal offices.

In such a case, you can use office LED lights, which can be dimmed from 100% to 0% output using LED drivers. The dimming of these lights does not reduce their efficiency or lifespan, unlike fluorescent lights. Moreover, photosensors sense natural light and give a signal to light fixtures to increase or diminish the lighting.

Controls for LED Lights

10. Place computers at the right spots

You should place laptops and desktops in your office as per the lighting sources since this can affect the productivity of the staff. The lighting sources should not face electronic devices since this can result in glare and reduce the employees’ productivity.


11. Consider energy consumption

When buying lights for your office, you should consider their energy consumption as this can save you from paying a lot of money in electricity bills and make your office sustainable. LED lights are energy-efficient as compared to fluorescent lights. This is why you should opt for LED lights for your workplace as they provide high-quality lighting and consume 75% less energy than traditional lighting systems.

Talk to us about LED Office Lights

Choosing the right ceiling lights for your office is of utmost importance since it is the largest source of lighting in offices. We offer high-quality LED office ceiling lights, office ceiling recessed lights, and office ceiling panels. 

Commercial offices should have proper lighting systems. We provide customized office LED lighting systems as per the distinct requirements and preferences of our customers. Our lighting systems meet the standard lighting regulations. 

You can contact our office LED lighting experts by using the information mentioned below. They will directly work with you and respond to all your queries. You can also get photometric of your workplace so as to ensure that your office gets a suitable lighting system. We offer our LED indoor office ceiling lights and outdoor lights at affordable prices.

Shop and replace your old lighting fixtures with our high quality LED office lighting options. Enjoy energy savings of 75%+ with LED lights. Ready to ship today!
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