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LED Pole Barn Lights - Horse Stable Lighting

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Stables and pole barns are large spaces. Some operate these wide-open areas as livestock barns, while others use them as a business space. In both cases, having the perfect lighting for pole barns is the only difference between a well-lit and dark space.

Horse Barn Lighting

1. Improved Working Experience

Lighting a stable or pole barn with LED allows you to enjoy cost-saving benefits and get improvement benefits. For experiencing the most out of our LED lighting for pole barns, our team will work with you directly for making sure that the lighting system meets all of your lighting needs and preferences.

2. Instant On / Off LED Lighting - No long warm up times

Turning the LED lighting on or off instantly comes with huge benefits. In this way, you get the entire control over the lighting system. This feature goes for both working pole barns and indoor horse barns lighting. With our lights, you do not have to wait longer for the lights to get warmed up.

Reduced Operating and Maintenance Costs

With LED pole barn lights, reducing lighting costs becomes practical and sustainable. Having energy savings down by 75%, you will be able to reduce an enormous amount of energy consumption. Plus, you will be able to cut down the horse arena lighting costs along with reduced maintenance costs, rebates, and longer lifespans!

Horse Pole Barn Lighting

Are you updating your current arena or barn or constructing a new structure? We have all the options you require for keeping the barn and equine facilities safe and lit. Our range of indoor pole barn lighting fixtures is going to keep your equestrians and horses happy. Also, they enable you to enhance riding time all round the year. At The Lighting Center we truly believe your facilities need to be an extension of your business. So, go for energy-efficient and well-maintained options.

Our range of horse-friendly High Bays features lots of unique designs and configurations. We have IP-rated lighting options, which are debatably the perfect lighting for pole barns and stables. Plus, they work amazing in dusty surroundings. Our team comes up with a proper lighting plan for you to eliminate shadows and dark spots. Thus, all that you get is a more comfortable and safer environment to work. 

Now, browse our range of High Bay LED barn lights as well as Vaporproof fixtures. Our LED Vapor proof fixtures are great for lighting aisles, grooming spaces, horse stalls, and tack equipment areas. These lighting options are completely sealed for locking out moisture, debris, and dust.

Pole Barn Lighting Layout - How many lights do I need?

We use photometrics to serve you the best. Now, what are photometrics significant? They enable you to check your space and how it would appear under particular LED lighting. Thus, you take out the risk of buying. Our team run different lighting options for your space and offer you the right guidance and information. Here, we save your money with reliable and efficient LED options. At the same time, it is important to experience the perfect lighting!

30x40 Pole Barn Lighting Example

30x40 Pole Barn Lighting Plan

Fixture Used

120W LED High Bay 
(6 fixtures)

Pole Barn: 120 ft long by 70 ft wide, 3 rows of 7 fixtures.

Pole Barn

Fixture Used

150W LED High Bay 
(21 fixtures)

horse arena light

Indoor Pole Barn Lighting

If you own an enclosed and full-on horse arena, then you have to consider certain aspects. As you will usually rely 100% on lighting, this becomes a significant aspect of your horse arena that should not be overlooked.

Just for a common guideline, a color temperature of about 5000k is almost near that of sunlight. This offers the highest color contrast, which can be optimal when you desire this kind of lighting. However, we even customize it for delivering what best suits your needs and looks perfect for your horse arena.

The problem with other lighting technologies like HPS, fluorescent, or metal halide is that these ones are prone to buzz and flicker. This results in low-quality experience, spectating, irritation, and could even drive away people. By using an LED lighting system in your horse arena, this problem can be removed completely and will never show up again.



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