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Buy LED Facade lighting from our diverse range of LEDs that include Parking Lot lighting, Pole Top lighting, Flood Lights and Wall Packs. The LED Facade Lights we deliver are perfect replacements for metal halide bulbs of 100 Watt to 1000 Watt. Whether it is a parking lot or any other public area, we can provide you lighting plans for free so you can arrive at an informed and wise decision.

LED Facade Lights and Fixtures

LED Wall Packs

LED Wall Packs

Wall Pack Façade LEDs


Security lighting for office complexes, building perimeters, parking lots, landscapes, and walkways are done best with wall packs or wall mounted lighting. We offer various designs of outdoor Façade wall packs each with different style and function.

Semi cutoff type restricts outward throw, while full cutoff lights focus the light in downward direction only. For outward and downward flooding of light, flood style wall packs are ideal.

LED Dusk to Dawn

LED Security Area Lights

Photocell Integrated Dusk to Dawn LED Facade Lights

For saving energy and convenience, the dusk to dawn Facade lights are a perfect choice. The lights have automatic switch off and on mechanism. They turn on with sunset and at sunrise they switch off. This also helps in improving longevity of the fixture.

Inbuilt photocells help to trigger the lights on and off in response to presence of light.

Use of motion sensors in combination with the dusk to dawn lights makes them good security lights. You can save plenty of energy with the dimming feature that activates when no movement is identified.

LED Flood Lights

LED Flood Lights

Flood LED Façade Lights

Flood lights are used in outdoor spaces by mounting on poles, roofs, or walls. These are characterized by high intensity and broad beamed lights.

Flood lights are ideal for lighting facades of buildings and architectural features of a structure. Lights with focused beams are perfect for such buildings.

The beam pattern and design ensure there is narrow or broad dispersion of light according to your needs. Motion sensors are often used with flood lights for outdoor spaces of businesses. The superior quality beam of the LED lights provides excellent illumination.

LED Sconce Lights

led bronze sconce light

Sconce LED Facade Lights

Sconce LEDs are mounted on walls for enhancing esthetics of architectural works and in general for outdoors that require bright lighting. These also serve as excellent lighting for security purposes.

The lights are mounted for providing downward and upward lighting to make architectural structures look attractive. For general lighting purposes, the Sconce LEDs are mounted around entryways.

LED Shoebox

LED Shoe Box Lights

>Shoebox LED Facade Lights

For effective and potent lighting, Shoebox Facade LEDs offer splendid lighting opportunities. Parking areas are especially benefited by these lights. The lights effectively eliminate any dark spots ensuring security.

The design of shoebox lights is classic and versatile. Available in a wide range of wattage from 50 watts to 1000 watts, the lights are apt replacements for HID shoebox lights. You can use these LEDs for 1000 w, 750 w, 400 w and 250 w HID lights.

Unlike HID (High Intensity Discharge) lamps that consume plenty of energy, LEDs reduce your expenses on maintenance and energy bills. Hence switching over to LEDs can be profitable for you.

LED Pole Top

LED Pole Top Lights

Pole Top LED Facade Lights

If you are looking to save the huge energy bills on HID area lights, LED Pole Top Facade lights is an excellent choice to consider. The lights are mounted on poles to enable better focusing of light in downward direction.

The Pole Top lights are ideal for public spaces like parks, pole lamps, parking lots, pedestrian corridors, and pathways. The lights are of different types based on the light distribution and Type III, IV, and V are mostly used for distributed lighting.

The lights have minimal maintenance costs and are available in different color temperatures such as 5000 K, 4000 K, and 3000K. The quality of the LEDs is superior to the conventional HID lamps used on pole tops.

Technological advancements have made it possible to design lights with superior quality lighting features. The lighting systems in use now are much more efficient than the conventional lights. By assessing outdoor lights, you can understand the energy savings, safety and illumination they offer.

Our LED Facade lights are designed to brighten parking lots, store front spaces, and facades of buildings. The lights are integrated to several applications for replacing inefficient and energy consuming conventional lighting systems.

The LED Facade lights are capable of providing uniform and intense lights for a longer span of over 100,000 hours. They not only have better life expectancy but are also energy efficient and cost effective.

