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Buy Convention Center LEDs for enhanced lighting, better safety and reduced overheads. Choose from outdoor and indoor light fixtures available with free photometrics.

Convention center bookings improve a lot with the right ambience. One vital aspect of improved ambience is the presence of lighting. LED lights devised especially for convention centers look attractive and enhance the convention center’s appearance markedly. While other marketing efforts like social media advertising are used to increase the hype surrounding the center, the LED lighting is a key factor that reaps rich rewards in the form of increase in bookings.


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LED Outdoor Fixtures for Convention Centers

1. Savings

One of the key benefits of using an LED is the energy efficiency it offers. Traditional lighting takes up a huge chunk of your energy bills as the lights are left on for long periods at a time. Convention center LEDs are designed to be highly efficient saving you plenty on your energy bills by nearly 75%. The energy savings is further enhanced by use of smart LEDs, which are designed with presence detection and daylight harvesting technology.

Presence detection technology involves use of sensors in the LED light fixtures which enables switching on the lights only when there is movement. The lights remain off if there is no movement detected. Daylight harvesting technology provides the facility of turning the LEDs on, off or dimming them in response to the presence of daylight. Such advanced systems ensure the energy consumption is minimized.

Heat generation in LEDs is very minimal. The air conditioning system use is reduced due to the low temperature in the convention center. This further reduces energy consumption.

2. Maintenance free lighting

Many of the convention centers that have switched over to LEDs from traditional lighting have seen minimal maintenance costs. The cost of replacing lamps, labor and ballasts is totally avoided when using LEDs as they require very low maintenance during their life span. 

Typically, LEDs are designed to have a long lifespan ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 hours. Thus, using LEDs will keep you free from maintenance costs so you can use the money saved to spend other important aspects.

3.  Peak Performance

A significant part of running a convention center is using suitable lighting that improves appeal of the products or exhibits displayed and capture attention of customers. A superior quality LED light is capable of producing top quality light. The light enables consumers to discern clearly all the colors, textures and other pertinent details clearly.

One of the best ways to make the venue look fabulous and draw visitors in droves is proper illumination. Smart lighting choices improve the appeal of the product and venue. This helps in improving the perspective of customers and their purchasing behavior. Therefore, more businesses are interested in acquiring the service. Further LEDs are bright lights that provide a fresh and clean look making the center the cynosure of all eyes.

4. High CRI for superior lighting

LEDs possess high CRI (Color Rendering Index) which makes objects look as they would under natural lighting condition. Lights that have CRI 80 or more are ideal to use in places where you want the displayed products to stand apart from others.

High CRI LED lighting in convention centers make the venue appear bright and lively. The attractive lighting helps people to discern the minute details clearly. Higher sales and repeat business are a given thing when you switch over to LED lighting options.

5. Bright Light

For instant bright light, LEDs, especially the convention center lights, are ideal. The instant lighting is because the restrike time is absent in the light. You can switch the lights on and off immediately without any delay. In case of power cuts, you will not be left in total darkness as the lights come on instantly. Unlike fluorescent lamps that can be damaged when switching on and off, it does not affect the performance of LEDs.

6. Diverse features

LEDs have good compatibility features. They can be integrated with many diverse control systems such as occupancy sensors and dimmers. There are LEDs with tunable features. You can change the color temperature of the LEDs to suit the specific daytime creating appropriate ambience at any given time.

7.Concentrated Illumination

It is typical for convention centers to require different intensity of lighting for different areas. LEDs are apt for such environments as they are directional. You can focus the light on any area you require and specifically illuminate products or displays to make them the look appealing.

8. Uniform lighting

The lighting effect of LEDs is uniform without the presence of any dark spots or shadows. A uniform brightness is thus possible when you use convention center LEDs. Any dangers including accidents can be prevented by using the LED light fixtures.

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