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Outdoor LED Lighting For Shopping Malls

The Lighting Center LED Mall Lighting Fixtures provide an inviting, safe environment for employees and customers while conserving energy. Whether it is for creating a decorative statement, providing task-oriented, focused illumination, or adding ambiance with general, warm light, lighting is important to any space, including shopping malls.

When people go to a mall, lighting is something that they do not think about. However, it plays a major role when it comes to the general feel and look. If you have ever gone to an outlet in a shopping mall with intense or low-quality lighting, there are high chances that it highly affected the thing you purchased. So, choosing the right light for malls is a big task. Here, we are going to look at different points for creating a perfect environment in a mall with the help of LED lighting.

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LED Mall Lighting Applications

Outdoor Parking

These spaces are usually packed with pole top or shoebox lights. These lights either contain HPS or Metal Halide bulbs. Such lights consume a significant amount of energy. It is better to transform these lights to LEDs to brighten up the parking lot. Also, you get to enjoy energy savings up to more than 70%. One can couple these lights with motion sensors and photocells. Thus, optimized lighting can maximize brightness along with an emphasis on energy savings.

Parking Garage

Today, the primary idea behind malls is just to provide a better, enjoyable shopping experience. Almost all shopping malls come with big parking spaces for their consumers. The facilities for parking cars play a major part in the common architectural concept. Better, suitable lighting comprises both artificial and natural light. This service a very significant role in guiding car drivers to move in and out of the parking lot.

Additionally, this ensures that pedestrians, especially people with children or carts, are safe when they move around the mall’s parking facility. Our LED parking space lighting is perfect as it improves safety and visibility. Also, it ensures people and vehicles are safe in that garage.

Amenities and Walkways

Corridors, passageways, stairs, and escalators are some of the common traffic areas. All of these units interconnect each level to different shops. Plus, amenities like rest areas, art exhibitions, information boards, skylights, fountains, and other such features provide a shopping complex with an amazing atmosphere and tend to make it more appealing. All of these features require light because the lighting is an essential element of the overall design.

For ensuring balanced lighting levels and keeping the use of energy low, artificial lighting can be an addition to the natural light. LEDs can be used for common lighting purposes. They are used in information booths, resting zones, play areas, food courts, and common lighting. In shopping malls, the key is to go with flexible lighting design and architecture. Seasonal and tenant needs modify and areas repurpose often.

Storage Areas and Warehouse

A shopping complex requires storage for everything from equipment and supplies to merchandise and furniture. In such spaces, orderliness and clarity are very important. Employees should be able to locate what they require to complete the job at hand. These spaces may remain unoccupied for some time also. So, they need to be occupied with occupancy sensors. These sensors can switch the lights off and on whenever they detect some motion.

With energy-efficient LED lighting, you can cut expenses and use natural light whenever it is available. It is best to pair LEDs with perfect motion sensors for providing on-request lighting for maneuvering, safety, and simple identification. With just the right light fixtures in place, one can transform any place from a casual setting to the one that is rich in design and style.

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