Facade LED lights for parking lots are outdoor lights that have a large light output capacity. Square or round poles are used for mounting the lights. Different types of mounts used for such lights include straight arm, trunnion and slip fitter mounts. The light distribution types found in the LED Facade lights include Type I, II, III, IV, and V.

The ability to provide bright illumination of spaces even in humid or rainy weather is the special characteristic of LED Facade lights. These are many times efficient than the conventional HID area lighting fixtures. Hence when it comes to outdoor lighting these are the best choice.

Facade Lighting

LED Facade Lighting: Factors to Consider

1. Facade Lights are Efficient

Efficient lighting systems ensure you save on the energy consumption. One of the important factors that influence efficiency of lights is the luminous capacity. The luminous efficacy of a light indicates the lumens a bulb produces for every energy watt consumed by the light. The luminous efficacy of LEDs is the highest among the existing lighting systems.

LEDs are the best choice if efficiency is your prime concern. The lights consume only 20% to 30% of electricity as the conventional lights. Their longevity is also more as they can function up to a maximum of 100,000 hours when operated 12 hours per day. The lights keep providing superior quality light for over 20 years.

2. Easy Installation

LEDs are a breeze to install. The retrofit units take very minimal time to setup. With LEDs you need not worry about error in installation or the lights failing to work due to improper setup. The lights have clear cut instruction guide to help you through the simple setup process so you complete it quickly without any hassle.

3. Counter Light Pollution

It is further divided into four parts namely, light clutter, sky glow, glare and light trespass. Glare is caused when you experience visual discomfort due to excessive light.  

Light trespass occurs when light rays impinge on areas that do not need light. Sky glow occurs when there is upward focus of artificial light. We have appropriate LED fixtures that can help you with light pollution issues.

4. Compatible With Dimmers

Dimming feature is available in some LEDs. The driver is the key component that helps in dimming. Make sure the fixture has LED driver of 0-10V for the dimming feature to work.

5. LEDs Have Longer Lifespan

Unlike traditional lamps, burn out is not an issue in LEDs. This is because, LEDs have individual diodes. These retain about 70% of light output for a longer duration. To know about the lifespan of an LED look at the manufacturer specification.

On an average, an LED life has 100,000 hours of life and produces 70% of its initial lumens for that duration. You can identify the lifespan by looking at the L70 rating. This indicates the time taken for a bulb to lose about 30% of its lumens.

According to studies, gradual light loss is not detectable by naked eye. We can spot the loss of light only when a bulb loses 30% of the lumens.

6. Lumens for Brightness

The light amount or brightness of a bulb or light fixture is termed as lumens. You need to look for the lumen value when you are purchasing LED lights. A higher lumen value will ensure you get lights with appropriate brightness.

How will you find out which lumen value is right for you? Although there are several factors to consider here, with our in-depth knowledge on LEDs we can assure you that you need less LED lumens when you are replacing HID lumens. For instance, a HID light of 40,000 lumens needs an LED OF 18,000 lumens as replacement.

By comparing two LED bulbs, you can identify the brighter bulb with the lumens. A high lumen count indicates a brighter light. We are ready to help you choose the right LED you need.

7. Correlated Color Temperature

One of the important factors to consider while buying an LED is its color temperature. Rather than measure the temperature, this value indicates the light color of the LED. The lower color temperature value indicates warm yellow colored lights of value ranging from 2700 K to 3000K. Lights with color temperature of 4000 K are mid-range with white lights. Color temperature of 5000 K to 5500 K are ideal for replacing metal halide bulbs.

The color temperature is similar to what the sun produces. For instance, the sunlight you see at dawn or dusk is of lower temperature and the daytime light is of higher color temperature.

8. CRI (Color Rendering Index)

CRI indicates the ability of a bulb to display real colors of the object it lights. A light source with higher CRI will produce more realistic colors. The CRI for lights has a range of 1 to 100.

With CRI you can know about the light quality. A majority of LEDs have CRI value of 80 to 90, which gives them excellent color rendering feature. LEDs with 90 or more CRI value have the best color rendering effect. Car dealerships for instance, find such high CRI value bulbs perfect for their business.

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