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UVC Hospital Disinfection

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The Best Lighting Choices for Hospitals

Just like schools, healthcare centers and hospitals are worried about funds too. As you know, hospital wards, hallways, operating rooms, parking lots, etc. need high quality lightround the clock. Hospitals need hundreds and hundreds of dollars just to pay for the electricity bills. That’s why it is important for hospitals and healthcare units to opt for a sustainable forthcoming.

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LED Panels

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Healthcare Lighting - Retrofit or Replace?

If you are a facility executive of some hospital, then you need to opt for LED lighting. However, keep the investment in the fixtures. For outdoors, you should replace HPS and Metal Halide lamps with HID LED Retrofit alteration kits. This kit is as easy as a ballast and bulb replacement. For indoors, people can swap fluorescent bulbs with amazing Magnetic LED Light Strip retrofit kits for troffers. Now, opting for LED products does not need to be costly or difficult if you know how to retrofit.

When your fixtures are older than 10 years, then replacing seems the best option. If the fixtures are new, then one can retrofit fixtures with LED, which cater to all the benefits while keeping the look intact.

It is super easy to replace fluorescent tubes with incredible Magnetic Strip Retrofits within hospitals. All you need to do is to remove the current fluorescent tubes and replace them with Magnetic Strips and LED drivers. One can replace 15-Watt LED magnetic strip retrofit kits with 32-Watt fluorescent tubes. The best thing about LEDs is that they last for a longer time period. Plus, the operating fee of LED lighting bulbs is just around 40% of that of the fluorescent bulb.

LED Technology – A Big Leap Forward for Hospitals

There are various explanations as to why hospitals tend to invest in energy-saving LED lighting worldwide. The energy-efficient LED lighting devices offer hospitals advanced technological solutions for:

  • Increasing efficiency
  • Improving safety
  • Improving lighting levels
  • Increasing the comfort for employees and patients alike
  • Reducing air conditioning charges
  • Reducing the mercury usage in healthcare facilities
  • ‘Greening’ their operations
  • Improving cash flows
  • Cutting down on expensive facility downtime and maintenance charges
  • Getting the advantage of reduced tax by enjoying the benefits of the energy-saving Commercial Buildings Tax Deduction (CBTD), produced under the Energy Policy Act 2005.

    LED Hospital Lighting

    Healthcare Hallways, Nurse Desks, Waiting Areas, and Common Lighting

    Such lights remain on 24/7 and tend to deliver great returns on investment. For these lights, the payback period can be less than a year. One can replace or upgrade fluorescent troffers with LEDs. This is because fluorescent lights flicker and cause headaches and eye strain.

    Hospitals need to replace these lights with LEDs for creating a better patient and work environment. Also, we provide dimmable and changing LED panels. With them, you can dim the lights and tone down the color temperature for providing an inviting atmosphere. This makes the indoor spaces more appealing and pretty.

    Getting Rid of Mercury in Hospitals

    As per the AIA Guidelines regarding the construction and design of health care units and hospitals, it is recommended to eliminate mercury from the light fixtures.

    Plus, the advanced technology used in LEDs is a socially-responsible and viable alternate to HIDs, fluorescents, and incandescent bulbs for healthcare facilities. It is a perfect solution for all your lighting issues and needs.

    So, it is quite necessary to replace mercury with safer and better materials. Just as mercury comprising sphygmomanometers are replaced by safer aneroid devices. Also, there is no to little wisdom in jeopardizing the lives of patients by exposing them to mercury with the continuous use of fluorescent lights.

    Shop for warranty-backed LED healthcare lights from The Lighting Center create safer conditions for patients and employees through proper hospital lighting levels.
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