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LED Barn Lights

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A barn light refers to a downward pointing light that glows in a dark space. These lights are also known as security lights or gooseneck lights. This is because they include a pendant or gooseneck shaped mount in their design that is used to fit them on walls or doors. Barn lights serve various purposes. These are great utility lights for decorating any spaces or for general uses both indoors and outdoors. They can also be used for lighting edges and boundaries. Residential as well as commercial buildings can be fitted with our barn lights.

Barn light systems

Barn lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces can be made more durable and energy-efficient with LED lights. LED barn lights can be mounted differently at various locations for changing the appearance of any commercial area, like hotels, eateries, and museums, into a classic one. They can be fixed as security lights in areas like yards, alleys, walkways, and driveways for round the clock safety. These LED barn lights are great for installation in indoor spaces like bedrooms, halls, kitchens, and lobbies. You can hang these lights in the best-suited ways with options like mounting on walls or suspended through pendants.

Gooseneck light mounts

These LED fixtures come with a curvy arm built. Commercial as well as industrial spaces are usually fitted with Gooseneck outdoor fixtures. They are also used for adding an antique touch to the environment of restaurants and barns. Additionally, they have IP65 plus ratings that indicate their water-resistance. Their designing is done intently as the dropping light effect gives a beautiful look to indoor spaces by making them stand out in the dark.

Outdoor security lights for barns

The LED technology is perfectly incorporated in these lights. These lights can be mounted on poles or walls and give the perfect radiance by emitting a broader light spectrum.

Last Updated: 04/11/2021

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