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We offer a wide range of LED lights for the parking lots that provide the most advanced lighting solutions. These lights are incorporated with element withstanding features that make them great for parking, streets, and other areas. All our products have DLC certifications and are available at contract pricing too. We offer same-day shipment at USA stock.

You must check out our range of LED lighting solutions that promise a high power and best quality performance in the outdoor areas. Our LEDs are perfect for the voluminous roadway lighting needs and give the perfect illuminations for such areas. These lights are specially designed to be resistant to a huge range of outdoor light troubles like moisture, harsh weather, debris, etc. They are highly durable and can be relied upon for perfect visibility in any circumstance to everyone and every day. The LED lights for parking lots, that we offer, promise the companionship of many years along with great performance.


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LED Parking Lot Lights

At The Lighting Center, we offer shoebox light fixtures with both UL and ETL certification and these are much better than the Induction bulbs, HPS, and Metal Halides offering 250-1000 watts only. You can customize and integrate our products into a LED shoebox retrofit kit that can either be fitted into any existing lighting arrangement or be made a new one with pole-mounted outdoor lights.

The LED shoebox lights are great for parking areas, parks, pavements, automobile stores, entrances, roadways, educational campuses, and other general areas. They perfectly lit up the public sites and spaces for making them safe and secure against any mishappening.

Our light fixtures are made rugged aluminum cast housing and a weather-proof gasket seal that makes them resilient to damp environments and other harsh conditions. They are also shock and vibration proof. You can choose between the two 6 inches and 10 inches arm sizes of the outdoor shoebox LED light fixtures. These can also be converted into floodlights when fitted overslip fitter and trunnion mounts. You can also make these lights more cost-effective by adding control features like photocells and motion sensors. The advantage of saving more than 75% on the lighting solutions makes the shift from HPS or Metal Halides to LED even more convenient and appealing. We, at The Lighting Center, offer 100-277V and 277-480V LED lights.

Frequently Ask Questions

1. What do the Parking Lot Lights refer to?

These are light fixtures fitted over pole mounts with high-power lighting. They are specifically designed to illuminate outdoor spaces like parking lots. These are also known for their weather-resistance and durability. LED lights are best suited for parking lighting purposes.

2. Are there different varieties of Parking Lot Lights?

You can use various light sources for the Parking Lot Lights. Some of them are:

HID or High-intensity Discharge like high-pressure sodium, metal halide


You might have to make a slightly higher investment in LED lighting solutions; however, you will get recurring paybacks for a long time in terms of performance and durability.

Conventional lighting systems like sodium vapor and metal halide are a cheaper investment. However, their downsides like a low-life, replacements needs, and higher energy-consumption make them a poor deal. Their LED counterparts consume around 25-50% lesser energy.

3. Are there any advantages of using LED Lights for Parking Lots?

LED Parking Lot Lights have numerous advantages as compared to conventional light sources like HPS lights and metal halides. They are bulb-less and come with a seal against dust, insects, and harsh weather. LED lights are also temperature-resistant and can survive extreme weather conditions too. They don’t heat up and switch on faster. Energy-saving is their best benefit.

Check out a Retrofit Kit of LED Parking Lot

Want your shoebox lights to be better? Check out our range of shoebox LED retrofit kits.

Our shoebox LED retrofit kits are very easily installable and can easily be fitted in any space. You can replace any old Metal Halide shoebox ranging from 100 watts to 1000 watt with these shoebox kits. The entire process of installation feels as simple as doing a bulb and ballast change.

All our LED kits possess the DLC Premium listings and this affirms the higher saving and rebates they come with.

Shop for LED parking lot lights - designed to reduce energy consumption up to 75% while lighting expansive areas. A full range of available options with same day shipping.
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